About This Blog:

Mark & Debbie

Riding Two-Up is more or less our personal blog where I collect my thoughts and commit them to writing. Many of the blog entries are merely accounts from weekends, trips or projects that I’m working on which could be related to our interests in tandem cycling, motorcycling or any one of a number of other subject areas.

About Us:

9590356973_8aef1c7d88_oWe’re a pair of 50-something empty-nesters who live near Atlanta, Georgia.  Married since 1993 and still on our honeymoon, we have kids in their 40’s and five grandchildren born between 2000 and 2014.

dragon_31aug09When we’re not working, taking care of the house or spending time with family chances are you’ll find us riding something with two wheels… and usually together! Hence, the name of this blog: Riding Two-Up.   While Debbie enjoys riding her own bicycle as well as “stoking” on our tandem, she had never expressed any interest in having her own motorcycle, so we truly are “Two-Up” when ever we’re out enjoying a ride on the motorcycle.

cr125A cyclist for nearly my entire life, and a motorcyclist since I started swinging my leg over my first dirt bike at the age of 12 on a Honda CR125M Elsinore (unbeknownst to my parents), I have a deep affinity for two-wheeled machines and have been a year-round, all-weather motorcycle commuter for almost half of my working life.


Debbie has been my tandem partner since 1997 and first rode pillion on the back of my 1998 Honda CBR1100XX SuperBlackbird in June of 2000. I took a slight hiatus from motorcycles after moving to Georgia as it didn’t seem like the best thing to have around the house with teenage boys about.


Debbie loved riding on our “SuperBlackbird” but wanted no part of the BMW R1100S that I replaced it with after a Ford Expedition did-in the Blackbird back in 2008. In an effort to re-open our world of two-up motorcycling, I bought an ’04 BMW R1150RT in April 2009 but she really found it uncomfortable and, well boring!  To be honest, I even found it boring and sold it a year later… and almost got out motorcycles all together when I temporarily lost my “moto-mojo”.


Thankfully, I got my moto-mojo back a couple months later and then discovered that my sweet Miss Debbie was a closet biker chick!   Well, not really, but she had a thing for Harley-Davidson’s that she kept to herself until we met some new friends at a regular Friday hang-out.

wideglide_twoupOnce she revealed that interest, it wasn’t but a few week later that we stopped in at Earl Small’s Harley-Davidson and bought a 2011 Harley-Davidson FXDWG “Wide Glide” and we’ve been having a blast ever since, spending most of our two-up time riding with our dear friends David & Deb.  The Wide Glide has served us well and taken us to Panama City Beach a couple of times, up to the Georgia Mountains a lot of times and across the Overseas Highway to Key West and back.

550fBut, after the trip to Key West we realized a touring bike would probably be a better fit, so long as we could remove the fairing or windscreen for that “knees in the breeze / bugs in your teeth” riding experience I first fell in love with riding dirt bikes and my first road bike, a 1977 Honda CB550F SuperSport.

dragon_31Aug13As luck would have it, we stumbled over a killer-deal on a 2013 Harley-Davidson FLHRSE5 Road King in the summer of 2013 which is far and away the “best” two-up motorcyle we’ve ever ridden.  We look forward to putting many thousands of miles on the bike and making new friends along the way.

So, as it is now… we’re a three/four-motorcycle home (the Wide Glide has a dual personality) and I’m doing my best to keep it that way, but it ain’t easy: I like bikes!

SDC11246 SDC11295SDC11265 r1100s

We also have a garage full of bicycles, tandems and even a bicycle built for three.


2 Responses to About…

  1. Rick Spear says:

    hi, i love what you did to your wide glide…how did you go about “hiding” the pin stripe on the tank? thanks, Rick

    • TG says:

      Appreciate the kind words… black pin stripe tape right on top of the silver paint and then polished to bring up the sheen. C as nt tell from 5 feet away and looks no worse than silver stripe up close.

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