Weekly Journal: A Road Trip to Pennsylvania

As mentioned in several prior weekly journals, July has once again become a busy travel month for us, as it was last year.  Having just returned from our annual motorcycle trip down to Key West, Florida, last Sunday we began the week by taking care of things that needed to be done before we headed off to Pennsylvania on Wednesday morning for yet another 7-day trip.  The most important “to-do” was celebrating our granddaughter Caroline’s 13th birthday on Monday; wow… can she really be a teenager already?!  Tuesday’s big “to-do” was making the 45-minute drive over to my attorney’s office where we’d be finalizing the settlement on my personal injury claim stemming from a motorcycle accident back on November 21, 2017: good to have all of that behind me, albeit with some lingering aches and pains that I manage through at-home physical therapy.

On Wednesday we made the 780-mile drive to Pennsylvania which, thankfully, was a fairly easy drive without any major on-road delays. The Toyota Tacoma performed well, got great fuel mileage but is still plagued by what I now believe is either an out of balance propshaft or a right rear axle with too much run-out: it’ll be going back to Toyota in August, that’s for certain.  We had a great visit with my folks on Wednesday night and Thursday before heading an hour East to Bethlehem, PA, for the 3-day Tandems East Tandem Weekend, where the Springhill Suites was home base.  We had a great time riding and visiting with friends on Friday and Saturday, but opted to skip Sunday’s ride so we could get back to my folks home and visit with my uncle and aunt who had popped-in for a visit over the weekend.  We’d not seen them in over a year so we were anxious to have that time together.

Looking ahead at the coming week, we’ll be at my folks on Monday and Tuesday, noting Debbie and I will celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary on July 16th, and then head home on Wednesday… a day earlier than originally planned.  I should be able to get all of my “to-do’s” taken care of before we leave, but I’ve been nursing a tooth ache that may require a root canal so I want to get that taken care of before we head to the British Virgin Islands on Monday, July 22nd.  Again, July is a busy travel month for us!!

Monday: Caroline Turns 13 Years Old!  

Even though I wouldn’t be mailing last week’s journal to my folks, I went ahead and got it finished-up on Monday so I could print it out and have it ready to take with us on Wednesday’s drive to Pennsylvania.  If I mailed it, they wouldn’t receive it until Friday or Saturday… hard to believe it takes that long for a 1st class letter to get from Atlanta to Bernville, PA.

Just after 8:00am I drove over to Discount Tires to let Tanner know I needed to pass on the new wheels for the Tacoma, as I was having second thoughts about increasing the wheel off-set and possible added wear and tear to the truck’s bearings and suspension.  Tanner once again make it an easy transaction by issuing a refund and there were no charges for restocking, shipping, etc., per Discount Tire policy: what’s not to like about that?  Going forward, we’ll see how the truck does with the current wheels while I look at other possible wheels that have less off-set than even the Toyota TRD Pro Sema wheels I have on the truck.

Back at the house I did a dump of all our recent banking activity to Quicken and began reconciling the expenses and getting them all properly categorized.  As I was going through Debbie’s activity in the Joint Checking account I noted an E-Check sent to some obscure company in Texas that just didn’t seem right.  Sure enough, Debbie didn’t recognize the transaction and certainly didn’t recall doing any on-line banking on July 1st.  She took the printout over to the bank and was able to get the charges reversed and also cancelled what would have been a recurring, monthly payment that somehow was set-up.  It’s very scary they were able to do this, given it required the use of her checking account information which should not be in her computer.  I’ll have to go and look to see if it somehow has been recorded there.

With all of the indoor computer work out of the way I headed out to the garage to pick up where I left off with the motorcycle after yesterday’s wash by removing the trailer hitch, stowing it in the trailer and then putting the trailer back out in the garden shed. It will stay there until it’s needed again in late October for our ride down to Panama City Beach (PCB), Florida, for the fall bike week event: a mere 317-mile ride, 1/2 of which are on lovely highway’s instead of interstates.  Speaking of which, we heard from our friends Bobby & Carrie Ann who we typically share a condo with at PCB for the motorcycle events who let us know it was now close enough that we needed to make our payments.  I sent that off via PayPal a few moments after I received his note: electronic payments are so darn easy!

While I was working on the bike I was reminded our sealed LCD taillight was apparently no longer fully sealed as moisture and gotten inside of it during Saturday’s ride.  I’d notice it when I washed the bike on Sunday and made a point of removing the light after finishing up with the trailer hitch removal so I could take photos and send them off to Custom Dynamics for a warranty claim.  Thankfully, Custom Dynamics is outstanding when it comes to the quality of its products and backs it up with exceptional support and warranty coverage so by the end of the day they were scheduled to ship out a replacement light.

It was around noon when Wesley arrived ahead of Julie and the girls who were coming by to spend the afternoon visiting Namaw, something Caroline had requested for her 13th birthday. Yes, our little Caroline is already a teenager; hard to believe.  The girls all brought their lunches and shorter after lunch they headed down to the community pool for a few hours of play time.

In and amongst all of this going on I’d received a call from my attorney’s office letting me know they really wanted me to come over to pick up the check for the claim payout on my 21 November 2017 motorcycle accident.  I’m still not sure how much the settlement was as “Jackie” from the attorney’s office gave me one number and I received a notification in the mail today from the Hartsford Insurance Company giving me a different, much lower number.  So, I’ll make the 45-minute drive over tomorrow and find out.

It was around 6:15pm when we headed off to meet the kids and Julie’s immediately family for Caroline’s birthday dinner at Lorado’s Mexican restaurant, a regular place for the Kohler family.  We had a really nice time watching the kids do what kids do at large dinner gatherings and had a nice time catching up with Julie’s parents and her brother and his wife.

About the only thing of note for the evening was having a nice call with my folks and making arrangements to meet with our friends Ryan & Jeanette for dinner on Tuesday night where we’d pass them a check to cover our portion of the British Virgin Island catamaran and captain leasing fee’s and finalize our plans to meet at Tortola on July 22nd.

Tuesday: My Motorcycle Accident Claim from Nov 2017 Is Now Settled

After the usual morning routine, I began to get things together for our trip to Pennsylvania on Wednesday.  In that we are combining a visit with my folks with the Tandems East Tandem Weekend I needed to take along a few extra hand tools for any projects my mother might come up with during the visit and she specifically asked me bring along my chainsaw.  So, that meant I’d need to bring along my chain bar lubricant and a gas can so I could mix up the fuel/oil for the chainsaw and all of those things would need to be cleaned before I put them in the truck with our cycling gear and luggage.

Next up was getting the tandem fixture down and the tandem loaded on to the fixture so it could go in the back of the truck as well as getting  my cycling toolbox, spare parts bag and the other “equipment” I like to take along when we go to cycling events so I can be self-sufficient if we have a problem with our own tandem, and offer up help to other folks who have minor issues.  It’s a lot more stuff to haul around, but that’s one of the reasons I have a truck with a full-length bed.  So, with everything staged and ready to go into the truck, I was able to get on with my day… packing would wait until the afternoon.

I had an 11:00am appointment with my attorney’s, Steve & Mark, who represented me on the November 2017 motorcycle accident where a gentle lady in her 80’s rear-ended me on my new-to-me Honda F6B, sending it to the salvage yard while torquing my back, left wrist/thumb, right elbow and just about every other joint in my body.  It took over a year for all of those soft tissue injuries to become less than a daily annoyance.  I still need to use my inversion table for tightness in my back and apply BioFreze or take Aleve to take care of right elbow.  Regardless, back on June 13th they sent off the demand letter to Nationwide Insurance for the personal injury-related part of our claim — they settled the property damage and paid off the motorcycle back in December 2017 — and we all expected we’d go back and forth with counter offers to settle the claim.  Well, son-of-a-gun, they agreed to our demand and settled the case on June 27th.  So, I needed to get over to the attorney’s office so we could walk through the details of the settlement, sign-off on a release and do the final settlement reconciliation so my attorney’s could receive their portion of the settlement, pay off a lien for medical expenses — it’s nearly criminal — and cover some miscellaneous administrative fees and costs, leaving me with my portion of the settlement.  Thankfully, this was one of those claims where it was win-win for all involved.  The amount of insurance carried by the lady who hit me was sufficient to cover all of the claims, the settlement made me whole and my attorney’s didn’t have to expend a lot of effort negotiating a settle or getting into subrogation or litigation to settle the claim.  While I may have been able to come out as well just dealing with the claim by myself and ended up with a similar net settlement, I’m glad we had representation and it was really enjoyable getting to know Steve & Mark: they’re good guys trying to do their best for folks in a legal business that’s probably a lot more confusing than most people realize and perhaps take for granted.  Yes, when it’s all rather easy and straight forward some clients might feel like they may have done better working directly with the insurance companies; however, when it’s not easy… their expertise and experience can be invaluable and it does come at a price: that’s life.

On the way back to the house I fueled up the truck and went by Wells Fargo to deposit the settlement check so it would have time to clear and be credited in my account so I could then move the funds electronically to our Morgan Stanley Money Market / Checking Account where it earns a good return.  After having a little lunch at the house I headed out and knocked out the yard work.  I’d not mowed the lawn in six days and with the Bermuda grass still going to seed it looked a little ratty but not too bad.  So, by delaying my mowing until today it will only go 7 or 8 days before I can mow it again.  I’m guessing that will probably be at the limit and I’ll have to ask Wesley or hire someone to cut the lawn while we’re gone for 10 days at the end of July.

Debbie and I were sort of ships that passed in the night, as she was out running her errands while I was off at the attorneys office so I didn’t see her until almost 4:00pm, but which time I’d had all of our cycling clothing packed and my street clothes for the 8-day trip pre-packed and ready to go into the suitcase.

As for dinner, we met our friends Ryan & Jeanette at The Caspian Grill, a small strip mall restaurant featuring Persian fare.  We’d never been there before and were truly impressed by their menu, pricing, the cleanliness of the restaurant, a wonderful staff and outstanding meals.  The reason for the mid-week dinner was to finalize our plans ahead of the 10-day catamaran cruise in the British Virgin Islands, split expenses for the charter, etc.  They’ll leave on July 19th and spend a few days exploring St. Thomas and Tortula as well as doing the provisioning for the cruise ahead of our arrival on July 22nd.

Back at home we finished up laundry, packing, put out trash and otherwise had everything ready to go for our 6:00am departure on Wednesday.  Of course, my biggest challenge would be getting sleep ahead of my 12-hour drive and that didn’t go so well.

Wednesday: The Drive to PA

I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep between 11:00pm and 1:00am and then did my best to stay in bed in the hope I’d drift in and out of at least a light sleep but no such luck. Around 5:00am Debbie’s alarm began to make noise — it’s in dire need of replacement — so I finally got and going and would hope the 2 hours of sleep I’d gotten was enough.

After a little breakfast and putting our last bags of street clothes in the truck we were out of the driveway and on the road at 6:00am, per plan.  On the bright side, it was a very easy drive with light traffic all the way into Pennsylvania, which is where we encountered our first heavy traffic.  That’s not to say the drive north on Interstate 81 wasn’t without its issues, as it’s still a major artery for over-the-road trucking and God love the truckers, they’re doing their best to get where they’ve got to be.  As a motorist, I get that we’re truly a lower-priority in the big scheme of things, but it does get frustrating when you see trucks stacked-up side-by-side on a steep grade trying to pass each other where even the trucks in the passing lane aren’t able to run at the speed limit unless they’re running empty loads.  Cest la Vie.

The traffic we encountered in Pennsylvania wasn’t awful, so I really can’t complain.  The truck performed well, albeit still exhibiting an annoying speed-sensitive vibration / resonance coming from the rear axle.  It’s not consistent and seems to be worse on a full fuel load or when the fuel tank is less than a 1/4 full, and also seems to come and go for no clear reason which makes we wonder if it’s not so much of a bearing issue as it is having one or both axles a bit out of round or an out-of-balance prop shaft.   The only thing I know it’s not is the wheels and tires, as we’ve switched those out 3 times and had them wheel matched and road force balanced 6 times.  As for the new Falken Wildpeak tires, they’re perhaps a bit more quiet than the Nitto Terra Grapplers they replaced and even though they’re 9lbs heavier per tire the truck’s fuel efficiency did not suffer at all… and may have actually improved a bit.  I won’t really know until I re-calibrate my UltraGauge OBDII Scan tool but I’m cautiously optimistic.

We arrived at my folks home in Bernville, PA, around 5:40pm, got ourselves unpacked and settled-in and then sat down for a lovely dinner.  We had a lovely time visiting with my folks and, if there was ever any doubt how much they love their grandkids and great-grandkids… one look at the front of their refrigerator should remove all doubt!

Sadly, after dinner, the tooth that has been giving me trouble began to flare up a bit likely from over-use on some crunchy foods during the day, which irritated the root/gum area.  Thankfully, a dose of Acetaminophen took care of the discomfort in short order.  As you might image, I was fading a bit given the long drive on very little sleep but did manage to stay awake until 11:00pm in the hopes going to bed at a semi-normal time will afford me a full-night’s rest.

Thursday:  A Day with my Folks & a Few Small Projects

I think we both slept really well overnight and, even though I was awake around 6:00am, I decided to rest in bed until I heard my folks stirring upstairs so as not to cause their dog, Danielle or “Danni,” to become alarmed and start barking.  In the past I’d go upstairs and begin to do my usual morning routine, checking the news, blogging, etc.  That it was raining when the sun came up made resting in bed all that much easier.

Once I could tell my folks were up and about I headed upstairs for a little lite breakfast and fired up my laptop, but at the kitchen counter instead of in the living room so I could be somewhat engaged as I went through my Email, etc.  I was happy to see I’d received the Federal Income Tax withholding values on my pension check from Lockheed Martin so I could begin to assess how much I needed to send to the IRS before September and also passed those values to our finance folks so they could bake that into our retirement plan. I also went ahead and set up additional Federal and State withholdings on the rest of my exempt and non-exempt pension payments so I can just go to sleep on those and allow the finance folks to recalculate a proper draw so we’re not mucking around with surprise tax bills each year and shuffling funds to cover them.  I also confirmed Wells Fargo had credited my account for the Nationwide insurance claim settlement check which allowed me to move those funds over to my Morgan Stanley account.  I’m now debating if I want to use some of those funds to satisfy the note on my truck with it’s 3.7% interest rate, or put those funds into the market in the hope they’ll make enough to cover the loan interest and then some, which would also free-up $500/mo of spendable income.  If we had a 0% interest note, it would be a no-brainer, even a 2.5% note would be easy.  Thankfully, there’s no hurry to do anything so I won’t at least before we get back from the British Virgin Islands in August.

After updating my weekly journal on WordPress I started a Windows 10 software update on my stepdad, Bill’s, HP Pavilion, at 9:00am. Amazingly, given the speed of their internet connection, it didn’t finish downloading until sometime around 11:00pm that night.  Yeah, it’s that slow: amazing.  I’m probably the only one who notices, but wow!!!!

Next up was beginning my “to do list” at my folks house:

  • 1st up was her Singer Featherweight sewing machine, which was not sounding healthy.  She’d bought it in January so it was still under warranty and we decided to take it back to the selling dealer to get it looked-at.
  • I looked at the front porch where at least six (6) of the flooring boards have rotted-out and need replacement.  My step-brother, Mark, is of a mind that all of the porch flooring need to be replaced which is, of course, the perfect fix if cost is no object: he’s an architect who makes his living spending other people’s money on homes so that’s logical.  My take was, just remove and replace the six bad boards but I really don’t have the right equipment here to do it so they may need to have a handyman or carpenter do the repair or I’ll need to bring along some other power tools for our fall visit.
  • My mother showed me a garage side door Bill had finally repaired which I may or may not have mentioned in a prior blog entry during our last visit.  It suffices to say, as I expected, Bill did a great job of fixing a door where the lower 18″ of solid wood had rotted away.  I’ll need to get a threshold to finish up the project but wow… great job.
  • Next up was a no-brainer: getting a screen window re-installed.  However, that was merely a segue to a millipede infestation that has been taking place on the basement level of the house.  So, that fix was just a matter of getting a gallon jug of insecticide and by-golly, I easily did in a few hundred millipedes within a couple hours.
  • We finished up the sort “to do list” by going through the longer list and adding a few things I’ll have to deal with on Monday & Tuesday.

We had heavy rain all afternoon which gave me time to do some homework on the Tandems East Tandem Weekend, downloading the GPS ride routes and what not and moving them to our cycling computers.  We had a delicious dinner in — salmon with salad — and then a quiet night at the house.

Friday:  Day 1 of the Tandems East Tandem Weekend: Velodrome Night

Similar to Thursday, I made a point of “resting” in bed until I heard my folks stirring upstairs before heading up to have a little breakfast, checking Email, etc.  I was happy to see the Windows 10 update on Bill’s computer had finished running so I could reboot and get the final updates taken care. After that I downloaded an updated “cleaner” program they already had on their computer to clean out the “junk” that Windows 10 found so their computer would run as efficiently as possible.

As a follow-on to yesterday’s spraying for bugs, I had to blow a few hundred dead millipedes off the lower porch and then respray just to make sure there was a barrier around the house.  I’m not sure if it will fully rid the downstairs from the lower level but it should rule out the porch and lower entry door as the source for where they’re coming in.

After that I had Debbie make me a dental appointment for Thursday, July 18th, as I feel I may need a root canal before we head off to the British Virgin Islands on July 22nd.  There’s still definitely something going on in my upper right-hand jaw, be it sinus related or a dental issue so at this point getting another X-ray to rule our or confirm a dental issue would be nice.  I just don’t want to end up with a dental emergency or having to pop Tylenol during the trip.  Sadly, this means we’ll need to head home on Wednesday, July 17th instead of the 18th.

It was around 10:45am when we had the truck packed up again and headed off to the Tandem East Tandem Weekend (TETW) in Bethlehem, PA, and it was a very easy, hour-long drive.  Once there we were able to check-in to our hotel room, get registered for the event and headed off to find a Subway for lunch at the nearby Promenade Shopping Center.  Well, we struck out on the Subway but did find a really bar & grille called ‘Bar Louie” where we grabbed a delicious burger and salad for lunch.

It was around 1:00pm when we got dressed in our cycling gear and headed off to the Velodrome over in Trexlertown, aka., the Lehigh Valley Preferred Cycling Center.  The plan for the afternoon was to do a 27-mile ride from the velodrome, change clothes, grab dinner and then return to the velodrome by 6:30pm for the 7:00pm track racing, to include the annual “Tandemonimum” events: an annual event this weekend’s tandem event was scheduled around.  The ride itself was a good ride with lovely scenery, albeit in the heat of a dog-day afternoon with a strong headwind on the way out which meant not much of a breeze on the way back in since we were riding at about the same speed as the tailwind we’re enjoying: it’s a mixed blessing, to be sure.  But, again, just a very nice afternoon ride where my GPS led us astray a few times, causing us to lose the wheels of the faster teams and putting us in no-mans land for a while. Thankfully, we ended up riding the back-half of the ride with Bill and Ann from Ontario, Canada, who were long-time friends of our hosts, Mel & Barbara Kornbluh, and folks whom we’ve met at previous TETWs.  And, honestly, that’s one of the things we’ve come to appreciate about the TETWs: we always meet the most friendly and interesting folks when we attend!

We finished early enough that we were able to make the 20-minute drive back to our hotel where we grabbed a shower and change of clothes before heading back to the velodrome for the Friday night races.  We decided dinner could wait until the “elegant hour” as neither of us were feeling all that hungry after our ride.  As for the races, it was a great evening with a full slate of both single and tandem track racing.  Sadly, there was a crash during the final men’s “gold medal” race the Affinity Team riding the 25-year old, Team EDS Corima Composite tandem with a checkered history crashed hard when the sync chain broke and wrapped itself around the 4-bladed Corima front wheel and, in turn, collapsed the composite front fork.  The captain and stoker both hit the track hard and the stoker ended up in the ER with what we suspect was a collar bone injury.  Not the finish we or anyone else wanted to see.

As the medic was walking the stoker off the track, we decided it would be a good time to head out and find some dinner. We returned to Bar Louie around 9:30pm where we split a chicken club sandwich and fries, then retired to our hotel room and called it a night.

Saturday: Great Day with Friends at TETW

Having gotten to bed relatively early for us, we both slept well and were up at 6:00am for breakfast.  As expected, the hotel’s lounge area was packed with cyclists when we came down at 6:20am, but the hotel staff had plenty of food out so we made our way through the serving line quickly and finished up breakfast with more than enough time to make the 8:00am remote start rider’s meeting that was about a 15-minute drive from the hotel.  I should note, our hosts and their local route planners had to rework the Saturday ride routes as recent rains washed out several bridges as well as the park where lunch was going to be held.  So, instead of heading out for a 55-mile ride from the hotel, all 65 teams attending TETW left from the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit parking lot in Emmaus, PA.

It was a somewhat disjointed start as the 8:00am riders meeting at the church never materialized, so individual riders and smaller groups began heading off between 8:00am and the 8:30am official “start time” to include us when we saw a semi-large group begin to leave.  We played nice for the ride through Emmaus but as we made our way out of town and began to hit some of the hills we made our way towards the front of the group and ended up following two of the stronger couples at the event.  We did our best to stay with them for a few miles but eventually fell back and rode at a more comfortable tempo, arriving a few minutes behind the other two teams for the “cookie stop” about 14-miles into the ride.  The cookie stop is where Barbara Kornbluh sets up several tables filled with all kinds of delicious baked goods she prepares at home ahead of the TETW and they are good!

While we were at the cookie stop we spent some time chatting with our friends Tom & Cheryl whom we’d met at the Santana Chattanooga Tandem Rally way back in May 2011.  We’ve stayed in touch ever since and met up a few times at these TETWs.  We ended up riding the balance of the 38-mile Saturday ride with Tom & Cheryl and their friends Dennis & Jodie, which was a true delight.  We all rode at about the same pace so it was a good ride where no one was running off and pushing the tempo, which gave us the time and energy to carry on a nice dialog during our ride through the lovely outskirts of the Lehigh Valley.  We ended up being some of the first teams back at the church where the delicious catered lunch was being served in the lower parking lot.

The following is a collection of photos, a couple of which I took but the vast majority of which were taken by Cheryl, which is why she and Tom are missing from most of them.

After running an errand in Allentown and then relaxing a bit in the afternoon, we made our way over to the Allentown Brew Yard in downtown Allentown where the TETW banquet was to be held at 6:00pm. We arrived an hour early with Cheryl, Tom, Dennis & Jodie so we could enjoy a few cocktails at the main bar and had a delightful time.  The banquet was being held on the 5th floor of the building so we made our way up there around 6:15pm.

Sadly, the folks at the Brew Yard really didn’t have themselves staffed properly to serve 130 people in a timely manner with just a single buffet line and one person serving all of the food in that line.  We decided to call an audible and quietly excused ourselves around 7:30pm and made our way back to Bar Louie for dinner.  We felt bad for Mel & Barbara as we knew they were not pleased with the meal or the service provided at the Brew Yard.  However, the good news coming out of the post dinner announcements was the 2020 Tandems East Tandem Weekend would be held in Cape May, New Jersey in early May.  So, we’ll have that to look forward to and will gladly skip our spring motorcycle rally in Panama City Beach which is held on the same weekend to make our way back north to Cape May.

Sunday: Skipped Day 3’s Ride so we could Spend More Time with Family

Once again, the Springhill Suites delivered a very comfortable night’s rest.  However, even though we were awake in plenty of time to grab breakfast and made the 8:00am start for Sunday’s 23-mile ride from the hotel parking lot I remained mindful that Debbie’s blood pressure had been a bit high after both Friday and Saturday’s ride and had not yet dropped to where we’d like it to be so we decided we’d rather relax, have breakfast after the riders had departed and them make an early departure for our return trip to my parents home about an hour away in Bernville, PA.  Moreover, since my uncle and aunt had decided to pop-in and we hadn’t visited with them in a very long time, there was an added incentive to get back to Bernville a bit earlier.

We had a very nice chat with Dave & Janet whom we’d met during our first TETW  back in July 2011 at Pennsville, New Jersey.  They had gone out very early and already finished the 23-mile ride. There was another couple whom we chatted with who, like us, opted to pass on today’s ride.  After packing up and checking out of the hotel we ran into Cheryl & Tom in front of the hotel and were able to say goodbye to them and told them to give our warm regards to Dennis & Jodie.

We had an easy drive back to Bernville, making a short top at the local grocery store along the way as we needed to pick up a few things for my mother who was now hosting my Uncle Rae & Aunt Flossie at the house.  They’d come up when Bill started having problems with his lawn tractor early on Saturday morning.  Shortly after we arrived and just before sitting down to lunch my sister Anne also dropped by, so it was a full house.  Although Bill, Rae and a neighbor who mows my parent’s lawn and knows a bit about riding mowers all gave the tractor a look-see to try and get the rear wheels driving again, I took a look at it and also came up with not much more than a diagnosis that the hydrostatic transmission and/or rear axle pinion gear had failed.

As for the rest afternoon, I’d thought about starting on my to-do list but opted to use the time to relax and work on downloading and poaching photos for the weekly journal, instead.  I think our rides on Friday and Saturday took a bit more out of than Debbie and I realized as we were both a bit tired and still fighting with cramps in our leg muscles.  I updated my “to do” list with a few new items and will begin to tackle those in earnest Monday morning after breakfast and finishing up my weekly journal.

We had a grand time just visiting with my parents and uncle and enjoyed a lovely dinner at the house, talking our way through the evening.  Flossie had spent the balance of the day in bed nursing a very sore hip so we all took turns paying visits.  I can’t begin to say how enjoyable it was to get time with my aunt and uncle.  For a variety of reasons their visits and ours just haven’t coincided during the past years, so the visit was well-overdue.

That was about it… and that was good enough for us: just a great day with family as we ended the week.  We’ll be here through Wednesday morning and then head home so I can see the dentist at 8:00am on Thursday and Debbie can see her doctor on Friday. We’ll spend Saturday & Sunday packing for our trip to the British Virgin Islands.


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