Tacoma Update: Blacked-Out Switchback Mirror Signals

As mentioned in an update last week, I ordered a set of Unique Style Racing’s (USR’s) Revi Motorsports-made, Switchback mirror lights late last week and they arrived today.

The fit and finish is very good.  Installation is straightforward, although I did need to pop the lower housing loose to install the light as the foam gasket material around the edge of the light is quite a bit thicker than the OEM material; not a big deal but something to take note of if you’ve removed and reinstalled your OEM swtichbacks where their gaskets have been compressed, as I have.  I’ve linked a 3 minute video that shows the installation process for those who’ve never seen how it’s done.  Most of the plastics in the mirror are fairly stout; however, be careful with the glossy plastic part that the switchback mounts to; those small tabs are brittle.  Also, make sure press-to-fit parts are aligned before snapping them back together.

Note that I was not interested in the DRL feature; I just wanted to eliminate the chrome from the mirror housings with an smoked lens / OE-quality replacement and this looked like a good option, pending mesojdm’s next release and not knowing how deep in the waiting list I was; I’m still waiting to hear back about the ECT TRD Pro shifter knob as well.  So, being anxious to get all of the mods done on this truck, when the USR / Revi switchback popped-up on my radar for what seemed like fair money, I decided to give them a try as I was pleased with USR’s comms and support when I bought a set of the DEPO TRD Pro headlights a few weeks back.

Anyway, while I’m not in the aftermarket parts business, I’ve been wrenching on cars and motorcycles and worked in aircraft manufacturing long enough to have a pretty good sense of what’s good and what’s not-so-good.  The DEPO headlights, as others have noted, are excellent OE quality parts, if not on par with Toyota’s OEM lights.  However, I also had a set of the DEPO TRD Pro taillights (not from USR, but another reseller) pass through my garage and they were not-so-good; strange that they were so far inferior to the headlight materials and fabrication quality.

Based on the foregoing, I would assess the Revi Motorworks Switchback material and fabrication quality to be very close to the DEPO headlights. As for the internals and some of the other design features, time will tell if the reliability is there but for my needs they’re a good fit: again, very good fit and finish, the smoked lens gives me the look I wanted and is a vast improvement over my cheap-screw de-chrome efforts using black-out trim tape as an interim fix. The smoked lens could have stood to be a bit darker if only to off-set the milky light color of the non-tapered defuser which is very different looking from the OEM’s and — based on the photos I’ve seen — MESO Customs swtichbacks with their more detailed, molded and tapered acrylic defusers.  However, what the internal defusers may lack in an OE/OEM look from an aesthetic standpoint is purely subjective, along the lines of some aftermarket head and taillight offerings (e.g., Spyder’s stuff comes to mind), but they are plug & play albeit with a pigtail instead of a molded-in male plug in the housing, have a clean, dark look and they are indeed bright, as advertised.

Bottom Line: I feel like they were a good value and gave me what I was looking for, i.e., a blacked-out aftermarket-quality replacement for the chrome switchback signal in my mirror to complete my de-chrome of our TRD Sport.

So, this has been my evolution:  Stock with chrome, then Black-Out Trim tape applied over the lens to hide the chrome pending availability of blacked-out switchbacks, and now the USR Revi’s.


Here’s how the USR/Revi’s came… nicely boxed with OE look.  And, the Revi side by side with the OEM switchbacks.


See linked video for installation; about 3 minutes per side.  Again, these aren’t quite OE and use pigtail connectors for plug & play installation. Also note that I did not run the wire for the DRLs as I don’t have an interest in that feature; however, I elected not to cut it away since there was plenty of room inside the mirror housing for the pigtail and bundled wire.


And the installed views: without the cover both off and on, and then with the cover-on for the final look. The defuser definitely is a bit obvious in bright light so time will tell if I warm up to it or not. Someone on a discussion forum described it as a white blob, which is fair but an off-white, gummy worm would probably be a bit more accurate.


Installation Video:


3/12/19 Update:  The defuser is providing to be less eye-catching that I originally thought.  In the grand scheme of things, unless you’ve gone to the trouble of eliminating your DOT-required reflectors in the front (orange) & rear (red) corners of your truck, having the ghostly-white defuser in the turn signals — which is really only visible in direct sunlight — is a non-issue.  I say this because I know it’s there and am looking for it.  I’d venture to guess the average civilian who doesn’t even know there are crazies out there who actually spend money “fixing up” new cars and trucks would never notice.


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