Harley Wide Glide’s gone and the BMW might go before the Honda S2000

My apologies for last week’s blog; I usually break those big event blog entries into a two or three-part mini-series so that they’re not as time-consuming to read. Don’t even ask how long they take to write as I try not to think about it. If I was smart – and I’m not – I’d adopt the USA Today format over my Wall Street Journal approach to reporting. Anyway, this weekend’s report won’t be all that awfully long, or at least that’s my goal.

One Less Motorcycle

For those who didn’t take on the all-you-can-eat blog entry from last week, early in the entry I mentioned that our friend Monica closed the deal on Betty before we headed off to Bike Week in Panama City Beach. It’s been kind of nice having a little more room in the garage and I was surprised that I haven’t had all that much separation anxiety.

In fact, I’m now thinking about selling off my 2003 BMW R1100S such that I’ll be down to just the one motorcycle. Yes, I’ve gone down that road once before when I sold off our 2004 BMW R1150RT and had a couple of potential buyers lined up for the R1100S when I got my moto-mojo back. But, here I am six years later finding myself driving to work instead of riding the motorcycle for a variety of reasons but regardless of why, I’m not sure I’ve missed it as much as I would have expected. In fact, I may need to ride tomorrow just to make sure I’m not kidding myself.

But, in all honesty, the reason I’ve not been riding the motorcycle is because we have one too many cars sitting around the house which makes getting the motorcycle out of the garage of a bit more complex and also leaves the truck in the driveway which makes it harder for Debbie to get her car in and out of the garage and driveway. So, although not by design, I’m not sure if we’ll get the Honda S2000 sold before I give-in and sell-off the BMW.

Of course, as I say this I’m actually driving the Honda S2000 because my truck is back in the shop for routine service as well as more drive train noises. I suspect the left rear wheel bearing may have finally gone the way of the right hand bearing which began to fail about 4 months back.   I’m also thinking that the right front ball joint may also be shot, noting that the left front had to replaced two months ago… the second one in as many years. So, having a back-up vehicle is starting to look a bit more attractive than an extra motorcycle. Time will tell. Not sure the Honda S2000 would be the right back-up vehicle long-term as it’s also a bit long in the tooth with 125,000 miles and is anything but cheap to insure: Corvette’s carry a lower premium!

The Yard

The recently re-sodded front yard is looking pretty good but has a couple of spots that I’ll need our landscaping experts to look at. There are some sections of sod that just never really came in, some lumpy/bumpy sections and a few other little issues. But, it is nice having a lovely green carpet of grass covering the entire front yard again after dealing with the thin spots and erosion issues for a couple of years. The landscapers should be starting on the backyard before too long as well and I’m really looking forward to having that mess cleaned up as it’s really become an eye sore. I’d toyed around with making it a DIY project but, for the quoted cost, it’ll end up being about the same as what it would cost me to rent all of the equipment and buy the materials I’d need to do it right with a much higher probability of success.

The Weekend

The rest of the week was somewhat uneventful; just knocking out the usual tasks around the house in the evening after a full day’s work. But, we were both very much looking forward to our weekend as we’d get to see friends at Loco Willy’s for our Finally a Friday celebration, go to our little retreat up in the mountains for some down time and then be back at home on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day and my birthday.

Our Friday evening at Loco’s was really exceptional. We scored some good seats and were able to get and hold seats for David & Deb and had enough other ones open up for Stuart and Teresa as well as Billy and Dava to join alongside. We had Kevin, Clark, Gene and other on hand as well. I also think we’ve broken the code on where to sit so that David and I can talk while Debbie and Deb catch up. It’s only when our food arrives that we have to realign since Debbie and I share our meals. Regardless, we had a good time hearing how David & Deb’s cruise went and to hear what our other friends had been up to while we did our best to control the juke box internet-accessible juke box. We could have probably spent the better part of the evening at Loco’s but opted to head home and tried to catch up on prior episodes of Archer that we’d missed and promptly fell asleep, so I’m guessing we need to rest.

Saturday we’d hoped for good weather as we wanted to get a few hours of sun by the pool up in the mountains. It had been an overcast morning where rain was in the area, but not yet falling. So, no tandem bike ride but I was able to get the lawn cut and motorcycle and trailer cleaned-up after our trip to Panama City Beach. I also worked down most of the scratches in the top case with my Porter-Cable 7424 6-inch polisher before putting down a fresh layer of Zaino. There were some deeper scratches that I opted just to leave in the case lid that I may address at some point in the future; hey, if you ride ‘em they’re going to get a few scratches and nicks! I was able to get a few more small projects done at the house before we headed off to the mountains. However, on the way out we dropped my truck off at Alan Cox Automotive for the aforementioned service and possible repairs. Still waiting for the prognosis, but definitely need the truck back by Wednesday for a road trip to South Georgia on Thursday afternoon.

We made it to the resort around 1:30pm and were able to get in a couple of hours of sun, but had to dodge two showers that moved through the broken, partly cloudy skies. It was a very relaxing time and we were able to visit with a few friends who we might not have otherwise spent as much time with. We did a little dancing to the DJ in the evening before calling it a night: it was a much-needed short get-away-from-it-all for us.

Sunday started off with a few hours of yard work, mostly clearing pine bark from where the new lawn would go and trimming back trees and shrubs. Now, Sunday was also both Mother’s Day and my birthday, so while I asked Debbie to not do anything special for my birthday she was able to work in a little bit of a celebration when Wesley and the three granddaughters came over from 10:30am until 2:30pm to visit.

Debbie’s oldest, Charlie, also dropped in for a while. Caroline, Charlotte and Vivian were having a blast running around as Debbie and Wesley tried to keep us, noting that our Daughter In-Law Julie was off spending the day with her mother and brother: an annual tradition.

A Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement from the Kids & Caroline Playing in the Backyard.  Charlie, Charlotte & Wesley, With  Vivian on the Run & Caroline Checking Out Insects.

After the kids all left Debbie and I both spent some time relaxing on the breezeway before I got motivated enough to run a few more errands while also trying to deal with some ants and carpenter bees at the front of the garage. It was almost 6:30 before we finally headed off to grab some dinner at Loco Willy’s, after which we headed over to the local cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2… part of my birthday celebration. It was an entertaining movie, but a bit too predictable and with too many forced comedic exchanges, i.e., it tried to one-up the first movie and came up a bit short.

That was about it for the weekend: nice!   We’ll try to get caught up on everything by mid-week as Thursday afternoon we’ll be driving about 250 miles down to Valdosta, Georgia, for the 2017 Georgia Tandem Rally. It’ll take us about 3.5 to 4 hours to get there. Thursday night in a social of some sort with rides of varying lengths on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. We’re not sure if we’ll ride Sunday as we’ll need to be back at home for Charlotte’s gymnastic competition at 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon.



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