Ok, We Both Had The Flu… Double Uggg.

Yes, the Flu…

At the end of my last blog entry I noted my Dear Miss Debbie was coming down with the flu, having spent the better part of Sunday night dealing with coughing spells and then getting the full fever and chills treatment on Monday.  On Tuesday she paid a visit to our primary care physician and was diagnosed with Influenza B.  By the time I arrived home from work on Tuesday evening I was experiencing the very same symptoms and a trip to the doctor on Wednesday pretty much confirmed I also had Flu B.   And, yes, I’d just recently gotten over a short bout of Influenza A back on 6-10 February.

Therefore, this week’s blog entry is pretty easy to summarize:  we both spent the past 7 days running fevers, dealing with chills, coughs, sore throats and all of the other lovely symptoms that accompany the flu.  In fact, I didn’t break my fever until early on Monday morning.  The cough still persisted and the same was true for Debbie.

Being house bound for the entire week was not a great time by any stretch.  But, at the same time, neither one of us had the energy or inclination to do anything else.  It was just that much of a drag on our systems.  Thankfully, we had more than enough food on hand for our slight appetites, to include the things I needed to make a pizza on Saturday night and hot wings & fries on Sunday night.  That was about as close to “normal” as our eating had gotten for the entire week.

Home Maintenance; a Never Ending To-Do List

Everything else pretty much remained on hold, unless it could be worked via phone call or remotely by computer, including a few hours of work from home on Thursday and Friday.  Well, there was this one emergency plumbing repair that I had to make after a small leak in the upstairs guest bathroom made its way through the tile floor and into the living room ceiling. Oh yeah, that’s a special king of joy. I’m probably due to begin a lot of ceiling repair / repainting as time has taken its toll on certain places in the ceilings.  Repainting the walls in our master suite, the guest bedroom, exercise room and a few others will be right on the heels of the ceilings.  Should have it all done just in time to put on the market and sell!  Yeah, right.  What could we possibly replace it with that would be a nice for the same kind of money??

And Then There’s Yard Care

We also firmed up the plan for the front yard refresh this week, having to backtrack a bit once we received an updated quote for Zoysia vs. Bermuda; yikes!  It was nearly a 30% increase in just the material cost.  So, as much as I would have liked to have Zoysia in both the front and back yard, it just wasn’t worth the extra $2,500.  Therefore, since there’s no need to kill off the old Bermuda, our time-table for having the old lawn removed and replaced was moved up a couple of weeks.

As a point of reference, heres’ what the front yard was looking like towards the end of last summer. As you can see, there were several bare spots under the trees and about 1/2 of the turf was pretty thin and tired.

20161015_163348Here’s what it looked like last week, in the fall & winter dormancy mode:

20170226_144740And here are some of the really bad spots.  While we considered doing a patch job, it was just pretty clear to me that the best approach would be to completely replace the front yard with new sod all cut from the same turf and this time in a shade tolerate variety.

20170226_144507 20170226_144640 20170226_144536

Rally Plans Continue to Evolve

From a motorcycle rally standpoint, we’re skipping the Bike Week in Daytona this Spring as the cost of lodging has just gotten out of control and, well, it’s gotten a bit stale doing the same thing during each visit.  Interestingly enough, we’ll probably miss the long ride down more than any other part of the trip; that’s always a great ride.   However, we are planning on making the trip down to Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach during the first weekend in May. We’ll be sharing a three bedroom condo with our friends Bobby, Carrie Ann, Ryan & Jeanette making it a fairly cost-effective trip as well.  We’re thinking any other motorcycle adventures will be, “make it up as we go”.

We’ve got what we think will be a non-motorcycle trip down to New Orleans planned in early April where we’ll most likely fly down and join our friends David & Deb for a few days. Well, I say fly, it’s a 7-hour drive which isn’t awful; about what we’d log riding down to Orlando and then to Key West.  We’ll see.  Vacation time for Debbie shouldn’t be a problem by then!!  Good grief, I probably need to put in for some time off too.

In terms of tandem cycling rallies…

We’re on the fence for a late April tandem rally in Alabama as it’s the same week as Debbie’s 60th birthday.  I guess we’ll need to figure out just what kind of celebration we’ll have and when before cutting out one of the weekends that bookends her mid-week birthday on the 25th.

We’re booked for the Georgia Tandem Rally in mid-May down in Valdosta, Georgia.  While I key toying with the idea of canceling out on that, there are just so many friends who we only get to see at GTR that it makes it hard to pass-up.  So, we’ll see how that plays out. We have until April 25th to cancel and get a partial refund on our registration fees.

Our friend Lisa who usually rides the triplet with us at GTR has also invited us up to join her with the triplet for a one-day ride in South Carolina on the weekend after GTR; we’re thinking about that one.  It would be nice to do that kind of ride again and it’s not all that far, i.e., 2.5 hours or there abouts.

Now, we did go ahead and sign-up for the Tandems East Tandem Weekend in Manheim, Pennsylvania, on 14-16 July, so we’re looking forward to that as it will tie in nicely with a visit to my parents a mere 45 minutes away.  It’s been a while since we’ve attended a tandem rally up North and we should find ourselves with some friends we’ve made at past rallies in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Now, if we can just get ourselves out on the tandem and put in some miles in the not too distant future!

The only other tandem rally that’s on our radar would be the Southern Tandem Rally about 4.5 hours away in Salisbury, North Carolina, during late September.  We’ll have to figure out our fall motorcycle rally plans before we firm us that event.

That’s All For Now…

Anyway, that pretty much brings you up to speed.  As I said, having had both of us laid up for the past week here at the house and feeling like death warmed-over, there just wasn’t all that much else going on, aside from the always enjoyable bill-paying and what not.


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