A Week with the Flu After SuperBowl LI

downloadI think it was during last Sunday’s Super Bowl that I realized I wasn’t feeling 100%.  We watched the first half of the game at Loco Willy’s and headed home at halftime.  What started as a slight cough at Loco’s started to become a deep hack as we settled in for the second half in the comfort of our living room.

We’d thought about heading over to a friend’s home where several other of our friends had gathered for the game but given how I was feeling the safe bet seemed to be finishing the game at home.  The photo of Debbie settled in — and about 10 minutes before she fell asleep after I took off her 20170205_203455boots and covered her with a blanket — provides the visual proof of why late games on a Sunday just don’t work for us! It’s hard to beat being able to get comfortable at home on a “school night” with work ahead in the morning.  She drifted in and out as I cussed, fussed and coughed my way through the second half of the game.

I tried to go to bed after the game but the persistent cough kept me from settling down so I gave up and went downstairs so as not to disturb Debbie who, by the end of the game, had moved upstairs to finish it in bed.  I was still thinking it may have been caused by all of the cigarette smoke that now permeates the non-smoking parts of SuBourbon’s Rock & Oyster Bar where we spent Saturday night with friends while enjoying the music and dancing to the band ‘3 Left Standing’.

It was after my sleepless night and a morning of hacking at my desk on Monday that I started to wonder if I was having a relapse of the crud, noting my Zepak had probably stopped running through my system a week back.   I think it was 12:30 when I decided to pay a visit to medical to see if they’d be able to write me a script for a true antibiotic and, instead, was told that my symptoms were more consistent with the flu than a bacteria infection.  Sure enough, they did a culture and diagnosed me with the flu and my normal temperature of 97.4 was now at 98.8.  I was given a script for Tamiflu and a recommendation for a cough suppressant and immediately headed home as I could sense that chills and a fever weren’t too far behind.

After stopping at the store to pick up my meds and some soup and arriving at home, sure enough… my temperature was now pushing upwards of 99.5 and my body aches and the associated tired feeling that I’d had all morning was really kicking my butt.  After doing a little bit of work on my laptop I covered up on the recliner in the living room and promptly fell asleep for the next 15 hours.

I worked from home on Tuesday but was only good for about 3 hours of work in between quiet resting and once again fell asleep in the recliner around 6pm and didn’t wake up until 7am the next morning. I was actually able to work a full 9 hour day from the house on Wednesday, albeit with a few breaks for rest as I continued to consume mass quantities of liquids.  For a variety of reasons and because I was no longer feverish I went into the office on Thursday, but was mindful to keep my distance and use lots of hand sanitizer throughout the day.  It was one of those days where I had a lot of desk work, so that was a good thing.  I left right after the one meeting that I needed to attend and was home by 3:00pm for an appointment with a landscaping company for a job walk of the front yard.. which is now in dire need of a sod refresh: yup, it’s been a tough few years for all landscaping here in Georgia so out with the old and in with the new.

As Friday rolled around I was actually feeling pretty good again.  I’d been able to return to solid foods, hadn’t had any coughing spells since Wednesday and got a good nights sleep in bed on Thursday night.

  • The day started off as most off-Fridays do, with about 3 hours of work from home.  Hey, working from home is ALWAYS better than working in my office at the plant: I get to stay in sweats and don’t lose an hour to commute time!
  • screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-7-56-43-pmAround 9am I shifted my attention to home banking and paying bills and cancelled the LG microwave oven I’d purchased from an Etailer who continued to slip the estimated shipping date week over week since ordering it six weeks ago: clearly, they had no idea when the thing would be available.  After getting confirmation that the order was cancelled, I placed an order for the same LG microwave from Lowes, who was showing an 11 March availability date.  That was pretty consistent with a few other on line seller availability dates and the price at Lowes was about as low as anyone else.
  • screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-9-20-34-amWith those need-to-dos out-of-the-way I reviewed the quote that came in for the lawn replacement: pretty much what I expected @ $5k for 4,000 sq ft and all of the associated work to kill and tear-out the old Bermuda, prep & amend the soil and lay down new Zoysia sod.  We’ll firm that job up next week and  may even have them finish sodding the backyard as nothing really wants to take where the old Oak tree had been.
  • Around 10:45 I headed out to run an errand before meeting Miss Debbie for our every other week lunch date at The Red Eyed Mule: yummy as always.
  • 20161123_172905After lunch I headed home and swapped out the truck for the 2011 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide as I had a 1:15pm appointment to have the worn-out rear tire replaced over at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta.  They had the bike in the shop by 1:30pm and finished it up by 2:45, which had me back at home by 3:45.
  • I had a little more work-work to attend to and then had myself cleaned-up and ready for our Friday night visit to Loco Willy’s by 5:30, just before Debbie arrived home.
  • 20170210_192548We rolled into Willy’s around 6:20 and found a seat next to our friends Billy & Dava.  It was a busy night and after a rough week Debbie was really needing and enjoying her Margaritas.  Most of the usual suspects were on hand, except for David — who was out-of-town on business so Deb came with her son Austin — and Stuart was without Teresa who was in Texas visiting family and friends. The Lockheed crowd wandered in around 7:30 and we also were surprised to see our friend Kevin, aka “Scrappy” come in to check out Loco’s.  We set he and his friends up with Billy in the outside smoking bar as we knew that would provide them with a great experience vs. getting stuck at a table.
  • 20170210_205506I should have been paying closer attention as at some point she mentioned that Grey Sunday was playing at SuBourbon’s and next thing I knew our plan for an early evening ahead of a day trip on Saturday became a late evening over at SuBoubon’s with Billy, Dava & Stuart.  For whatever reason I could never get into the moment at SuBourbon’s.  I think I’ve gotten spoiled by usually having a much larger group of friends to dance with and, quite frankly, Grey Sunday just wasn’t pulling in much of a crowd so the place was kind of dead.  It had a few moments, but they were far and few between and I was just in a pissy-mood most of the night.  Add to that the same heavy cigarette smoke atmosphere that now exists in the non-smoking area and I’m afraid I may have lost my ability to really have a great time at SuBourbon’s.  It’s just not a smoke-free bar anymore and, well, Grey Sunday doesn’t do it for me these days.

I was up early on Saturday and other than having a dry, raspy feeling in my throat from the smokey bar I felt pretty good.  I did a little work at 6:00am and then headed downstairs to knock out my Email from Saturday and a few blog entries, including most of this one.  Debbie was up around 8:00am so even though we’re not heading out as early as I’d hoped for our 1st of two weekend get-aways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my Valentine, we’ll be out of here before noon and then back on Sunday afternoon. Here’s looking forward to a much-needed decompression-session with my sweetie up in the North Georgia mountains.


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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