Yet Another S2000 Issue Discovered & Resolved

As noted in a recent blog entry, the more I drive the Honda S2000 the more things I find that need a little attention.  Nothing major, mind you, but little nits that I never noticed when I rarely drove the car or saw it “out in the wild” when parked at the office or stores.  No, for me I’d only give it a good-looking over when I washed it on a Sunday morning in the garage.

My latest discovery was an apparent seal leak between the right rear tail light lens and housing that was allowing water to get inside the housing.  While the housing is not an air tight assembly — there are several openings on the back-side that sit out of the weather — once any water gets into the housing the inside surface of the lens quickly fogs-over.  My discovery came after the car was left sitting outside in the driveway during a very 24-hour heavy rain storm.

20161223_124944A check of the S2000 forums quickly revealed this to be a common issue but also one that could easily be resolved.  All that was required was the removal of the assembly so that a bead of silicone could be applied over the entire seam where the lens and housing come together.

The lens housing was easily accessed by removing two bullet style body work fasteners inside of the trunk. With the trunk liner out-of-the-way it was just a matter of removing four nuts (one of which was hidden under a wire routing holder), disconnecting two twist-lock connectors and one press-in clip connector from the rear housing and then fully removing the housing from the rear sheet metal.

There was still a few drops of moisture in the lens when I reinstalled it and, as expected, the inside of the lens fogged over again.  However it was a very light fog that quickly evaporated out in the sun so I think I’m good to go.  I’ll have to wait until the next rain storm to confirm that my repair has addressed the problem.

Still not sure if we’ll keep or sell the car. Again, storage space or the lack thereof remains the real driver.  I’ve looked at garage storage lift solutions, garage expansions and parking pad options as a way of getting the two cars, the truck and all three motorcycles in the garage to no avail.  Every option has at least one drawback that’s not workable so we’ll see how long the S2000 remains in the fleet.  Right now it’s looking like we’ll be parting company.



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