1st Mod to our 2017 Honda Accord – The Horns

The first modification I felt compelled to make to our new 2017 Honda Accord was an upgrade of the stock horns.  As strange as that may seem, for those who have never heard the horn sound on a Honda Accord (at least the lower-trim models like our Sport SE) they are of the “meep meep” variety, not the “honk honk” type I would have expected to find on a mid-size sedan.  Making matters worse, the car’s security system sounds the horn when you lock the vehicle with the remote so it was impossible to ignore.

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-4-31-58-pmOn the bright side, College Hills Honda in Wooster, Ohio, has apparently taken pity on Honda Accord owners for many years and offered a very affordable after-market horn replacement kit for under $30 (it’s always on sale) and ships it out pronto!  I had ours within four working days and installation took a total of 10 minutes.

20161221_230338The first step was removing a plastic trim piece at the front center of the opened hood held in place by four bullet-style body clips.  The center pins are easily lifted with a flat bladed screw driver, being careful not to mar the finish. With the fasteners removed the trim piece can be popped out with just a little fore-aft movement.

20161221_230350The two high/low replacement horns are plug & play replacements where the power connectors are the exact same type found on the stock ‘meep meep’ horns. To be honest, the horns look to be knock-offs of a Fiamm horn with a moisture cover over the horn.  But, the reviews I found on the web were all positive so I decided to give them a shot.

20161221_231341The swap out was about as easy as could be: each stock horn was held in place by a single bolt.  Just remove that bolt, pull the click-on connector and set aside the old horn.  Plug the connector on the new horn and use the stock bolt to attach it to the radiator support frame with the addition of a serrated lock washer provided with the horns. Repeat for the other side.

That was it and the new horns were music to my ears.  Seriously, I’m not sure why I was so put-off by the tin-sounding, pitchy stock horns but thankfully it was an easy fix.

door-sill-trim_midThe only other thing I’ve added to the Honda are some stainless steel door sill covers to keep the painted sills from getting banged up by shoes as drivers and passengers enter and exit the car. Honda asks $145 for a set of four and I found what look to be near perfect copies on ebay for $45.  They have proven to be a great addition based on the scuffs I’m seeing on the plastic inner sill trim pieces. Hmmm, I wonder if they made covers for those too?


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