Let There Be Instrument Lights!

20161202_173800As mentioned in a recent post, with the arrival of the Honda Accord I had the option of driving the Honda S2000 when my truck was in the shop instead of having to ride one  of the motorcycles.  Driving home one evening I quickly discovered that none of the instruments in the radio or heating & A/C control pods on either side of the steering wheel were illuminated, noting this had been the first time I’d driven the S2000 in the dark in a very long time. The indicator lights for the fan speed, A/C on and air recirculation switches were working, but everything else was dark.

20161202_081538 20161202_081532

A few minutes of surfing the internet confirmed that the side pods have small little fuse-like lights that sit behind these instruments and yes, they do burn out over time.  Thankfully, there were a couple of postings to the S2K discussion forum that provided a comprehensive list of the part numbers for the 10 little bulbs that I’d need to replace and there were also several on-line step-by-step guides that showed how to remove the dashboard so the bulbs could be replaced.

20161202_081501These were the bulbs I’d need:

Radio Unit Side Required Bulbs
– (4) 35855-S2A-003 (Short Black)
– (1) 35851-S2A-003 (Short Black)
– (1) 35855-S2A-A11 (Short White)

A/C Unit Side Required Bulbs
– (2) 79628-S2A-003 (Orange)
– (2) 79670-SL0-A01 (Long White)

I checked with a local Honda dealer to see if they had the bulbs and they said not only do they not have them, none of the other dealers around Atlanta did either. No, these expensive little bulbs would need to come from a warehouse out in California.  So, back to the internet where I ended up ordering the bulbs from HondaPartsNow.com. They had most of them in stock and at a bit of a discount and in a week all 10 arrived in our mailbox.

After studying the dash removal process I headed out to the garage on Friday morning and in less than an hour had the dash removed, bulbs replace and dash re-installed: easy-peasy.

20161202_082837Step 1 was lowering the steering wheel by removing a lower cover that gave me access to the four nuts that hold the steering column: 2 of which had to be removed and then the other two were just loosened to slowly lower the column. Once the column was lowered, a cover on top of the steering wheel housing could be lifted off so there would be enough room to remove the instrument panel.

20161202_084240Step 2 was removing two plastic screw head covers in the dash then two screws, after which the dash was only held in place by 10 friction clips. A little painters tape was put on the headlamp stalk and dash to prevent scratching as the dash came out and there were 5 electrical harness plugs that had to be disconnected.

20161202_084254Step 3 was to take the dash to a protected work surface where a cover on the heating & A/C control panel could be removed to gain access to the 4 bulbs. The bulbs are removed and installed by using a flat head screw driver with a quarter turn, being careful not to bugger up the slot as the bulbs were all a tight fit.

20161202_085124Heating & A/C Control Panel:  There you have it, two circuit boards with two long white bulbs and two short black bulbs.  If you click on the photo to make it full size you can see that the bulbs had definitely burned-out, as evidenced by the discoloration on the white plastic bases.

20161202_091037Radio & Start Button Panel:  There were four short black bulbs and one long white bulb on this panel. The sixth bulb was located on a circuit board inside the start button housing that required a little disassembly to access where the on-line instructions didn’t quite jibe with this particular button.  However, after studying it for a few minutes it became pretty clear to see how the various parts were held together and where the tabs were that needed to be cleared.

Putting it back together was also very easy and the final result was eye-opening!  It’s so nice to be able to see all of the controls in the dark… again.

20161202_174013_lls 20161202_174022_lls




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