An Epic Take-Over of Subourbon’s on Saturday Night


Loco’s was still a No-Go beyond 5:00pm when Friday rolled around.  I had truly hoped Colleen’s very confident sounding note to a patron that foreshadowed a return to normalcy by Sunday was a fact-based outlook, not just more hopeful hyperbole.

Thankfully, Twin Peaks has emerged as our back-up regular place so that’s where we headed instead to enjoy dinner with our friends David & Deb.  Now, for full transparency I should note that our friend at bartender at Loco’s has been dating a gal whom we also know for several years and who is also a bartender.  Want to take a guess where she works?  Yup, Twin Peaks: so we’re still hanging with “family” which is probably why Twin Peaks has been an easy fill-in for Loco’s.

After dinner the four of us headed over to Subourbon’s where we’d be meeting about 11 other friends (Ryan, Jeanette, Patti, Carrie Ann, Ken, Kandy, Jeff, Sharon, Cricket, Rick & Matt) around 8:30pm to do some socializing and dancing to the fantastic music provided by Grey Sunday.  Grey Sunday is the band that we stumbled upon at Subourbon’s about a year ago and we always try to time our visits to coincide with their gigs: this was at least our 5th evening with the band.  I probably over-achieved on the dance floor, as is my habit. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I have a good time doing it and Debbie doesn’t seem to run away once I get going so that’s a good thing. It was a much-needed night out for our entire group and we were hard at it until around 11:30 before we called it a night.  Just an epic night out, or so I’m told as my perspective was somewhat limited to what I was doing and who I was doing it with and it was easy to lose track of our 15-member party even in a very small bar. Sadly, no photos have emerged even though I know a bunch were taken.


After our evening out, and aided by cooler temperatures, we both slept in on Saturday morning and really didn’t get moving until around 9:30am.  Shortly after getting up we heard from the kids who were going to drop by with all three of the girls for a short visit.  I don’t know how they keep up with those girls: they are all so darn busy and into everything.. in a good way.

20161001_150858It was around 1:30pm before we finally got out on the tandem for a 25-mile ride from the house.  The weather was wonderful, even for mid-afternoon.  As we were riding it dawned on me that I probably needed to give the tandem a little preventative maintenance to make sure it would be ready to go and provide us with problem-free performance during next weekend’s three-day tandem rally in Cookeville, Tennessee.  You can read more about the rally prep and tandem maintenance in a separate journal entry over on our other blog, TheTandemGeek’s Blog by clicking HERE.  There’s also another blog entry just ahead of that one where I rant a bit about less than tolerant and considerate motorists, like the idiot in the big Dodge diesel truck to decided to bury us in a cloud of sooty exhaust by “rolling coal” after passing us.


20161001_185659We went back to Twin Peaks for dinner and also invited our friend Carrie Ann to join us since her husband, Bobby, was out of town on business.  We arrived around 6:30pm and found David & Deb camped out in the bar with plenty of seats still available for us and Carrie Ann dropped in just a few minutes later.  We also ran into some other friends, Judy & Don, who we know by way of Julie & Chuck.

20161001_211801David & Deb headed home around 9:00pm and we hung in there at the bar until 10:30pm with Carrie Ann.  We briefly considered heading back to Subourbon’s to catch The Way Back Band, but decided that we both needed to get a good night’s rest in light of our late night out on Saturday. Well, OK… it was a super late night like a Key West trip where we find ourselves having pizza at 2:00am, but late enough.


Temps were in the low 50’s when we woke up and that delayed the start of our tandem ride until 10:30am when the mercury was tickling the 65°F mark.  It was another beautiful day and a good ride… an uneventful ride!  The tandem developed a “tick” while we were out riding which I diagnosed as the front eccentric: something I could adjust in about 5 minutes after our ride.

fb_img_1475430199602After returning to the house we changed from tandem cycling apparel into motorcycle riding apparel and headed over to Loco Willy’s to grab some ribs and the afternoon football games.  Another great meal even though the ribs were gnaw-off-the-bone this week instead of fall-off-the-bone.  Interestingly enough, I preferred the very lean-tasting gnaw-off-the-bone variety.

We knew some of our friends were headed over to Cartersville Harley-Davidson for a special event and I thought about joining them.  love-triangleThere were two paintings up for auction at the event, one of which I wouldn’t mind bidding on as I’ve always wanted to add a piece of art from David Uhl to our very small and modest collection. After having our friend Sharon check on the silent bidding I did a little more research and discovered that they’d be taking bids on the art through October 12th, so I’d have plenty of time to see how high the bidding went before deciding to throw-in. All of the proceeds of the auction go to support Operation One Voice, a charity founded by first responders to support the families of wounded and fallen U.S. Special Operations Forces.  After confirming that I’d have that later chance to bid and after thinking about all the things we needed to do back at the house ahead of being out-of-town on the following weekend we opted to hang at the house for the balance of the day.

It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon with lots of football in the background as we knocked out weekend chores and a few small projects.  I also caught up on my blogging (see above) and was able to get this one penned as well.

That’s about it…  Nothing all that exciting but that’s OK. We’ve got the aforementioned tandem rally and the Thunder Beach motorcycle rally down in Panama City Beach coming up over the next couple weekends so we’ll be getting our fill of re-creation-al activities.


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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