Anxiously Awaiting The Arrival of October!


Friday was one of my first off-Fridays at home where I spent less than an hour doing any work-work.  It was a pretty sweet deal.  Having the day free meant I’d finally be able to get the polyurethane down on the hall, kitchen and powder room hardwood floors.

Heading out to the home improvement store after Debbie had left for work, I somehow got it in my head that most hardwood flooring poly’s were clear and did my shopping with that in mind. Instead, I focused more on getting the right sheen to compliment the rest of the flooring now that I’d finally gotten the color of the flooring “about right” with a custom blend of stains.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-13-34-pmWith my satin floor finish in hand, and after moving all of the furniture out, vacuuming and then tacking the flooring, I began to pour out and spread the poly using a T-bar applicator and could clearly see there was a dark greyish tint to the polyurethane. Hmmm.  It looked good going on and really made the wood grain pop. However, I almost cried as it dried and took on a very amber if not orange tint.  Seriously, after spending all that time stripping and mixing stains to color coordinate the old flooring with the new flooring I had a floor that looked nothing like it did just four hours earlier as the polyurethane cured.

I figured meeting Debbie for lunch at The Red Eye Mule might cheer me up and it did.  I spent the better part of the afternoon doing yard work and sanding the dried polyurethane to knock down the tone a bit.  I also started looking for no-kidding “clear” oil-based polyurethane coating for floors to no avail.  Oh sure, they had water-based products but it was too late to put a water-based top coat on top of a fresh coat of oil-based urethane.   I eventually ended up buying a gallon of the illusive clear-satin Minwax polyurethane for flooring on-line and am now awaiting its arrival so I can hopefully get a full second coat down.  The can calls for applying three thin coats over uncoated wood flooring, but using the T-bar to spread the finish I get a very thick coat and am pretty sure I’ll get a few years of wear protection from just the two applications.

hiltongrandvacations_logo-5After finishing the floor and while heading to the shower to get cleaned up for dinner I received a call from at Hilton Grand Vacations who advised that we may have missed the boat on a promotional program and lost a partially paid-for, week-long hotel stay in Hawaii.  I’ll need to make some phone calls to see if there’s a way to recover all or part of our expense, even if it’s just in points for future stays at other Hilton properties.  Live and learn.

Since Loco Willy’s is still closing at 5:00pm we’re still lost puppies when it comes to finding a place to celebrate Finally a Friday.  We had an enjoyable visit at On The Border last week with Sarah behind the bar and knowing she’d be there this Friday we figured we’d give it another try.   David & Deb joined us and we also had a surprise visit by some friends who moved to Florida — Roger & Aimee B – and just happened to be in town and saw our truck in front of On The Border while they were out running errands.  A bit later on our friends Jeff and Sharon also dropped in for a little dinner.  So, from a social standpoint we had a fantastic evening and Sarah was awesome.  However, the food… not so much.  In fact it’s simply awful.  So our search will continue as we wait for Loco’s to resume normal operations… assuming they can weather the revenue drought.


We had a lazy Saturday morning for some reason; perhaps it was the slightly cooler temps we enjoyed overnight: it’s actually starting to dip into the mid-60’s after a summer of mid-80’s.  After a little breakfast we put on our cycling togs and went out for a lovely 25-mile ride on the tandem.

20160911_074147Other than being a lovely late morning ride with temps in the upper 70’s instead of the upper 80’s, the other noteworthy item was my first impressions ride on a new all-carbon saddle that I received from Selle Anatomica on Sept 1st.   I was part of a crowd-funding project to develop and bring the saddle to market and despite being a bit later on delivery than projected, they did in fact produce the darn saddle.  I did a full write-up on first impressions that you can find on my tandem cycling blog if you’re so inclined.  Bottom line, the jury is still out but I liked it more than I didn’t like it and I think Debbie might like it a lot.

We toyed with the notion of heading back up to the mountains for the rest of the day but Debbie suggested we do that next weekend instead.  Probably the right call as it would be nearly 3:00pm before we made it into the Dahlonega area and that didn’t leave much daylight to work with.  The alternative plan was to just head out on Blue to get some wind therapy and grab something to eat for lunch.

deb_hdaI took the back way over to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta (HDA) so that we’d be able to enjoy mostly tree-shaded, two-lane roads.  There wasn’t a lot going on at HDA when we arrived and there wasn’t anything inside that was irresistible either.  In fact, I think we’re pretty well set for the next five to 10 years.  Seriously, I still haven’t seen a motorcycle that I like more than our ’13 Road King CVO – fairings on a Harley are still a buzz-kill for me and Debbie’s not a fan of the big, plush seats or top case and wrap-around back supports on the Ultra models.   No, our little sport shield on Blue with the lowers provides more than enough protection, we’ve got a good sound system and can carry as much or more on Blue II with the rear rack and Saddleman travel bag than folks can put into a top case and duffle bag.   And, for long trips even the Ultra’s would require “The Accessory That Shall Remain Nameless.”  Now, that all said, I’d love to put one of the new 114” water-cooled motors in Blue II!!!  There wasn’t anything in the clothing department that was all that exciting either: again, Debbie has all the really great stuff!  So, after visiting with Kelly and Ray in the Service Department for a few moments we headed on out.

It was getting close to 3:30pm when we left so we were definitely needing some food. I initially suggested the BBQ place next to HDA. That didn’t do much for Debbie who said what she really wanted was some blackened fish tacos from Loco Willy’s.  Well shoot: they’re open till 5:00pm!  So that’s where we went.

20160910_161449I gotta say, even though they were “dry” it felt so good to be back in our familiar surroundings with Christian, Billy, Allyson and a few of the other Loco’s gang on hand.  We were surrounded by college games on the big screen and the food… oh the food!  I can’t tell you how much we’ve missed the wonderful food.  We split the blackened fish tacos that Debbie was craving and since it was almost dinner time we also ordered some ribs to go.  It was great spending time at the bar chatting with Christian and the other die-hard patrons who also need to have their Loco’s fix, even if it means forgoing a cold brew, frozen Maggie or a nice cocktail.


We headed on home right about 5:00pm when the official closing time arrived and while fully intending to hold off on eating our ribs until later, they never made it to the over warmer.  Nope, we scarfed those down about 30 minutes after walking in the door.

We had a relatively quiet evening at home after that watching college football and monitoring our IM feed in case any of our friends came up with a grand plan for some evening entertainment.


Sunday ended up being something of a strange and unproductive day. I was actually up early and spent a few hours catching up on my weekend reading before Debbie came down.  Sadly, she was a bit sore from yesterday’s tandem ride so a repeat ride wasn’t high on her list of things to do.  I thought about going out for a solo road ride or hitting the trail but once I got out into the garage I decided I needed to un-clutter my world a bit while watering our parched front yard.

20160911_135507After straightening up the garage I put the house back in order as it would probably be a few days before my clear satin polyurethane arrived and before I’d have the house empty for several hours to allow for the drying process. With that done it was getting close to lunch time and Debbie was feeling perky enough for a motorcycle ride.  20160911_141155So, as we did on Saturday, we once again headed over to Loco Willy’s to enjoy a Willenburger for lunch while catching all the football games on the big screens.  It was another quiet day at Willy’s but, again, just good to visit with Christian. In terms of where we are on Loco’s getting its tax issues with the ATF/IRS resolved and its ability to sell liquor restored I was reminded it took 42 days to resolve back in 2014.  As of Sunday, it was only day 17: ugg!

After lunch we took the back way over to Horsetown to see if they had anything exciting.  Sadly, the clothing offerings at Horsetown continue to lack-luster and unexciting so I’m pretty sure we’ll be writing off future visits.  Our time spent with Misty playing dress up Barbie with all of the really cute clothing that Misty would buy for the store were quite special and the social engagement was at least 80% of the reason we made those trips. Oh sure, it was fun to rebuild Debbie’s wardrobe and I have zero regrets on that: she’s got an amazing collection of really stunning outfits and boots that will last her for years and years.  But, anymore we’ll just wait until we head down to Daytona and meet up with Misty at Skip’s Western Wear and see what that brings with it.  Frankly, some of the things Debbie likes to wear the most have come from her two or three visits to Skips. But I digress…


We finally heard from our biker friends as we were headed back to the house. They’d landed at Mulligan’s, a popular biker bar about 30 minutes from where we were. However, I’d gotten a sense Debbie wasn’t feeling all that well when we were at Horsetown so I thought it best we just head on back to the house so I could let her relax in the comfort of her own home.  After making our way to house on back roads we had a pretty quiet afternoon.  I’d already cut the lawn on Friday so I didn’t have that to do and probably should have taken a mountain bike over to the trails to get some ride time in but decided to chill and watch some pro football.

It was about an hour after we arrived at the house that I saw an update from our friends: they’d moved on from Mulligan’s to Twin Peaks for dinner.  Debbie still wasn’t feeling all that well but she encouraged me to go on ahead: she’d be fine.  Since I was going alone I took Betty, my black single seat Harley cruiser, and joined Ryan, Jeanette, Bobby, Carrie Ann and Tom for an hour or so.  It was good to spend some time with them as we hadn’t seen them over the weekend thus far.  Our friend Matt joined us about 20 minutes before I said my goodbyes and headed home to check on Debbie and see what she wanted to do for dinner.

We ended our night watching football and eating a Papa John’s pizza.  The football game wasn’t bad, but the pizza was pretty awful as well as expensive once tax, delivery and a tip were all added-in.  We won’t be doing that again: I’ll just go to the store and get the stuff I need to make a pizza instead.

Anyway, that was about it for the weekend.


It probably comes as no surprise that I don’t write these things until a day or two into the week.  However, nothing all that exciting or interesting usually happens on Mondays or Tuesdays.  But, I feel compelled to follow-up on a couple things.

Bad News first: The polyurethane arrived on Monday; wow, talk about fast delivery!  Unfortunately it was the wrong product.  On the bright side, Amazon fully-refunded my purchase price plus shipping even though they didn’t want the product back.  I have no idea what I’ll do with a gallon of the wrong polyurethane, but at least I didn’t have to eat the cost. Of course, I still don’t have a clear, oil-based satin finish polyurethane to put down on my flooring so I haven’t really moved the needle here.

Good News: October is just a few weeks away and we’ll be out riding tandems and motorcycles over the three out of four weekends during the month.  Our condition for cycling is pretty awful, but we’ll still have a good time visiting with friends, albeit riding at a casual pace whilst they go off and hammer each other into the ground.  We’re good with that. We’ve also got two motorcycle rallies to attend: Biketoberfest in Daytona and Fall Bike Week in Panama City Beach the following weekend.  I just made the final payment on our condo in Panama City Beach so we’re locked in there and will have several friends down there with us.  We’ll need to make a final call as to whether or not we’re really up for squeezing the 1,000 mile round trip to Daytona in between the tandem rally and Panama City Beach before October 1st, as that’s when our hotel deposit becomes non-refundable.  Right now, I’m all-in for both, even if we end up doing Daytona by ourselves as most of our friends have other commitments. We’ve done Bike Week in Panama City Beach alone a couple times and always enjoyed ourselves: we just love being together on the bike and off: it’s a beautiful thing.



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