Wow, I Guess We Did A Few Things After All.

screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-9-26-52-pmAs mentioned last week, our beloved Loco Willy’s has been closing every day at 5:00pm as they’ve apparently lost their liquor license due to some type of administrative snafu.  I’d like to think it’s “a nobler reason” than having it pulled for serving to minors but it’s a moot point: they’re closed because of it.  Anyway, for us this meant as our weekend approached we’d have to once again come up with a different plan for where we’d go to unwind on Friday night.

Friday: On the Border & SuBourbon’s

Sadly, while there are a lot of restaurants, bars and clubs around most don’t serve food  all that low-fat or healthy.  And, well, Miss Debbie needs her Maggie!  I suggested just staying at home and grilling up some Tilapia or Mahi for blackened fish burritos and home-made Margaritas but bless her heart, she wanted to get out.  After thinking through our options we decided to go back to our prior Friday night hangout, On the Border.  After all, they had good margaritas and the menu had a few things like fish taco’s that weren’t too bad if you skipped the fatty sauces.

I must say, we had a spectacular time and that was all due to Sarah, the gal from Elgin, Illinois, tending bar who was as delightful and fun to chat with as any barkeeper we’ve ever had.  Of course, that also suggests the bar wasn’t too busy. In fact, I think there may have been only five of us, one of whom – Catherine – eventually moved over and joined us at our end of the bar.  Debbie was able to get her Maggie, I had my usual and we split the Mahi-Mahi taco’s.  It was simply a delightful time and as we were sitting there thinking about “what’s next” Debbie reminded me Grey Sunday was playing at SuBourbon’s. I guess I had forgotten so that ve us our next destination.

I called ahead to book a table, assuming the place would be packed but, being a three-day get-away holiday weekend the place wasn’t busy at all when we arrived.  However, the upside was we were able to secure a table in our little sweetheart Racheal’s section and shortly thereafter secured a slightly larger table as our friends Bobby & Carrie Ann + David were going to stop by and join us. We were having a grand time tearing up the dance floor and visiting with our friends when a few more friends who didn’t have a hot clue we were at SuBourbon’s wandered in and joined us.  So, even though it was a standing room only crowd, we had a standing room only great time.


20160902_225721   20160902_231337

Saturday: Tandem Cycling & Going “Off the Grid”

Given we’d had several pretty busy weekends in August we decided Saturday and Sunday were going to be days where we’d try to find some alone time for us in and amongst the various errands we had to attend to.

The morning got off to a somewhat slow start but after attending to a few errands like fixing a water line on the refrigerator’s ice maker, tackling an issue with the microwave and getting some SeaFoam into all the vehicles to flush-out what I’m sure is some E85 crud that has built up on the throttlebody’s, injectors and valves, we finally carved out a couple of hours for a long overdue tandem bicycle ride.

20160903_112716Sure enough, looking back through the blogs, we hadn’t been on the tandem since August 7th.  Even though it wasn’t our swiftest ride by a long shot, the weather was absolutely perfect for cycling and what we lacked for in speed we made up for in the simply joy we experienced being out on our bicycle built for two.

Once we were back at the house Debbie indicated she needed to go and run a few errands.  Yeah, well… since I knew she’d be attending a special birthday celebration for our little Charlotte who was turning eight on Monday I suspected Debbie was going gift shopping.  And, since Charlotte is all-about her “American Girl” dolls and was even having her birthday “tea” at the American Girl Bistro in Alpharetta, Georgia, I had a sneaking suspicion Miss Debbie would be making the hour-long trip up to Alpharetta to do her gift shopping, something that would take the better part of the afternoon.  And, well, that was OK too: it’s fun to spoil your grandkids.

Me, I had to run over to BMW to pick up a couple of rear turn signal lenses as the original ones were falling apart.  Well, ok: one of them fell off somewhere.  At first I thought my bike had been vandalized until I went to pull off the second one and it fell apart in my hands.  Fortunately, our local BMW dealer had the parts in stock so a quick ride down to Marietta had everything all better again.  I stopped in at Hellbender Harley-Davidson just to see what was going on there an visited with my buddy Nick for a while: just a lovable guy with a heart as big as his SmartCar.

As for dinner, and since our usual partners in crime – David & Deb – had headed off to Asheville, North Carolina, for a few days with the motorcycle in tow behind David’s truck, we decided to return to Twin Peaks to check out their dinner menu and see what the ‘vibe’ was like sitting at one of their bars.  I think it was shortly after 6:00pm when we arrived and pretty darn close to 10pm when we finally headed home: yeah, I guess you could say we enjoyed Twin Peaks.  And, it really wasn’t so much the food – we had a burger and it fell way short of Loco’s Willenburger and was miles apart from our Red Eyed Mule burgers.  But…. The gals working at the bar were delightful and attentive and we ended up with some wonderful dinner guests who helped us pass the time without even realizing how much time had passed.  So, yes… we now have yet another alternative to Willy’s when there are sporting events on around meal time.

My only regret for Saturday was just not feeling up to a night out at the local dirt track where friends joined Zack & Katelyn to celebrate his birthday trackside.  Again, I think last weekend’s epic, all-day motorcycle ride to North Carolina took a lot out of us and came right on the backside of a weekend spent refinishing the kitchen and hallway floors, and that was on the backside of our Pennsylvania weekend trip.  On top of that was a lot of heavy thinking associated with work and life beyond work and well, like I said, we needed to get some alone time over the weekend.

Sunday: Way Off The Grid

20160903_140125Since Monday was a holiday we essentially had two Saturdays when we’d be able to “chill” and that was a good thing.  Saturday morning was sort of a sleep-in day for us and after we were both up and had gotten a few things done we got on the Harley and headed off to enjoy the day wherever the road would take us.  It was yet another lovely day and we truly did go way off the grid.  In fact, I don’t think I touched my smart phone from about 1:00pm until sometime the next morning, notwithstanding the GPS navigation system.  Our day lasted well into the night and gave us a lot of much-needed down time away from everything.

Monday:  American Girl & BBQ

I had a very slow start to my day as I think I’d gotten a bit dehydrated on Sunday: not a good thing. Debbie had a big day ahead of her as she had to get herself ready for Charlotte’s birthday tea, then head up to Canton, Georgia, to pick up her mother before heading over to the American Girl Bistro in Alpharetta for the event.

2569 2573Grandmothers (Belva & Debbie) & Great-Grandmothers (Debbie’s mother Joyce) with the Birthday Girl (Charlotte)

While Debbie was gone I finally got myself going and knocked out several loads of laundry, stripped-out and re-caulked our master bath’s shower enclosure, installed a new all-carbon 20160901_192845saddle on our tandem for some future experimentation and finished up cleaning the Toyota Tundra’s engine compartment.  I’d thought about heading out to the mountain bike trails but was still feeling like the last thing I needed to do was to spend too much time in the sun.

I think it was around 3:30 or 4:00 when Debbie came back home after dropping off her mother following the birthday tea.  We spent a good ½ hour just relaxing and talking about her day and revisiting a few of the moments from our Sunday trip before deciding what we really needed for dinner was some of JD’s BBQ.

After our Q, we returned home for a quiet evening at home, with Debbie upstairs watching college football and me downstairs watching the Discovery Channel’s “Harley and the Davidson’s” docu-drama.  The football game was wild and the first part of the Harley docu-drama wasn’t as awful as I’d expected.  Of course, now I’ll have to go and do a little research to see how far off the reservation they wandered to come up with their little story.


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