The Weekend In Photos! Or, At Least I Tried…

So, I’ve got a case of writer’s block this week and I’m not sure why.  No matter how many times I’ve tried to get started on my weekly journal entry I’ve stalled out in mere moments.  I wasn’t even able to come up with a complete outline, which is often times how I’ll jump-start my writing juices.   Therefore, I’m going to take a page out of our friend Roger’s playbook — noting he spent a career in the news and information business and knows something about people’s attention spans — and simply post a few photos and write a few words about those…


20160805_183632Yes indeed, it was Finally a Friday at Loco Willy’s, even though our partners in crime were in Orlando with friends from Ireland who were in the states for their annual summer vacation.  While they visited with the mouse we got to hang with Teresa and Stuart at the bar!

20160805_225246The crowd thinned out at Loco’s somewhat early, but Debbie kept Brian busy behind the bar with her Gummy Bear’s, Lemon Drops and even a Buttery Nipple as the evening moved along. Here’s Billy photo bombing Debbie’s toast to the camera!

20160805_205531Yup, nothing like a relaxing evening at Loco Willy’s to bid farewell to the work week while greeting the weekend with good food, good friends and good times: we truly do feel very much at home here!

Now I will say that as we were sitting at Loco’s we put out a note to some of our other friends to see what they were doing. Sadly, by the time we heard back Debbie was ready to head home instead of out to play so we sent our regrets and headed home shortly thereafter.


I actually had a pretty neat plan in mind for Saturday that was going to begin with a mid-morning tandem ride before hoping on Blue and heading back to the North Georgia mountains to do some exploring.  However, those plans were quickly set aside when our son Wesley called to see if Debbie could run over to their house and watch the three girls while he took Julie to the Urgent Care Center: she’d woken up with what turned out to be a nearly debilitating case of vertigo.  Julie’s parents relieved Debbie in the early afternoon, but “going off to play” was no longer in the cards with the shift in focus on the kids.

I spent the morning doing some chores — exciting things like rotating our 150lb mattress — and also knocked out a small project where I modified our Harley’s vent doors to increase the amount of air that can flow past the engine to aid in keeping the thing cooler.  There’s a more detailed blog entry on the whole project just before this one that you can find HERE.

20160806_101125 20160806_122903

All said and done, for what was essentially a prototyping exercise I was pleased with the results.  I can now leave the vent doors on year round instead of pulling them off during the warmer months as there’s nearly as much air flowing to the motor through my new vents as there was when I removed the doors.

20160806_142628  20160806_125959

As for the rest of the day, it was mostly down time as we waited to hear news on Julie’s visit to the Urgent Care Center and sampled the Olympics while also doing a few things around the house.

20160806_185043The evening saw us returning to Loco’s for dinner.  Debbie was looking lovely as always in one of her lacy tops from Horsetown and her tan fringe-covered boots. Not sure that we had anything else in mind aside from dinner at Loco’s, but if something came up we’d be ready!  The highlight of the evening was an off menu dinner suggestion from Brian: steak & shrimp stir fry.  OMG, it was amazing!  Brian has never once steered us wrong, be it the Jambalaya, fresh fish, midnight meals or other things he knows the kitchen can create that is a bit healthier than the bigger calorie meals.  We finished our evening back at home watching the last four episodes from Season 7 of Archer.  Yup, that’s it until they release Season 8 in January.


Sunday began with the road tandem ride that didn’t happen on Saturday.  Sundays are supposed to be our off-road tandem days, but a road ride seemed like a better use of our cycling time.  The weather was a balmy 85°F with only moderate humidity and there were only about five motorists who peeved me off during the ride.


As noted in something I wrote on our Tandem Cycling Blog, I’ve found that my switch over from Campagnolo to Shimano shifters this past October has left me very impressed with how far Shimano STI has come: I’m now taking smooth shifting for granted.

After getting back to the house I floated the idea of blowing off any home projects and, instead, heading out for a couple of hours on Blue… just for some wind therapy.  I say this as last weekend didn’t really lend itself to relaxation and we had some catching up to do.  With that said, we targeted the Harley dealer in Cartersville as our mid-point destination for a nice backroads cruise.  However, our first stop was going to be JD BBQ in Acworth.

20160807_130450As usual for a Sunday, we had the small bar to ourselves which is just perfect!  We get to watch what we want on the one TV they have in the place and our pulled pork sandwich and slaw come out in mere moments. Just another great local place that we like to frequent.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.56.58 PMAfter lunch it was on to Cartersville Harley-Davidson, aka., Southern Devil H-D, via the back roads of Emerson and Cartersville.  All told it would be a 65-mile / 2 hour ride on some nice, shady rural roads with just enough rolling hills and curves to keep it interesting.

I had hoped to find a couple of modular helmets for Debbie to try on at the Harley dealer but they only had one: a H-D branded model; meh.

However, we did find Miss Debbie a couple of cute tops while we were enjoying being out of the sun and heat inside what is a pretty nice dealership that doesn’t feel overly congested / crowded by inventory.

20160807_195358 scorpion

It was just a lovely afternoon out on Blue, so no complaints.  Heck, we didn’t even have to race the rain showers back to the house: they held off for several hours!!


Back at the house there was yard work waiting for me, to include dealing with the neighbor’s out-of-control Kudzu that was once again encroaching on our yard and our own over-zealous vines.  Debbie headed off to the grocery store and after returning we had a busy evening in the kitchen making our meals for the coming work week: steak for my breakfast muffins, chicken for lunch with a salad and then chicken salad for dinner each night.  Debbie does mostly omelettes for breakfast, a salad for lunch and then veggies for dinner.

20160807_185533However, as has become our new Sunday routine, we now make dinner at home while enjoying margaritas. This week it was a do-over on the home-made Orts Special with Cashew pizza.  If I do say so myself, we now find it hard to eat pizza out!  Its nice being able to make a non-greasy pizza that doesn’t make you feel like you ate pizza.  Anyway, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon!  Looking forward to a quick work week and then a special weekend report.


Remembering that this IS a motorcycle and cycling blog, I feel compelled to offer up something I read this past week that really resonated with me, as I’ve actually had similar rhetorical questions posed to me regarding my use of discretionary income by some high-minded folks who have a slightly different perspective on economics vs my own.

It was posted on Facebook by Farrel Bernstein and just doing some checking it actually appears to be original content and not something that was plagiarized or shared from another site; he’s a smart and talented guy and yes that’s him on the bike at a charity ride, albeit an older photo.  We’re not in lock step, but pretty darn close…  Amen Brother!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.18.39 PM


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