New Boots Needed a Lift…

20160619_190154Back on 19 June regular readers may recall I picked up a pair of Frye 12R harness boots to replace a pair of well-worn Dan Post work boots that I wear primarily when riding one of the two Harley’s. What I liked about the Dan Post boots was a very tall heel with an equally well-lifted sole that gave me just the right stand-over height for our Harley Road King.

I wrongly assumed the somewhat shorter Frye 12R boot’s heel and sole would be ‘close enough’ to work equally as well. However, the more I wore them while riding Blue the more I realized I’d need to either need to pick up another pair of Dan Post Albuquerque DP69680 waterproof work boots or find a way of increasing the heel and sole height of the Frye 12Rs.

frye1 frye2

As noted in last week’s blog, I ultimately decided to take them to what I’ve found to be one of the better shoe repair shops in our local area to have approximately a 3/8 inch tall lugged sole and heel added.  The cost was $95, which is a bit steep: a regular resole and new heels on boots like these can be had for $65 at another shop. However, I’ve found the other shops workmanship and material durability to both be lacking. Therefore, in the long run the better quality workmanship and materials at $95 will likely be a bargain compared to the $65 job that only lasts about ¼ to ½ as long.

Anyway, I picked up the reworked boots on Saturday and the addition of the new sole and heel exceeded my expectations, in both the form and function. As hoped, the boots did not look over-the-top with the taller heel and thicker sole, they felt wonderful to walk in and best of all they’ve made riding Blue II as rock solid as it’s ever been with my Dan Post boots.


Granted, I would have paid half as much for the Dan Post boots compared to what the Frye boots ended up costing with the “upgraded” heels and soles. But, the Frye boots are far more comfortable in warmer weather and I have a pair of brown Dan Post Albuquerque DP69680’s for the winter: let’s just call it the best of both worlds!


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