Custom Dynamics & 1st Class Customer Support

While it would be great to never have any issues with a product that require a call to customer support for warranty coverage, it’s good to know there are still companies like Custom Dynamics who make those requests a pleasant experience.

The other day I noticed that a small cluster of LEDs in our Road King’s 1157 bullet turn signal were not illuminating; hey, it happens. The clusters in the bike are 2.5 years old and have been put in 18,000 miles of use in all kinds of very cold to extremely hot conditions and through heavy downpours. I had a similar partial loss of LEDs in the 1157s I’ve had installed on my ’11 Wide Glide.

20160227_132053As before, I shot off an Email to Custom Dynamics with a copy of my receipt and a photo of the turn signal such that they could see the dark LEDs. The reply came in less than 24 hours, confirming they had all they needed to address the replacement under their warranty and in less than a week I had my replacement LED cluster sitting in the mailbox.

Pretty sweet! Thanks y’all!


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