Motorcycle Maintenance Tip of the Week… Air Pressure

20150625_200832So, when’s the last time you checked the tire pressure on your bike?  Do you even know what the tire pressure is supposed to be?

Do yourself a favor a be sure to check it before you head out for a ride after it’s been sitting unused for a couple of weeks: you’ll be surprised, especially during the winter months, how much your tire pressure can drop off.  If you ride more than one bike check them often enough to figure out which ones tend to lose pressure in the least amount of time.  It’s typically the the smaller volume tires like the front wheel on a sport bike or a taller (e.g., 21″) front wheel with a narrow tire on a V-twin that will have a more rapid fall-off of the pressure than a very wide, larger volume tire.

Just checking my own this morning, here’s what I found:

  • Road King should be 35/40 and it was 32/36. This one’s been sitting for several weeks.
  • Wide Glide should be 30/40 and it was 20/30. This one hardly gets ridden at all.
  • Boxer Cup should be 36/40 and it was 32/35. This one gets ridden every weekday.



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