A Super Saturday & Super Bowl Sunday

While the temps drifted up into the low 50°Fs this weekend, it sure didn’t feel like it.

Friday was not a good day for me at work so most of my weekend was tempered by an overriding level of angst that I struggled to suppress.  I know, I know… always look forward and don’t dwell in the past, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  With that in mind, I simply left the office early, stopped by the arts & crafts store and then went home and dove into a little side project that allowed me to get a much-needed feeling of accomplishment by solving a problem that required some ingenuity, skill and tools.  It was the distraction I needed and carried me until the love of my life came home.

20160205_192850After venting a bit to Miss Debbie we headed off for our Finally a Friday celebration.   As we arrived at Loco Willy’s I was reminded why I remain eternally thankful that we have an amazing collection of friends who are a never-ending source of positive energy and enthusiasm for life. On Friday night it was our friend Joe at Loco Willy’s who shared observations, adventures and other anecdotes of life that lifted me out of my momentary lapse into dark places and reminded me that most of the limitations we face in life are self-imposed. It truly was an amazing evening hearing about Joe’s story of his recent visit to Cuba and some of the business engagements he’s been involved in and the people he’s met along the way.  He should write a book…  it would be a fascinating read.  Hey, we all have stories, but some have just done a better job of writing theirs one action and decision at a time.

Back at the house after our delicious Ahi Poke and side of Joe we lasted about 5 minutes into a movie before we were both sound asleep on the love seat recliner. Yeah, it had been a long day.


Saturday began with a little follow-on arts and crafts project — success once again — and followed that up with a visit to the garage where I swapped out the 2012 battery on Blue II for the new one that had arrived on Tuesday: can’t beat $65 for a new Harley battery!

jeansThe highlight of our day was joining a wonderful group of friends for the ‘almost monthly’ breakfast get-together.  About once a month this group of 20-30 friends will descend upon one of the couple’s homes for a late breakfast, basically a good excuse to visit with friends in a very relaxed setting.  We arrived shortly after 11:30am and probably didn’t leave until close to 2:00pm.  It was so good to see friends who we hadn’t visited with since before the holidays and, of course, to spend time with a few friends who we’d just spent an amazing Saturday night with the weekend before.  Words simply can’t convey the level of friendship that exists with this group: it’s a beautiful thing!

Ref. the photo above, three of the girls show off their fancy-pants while I’m reminded that I really don’t have too many shingles left on the roof. Oh well, going, going, gone!

While we were there Ryan collected his new battery — remembering that my acquisition was an unexpected two-for-one — and Jeanette received her special order from my Sunday run out to the Great American Motorcycle Show.

20160206_151540After getting home we jumped on the tandem for a short loop ride just to give our legs a spin, as we weren’t sure if we’d get out at all on Sunday: lots to do and not a lot of time to do it!  It was a bit colder than the thermometer would suggest, but once we got going we warmed-up nicely and had a very good ride. Well, OK: the first half of the ride was killer and the second half killed us.  Not sure what happened with that.  But, better to have ridden poorly than not to have ridden at all.


Dressed to impress and tear up the dance floor… alas, our boots saw no wood.

Sadly, Saturday night just didn’t happen for us: it’s like we had a little dark cloud hovering over us.  Not to drone on, but it suffices to say that for the first time in a long time Loco’s left us a bit disappointed with our dinner and, well, I never really got into the evening with much enthusiasm at all.  Not sure what my problem was, but the rest of the night conspired to rub salt in my open room.  A return visit to the SuBourbon Bar where we had such a great time the week before was a huge bust, as the live band decided to consume the entire dance floor with their faux oriental rug, monitors and ample room for the musicians. Hey, what good is having a dance band when there’s no dance floor?  Yup, one and done.  We saw where a friend’s band was playing at another night club just down the road from the SuBourbon Bar so we decided to drop-in there and see if there was a vibe and music to dance to.  Yeah, well… two misses there.  The band was great, but they were playing epic songs from the 70’s and 80’s that were musically amazing, but nothing you could dance to and the vibe was, well… more of a murmur from the early to mid-baby boomers that filled the place.  Here’s hoping the crowd that will be there on Friday night for a new band’s premier will be a bit more energized and that the servers rise to the occasion as well.  Bottom Line: We were home before 10:00pm on Saturday night; ugg.


Sunday morning really beckoned us out to the road, but there was just too much to do around the house.  Debbie spent the better part of the morning getting caught up on inside housework and cleaning, followed by some grocery shopping while I headed out to tend to the yard. There were three large Pampas Grass plants that I had to cut down with the chain saw and then stuff into bags for a trip to the composting facility and a dozen knock-out rose plants that I had to prune way back.  After that it was knocking the dead stems off the hydrangeas and then running the mower over the back and side yard to top-off the dormant zoysia grass and to vacuum up the debris from my pruning.

20160207_174812It was probably 4:00pm when we finally knocked off and headed over to have some wings at Loco Willy’s before heading home to watch the Super Bowl at 6:30.  We arrived to find the bar full; really!  At 4:30pm??  But, we also found our friends Teresa and Stewart on hand along with many of the other regulars and then managed to grab a seat for Debbie next to Teresa.  While I had planned to pass on the suds, once we were at Loco’s it became one of those, “oh what the hell” kind of afternoons and that was that.  We spent the next 3 and half hours enjoying some wings, smothered fries, adult beverages and wonderful company before half time arrived. Talk about a nice finish to the weekend!

We didn’t last five minutes back at the house after sitting down to watch the second half of the Super Bowl but, from all accounts, we didn’t miss much.

A great end to another great weekend, despite the rough road at work.



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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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