47 or 52 Days Until Daytona… Decisions, Decisions

2016logoSo, we’re no further along on making our plans for Daytona than we were 11 days ago.  However, in looking at places to stay and the lodging rates it dawned on me that we might actually be better off heading down for the first weekend vs. catching the 2nd weekend.

There’s clearly a premium on rooms Thursday the 10th -Sunday 13th over the 2nd weekend and I suspect that’s because it’s also the peak time to be at Bike Week.  However, if we went down on Saturday the 5th, the total cost of our lodging is significantly less. Moreover, I’m thinking that Sunday 6th & Monday 7th would allow us to visit all of the key venues but with smaller crowds vs. the following Friday 11th & Saturday the 12th.

20160117_124815Sadly, we haven’t logged any miles on Blue since our first and only ‘Two-Up’ ride back on December 13th due to the weather and holiday travel.  We talked about taking Blue for today’s visit to Loco Willy’s where we enjoyed one of our last hot wings and football lunches; however, with the temps barely touching the 40’s it seemed like a bit of a stretch to put on all of the warm-wear gear for such a short ride. We also had to run some errands after lunch, none of which were conducive to being on the Road King.

So, our two-up motorcycle mileage year-to-date is still zero. I continue to get my 28-mile- a-day fix during the week on the BMW R1100S for my daily commute to and from work.  While the commute by bike certainly provides me with some much-needed bike therapy, it’s a far cry from spending a few hours out riding on Blue with Miss Debbie.  Soon…..

SDC11265Oh, and I’ve re-listed the Wide Glide on the local Craigslist.  Even though it’s not exactly a great time to go and ride motorcycles, I figured the bargain shoppers might be out looking at what’s available.  And, while I’ve lowered the price of the Wide Glide to something that’s less than what I’d like it looks to be a great value compared to the other Wide Glides on Craigslist. But, I’ve had zero nibbles.  Amazing.  Oh well, good thing I don’t need to sell it because it sure looks like we’ll be together for a long, long time.

As for what we did do this weekend, my off-Friday was not an off-Friday: it became a work from home Friday which is OK too.  I was able to work in my sweats, knock off for an hour to have lunch with my lovely wife at The Red Eye Mule, finish up work and then run a few errands before Debbie arrived at home after work.  After that it was our Finally a Friday celebration at Loco Willy’s with our friends David & Deb. We joined our other friends, Stuart and Teresa, at a table as the bar was slammed: who are these people!?  However, despite suffering from bar-separation-anxiety we still had a good time, good meal and were able to put the work week behind us.

20160116_110919Saturday, as noted, didn’t have a motorcycle ride but as the temps climbed a bit and the clouds began to part we were able to put mud guards on our tandem bicycle and headed out on the still wet roads for a 20-mile ride.  It was some much-needed exercise and fresh air: we’d forgotten what the sun looked like!  You can find more details regarding my cycling activities and ramblings from the weekend on my other blog using this link to that journal entry.

After some lunch at the house, Debbie headed off to a hair appointment while I went shopping for hardwood flooring, about 1,000 sq ft worth.  Yes, that’s my winter project.  However, after spending the entire weekend looking at what’s available I may be deferring the project until April when the annual hardwood flooring sales begin.  I joined Debbie when she headed over to the kids house to sit with our three granddaughters: Caroline, Charlotte and Vivian from 4:30pm – 10:30pm.  We had dinner delivered, watched the playoffs and played with the girls while Wes & Julie went to church and enjoyed a date night.  It was a good time.

Today began with snow flurries and temps back in the low-30’s.  Things finally warmed to the 40’s and, as noted earlier, we spent the better part of the afternoon watching play-off games, running some errands and I also did some work on a bicycle out in the garage.  We had a nice 30-minute chat with my parents on the phone and that was about it for the weekend.  Ah, winter…  it makes you appreciate spring, summer and fall!

11059555_10152759126732617_7286703278232212030_oAnd speaking of warmer weather, I should probably note that it’s 100 days until we head to Panama City Beach for Thunder Beach!  Quite a few of our friends have already been talking about PCB, more so than Daytona which says a lot about why we enjoy PCB so much.  Can’t wait!


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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