It’s All Coming Together; About One More Week

Blue II is now legal with a new title and registration as the last remaining parts needed to complete the transformation begin to arrive. Can’t wait to have this bike “done” so I don’t need to touch it again. Blue I had been in that happy place for the past year, needing only tires, gasoline and fluid changes. Blue II will almost be to that point in a week, with just a few ‘optional’ things to address. It’ll be good to have the property claim part of our adventure behind us, to be sure!

Title & Registration

Blue II’s original title, a power of attorney and a copy of the original sales sheet showed up on our front porch in a UPS envelope on Tuesday afternoon.  A check of the State Farm website showed that they had updated my insurance policy on November 23rd, but in looking at the documents they somehow didn’t change the VIN on the policy, which is to say that nothing else changed since it was an identical motorcycle.  An email to our agent generated a new binder with the correct serial number so with that and the title package from Crystal Motorsports I was all set to go and get the license tag from Blue I transferred to Blue II and apply for a Georgia title of ownership on my off-Friday.

20151031_102602I arrived at the satellite tag office near our home 30 minutes after they opened and only had to wait about 5 minutes before being taken care of: far better than standing in the lines that are 20 – 30 deep at the main tag office near my office.  Everything was in order and with the payment of a one-time obscenely high Ad Valorem tax and a $23.00 tag transfer fee I was all set and Blue II was officially titled and tagged in my name: woohoo!  It was a month to the day that I purchased and brought her home from Florida.


Much to my delight, on Monday morning State Farm approved my request to retrieve the damaged Motolight from the saddlebag on Blue I.  The bike had been moved to the CoParts salvage yard in Austell, Georgia, which was about 20 minutes from my office.  I took an early lunch break and ran down to CoParts at 11:00am before the predicted rain came in as I assumed Blue would be sitting outside again: they’re just wrecks to the folks who work in the salvage yards, not prized possessions.

There was a bit of a wait, but once I made my way to the counter the very pleasant and efficient gentleman working the counter quickly confirmed my approval to retrieve personal effects from the bike and escorted me out to the motorcycle storage area where I found Blue looking in far-worse shape than she was when I last saw her at IAA’s salvage yard. As before, there was more damage to the finish on several high-dollar parts, the entire bike looked like it had been parked next to a mud puddle on an access road as it was coated with clumpy mud and grime.  But, I wasn’t there to reminisce, take pictures or ponder the buy-back… I was on a mission to see if I could salvage some spare parts for future use.

20151205_075212The bag was still there with everything as I’d left it so I was golden. Once I had the light back at the house I found that the lens, lens gasket, fixing ring and part of the wiring harness would all be things I could hold onto as spare parts in the event I damaged another Motolight.   The housing, bulb, bulb connector and mount were all trashed so I also went ahead and ordered the replacement Motolight while they were having their Black Friday 20% off sale.  They must have been slammed with orders as they didn’t run my credit card until late on Wednesday night.  On the bright side, that does mean I’ll have a right hand light on the way shortly and that will let me check yet another box on Blue II’s transformation process.

Fullsac Exhaust

Although the folks at Fullsac ‘thought’ they’d be getting their back-ordered head pipes in on November 25th, I had my doubts and that proved to be the case.  However, things did finally break loose a week late on this past Wednesday when I finally saw some traffic on the charge card and also received a UPS shipping notice from Fullsac.

With any luck, I’ll have a box filled with goodies that looks just like this one — Blue I’s Fullsac System from back in Aug 2013 — sitting in the breezeway when I get home from work on this coming Wednesday.  Thankfully, UPS has created a program that allows people who are receiving shipments to pre-accept signature-required deliveries on-line vs. having to be present to sign-for them.

I’ll most likely be picking up some fiberglass matting today as the matting on the exhaust pipes that were on Blue II didn’t look all that great. No sense in putting ratty glass 20151111_193254around a brand new exhaust system and getting lack-luster sound deadening.

My plan is to install the pipes Wednesday night and possibly do the ECU remapping as well, with a goal of getting the bike to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta on Friday for a Dyno Tune by David, if his schedule is open and he hasn’t left yet for his two-month sabbatical.

So, the last three biggies are nearly in the bag.  There is still the saddle rework that I’ll probably need to have taken care of before we head down to Daytona Bike Week in March, but that’s not on the critical path at this point.  Actually, even the dyno work isn’t critical, as Blue I ran quite nicely when it was first tuned with Steve George’s ECU map.  I think the engine may have gone out of tune over time and I blame that on the crappy E10 gasoline we’re forced to use so the ethically challenged entrepreneurs who figured out they could turn corn into a crappy fuel additive made a fortune on government subsidies by lining politician’s pockets.

Dang, for a guy who just said he was going to smile more, be more engaging and worry about things beyond his control I’m sure getting ticked-off about a lot of stuff of late!


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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