Bye-Bye Blue and Blue II Still In the Queue

Bye-Bye Blue

20151109_164844This past Monday, November 23rd, State Farm dispatched a claims processor to meet me at the house to present me with a check for the total loss claim on Blue and, in turn, I signed-over the title pretty much closing the book on this part of the property loss process. We still have a few other smaller dollar things to settle as part of the property loss which just involved me digging through my receipt files, aka, the “Keepers” box.
With Blue officially written-off I was also able to send over a copy of the settlement letter to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta so they could complete their processing of my Extended Service Plan (ESP) cancellation request.  With any luck I’ll get most of that expense back and then immediately apply it towards an ESP on the replacement motorcycle, Blue II. The new Blue will definitely need the ESP as it hasn’t even gone through most of the early teething pains with only 2,400 miles on the odometer. If things are going to go awry on a new motorcycle they tend to do so in the first 5,000 – 10,000 miles, you know…. the week after they go out of their 1-year factory warranty.  The CVO’s came with 2-year factory warranties, but Blue II’s warranty would have expired back in December 2014 as it was produced about 10,000 motorcycles ahead of Blue I.  Here’s hoping the cost of the ESP won’t be significantly higher for Blue II given that it’s a used bike vs. one that I owned since it was new.

What’s New With Blue II?

Not much has changed with Blue II since last week’s make-over.  I was able to confirm that the saddlebags are once again water-resistant. It was definitely the speakers that were the source of water penetration and not the seals. But, just in case, I do have a set of replacement seals coming from New Castle Harley-Davidson along with the floor boards.

20151128_160500 20151128_160528

Still no word from Fullsac to confirm that the new exhaust system has shipped.  I’m guessing the short holiday week may have had something to do with that, as the head pipes were on back-order not expected until the latter part of last week.  They’d given me an optimistic prediction that the system would ship out on Wednesday the 25th so we’ll see. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised and find a box on the front porch mid-week this week. That would be nice as I’m presently feeling my 3rd generation Scottish heritage manifesting it with the expression, “I need my pipes!”  Well, more to the point, I need to get Blue II over to David M. at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta for a Dyno tune before he goes on his two-month winter sabbatical. This will also allow me return my friend David’s trailer which has been sitting in our backyard since bringing Blue II home back on November 6th.

DSCN1317I still need to order the right Motolight for Blue II and have been holding out to see if I couldn’t retrieve the broken one from Blue I.  If I don’t hear back on that from State Farm I’ll just go ahead and place the order on Tuesday so I can take advantage of Motolight’s 20% off Black Friday special that runs through December 1st. That’s even better than my 15% customer loyalty discount. The only other open items on Blue II are deciding if I’ll have the saddle re-worked by Marietta Auto Trim and getting the bike registered and retitled.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.20.39 AMOn the saddle rework, I discovered Blue was missing a pair of spacers that elevated the saddle about 1/2 an inch. I’m now wondering how that might affect the saddle comfort and height before having the extra-firm foam added.  I will say, I never had any saddle discomfort after having that extra-firm foam installed so I’m thinking I’ll need to make that decision on the saddle before Daytona Bike Week which is just 102 days away!  Of course, I could also be really brave and attempt the re-work myself. I’m feeling a bit cocky, having taken the saddle apart a couple of times now.  So, we’ll see about that.

The last thing is getting the bike registered.  I’m still waiting on the Florida title to arrive before heading over to the tag office to apply for a new title and tags.  It seems like it’s been a really long time until I look at the calendar and realize it’s only been three weeks since I made the one-day, 840 mile round trip to Florida to get Blue II.  Given that the Florida DMV is probably even less efficient than Georgia’s — there are a LOT more people in Florida buying and selling cars — four to six weeks is probably not unheard of. So, I’ll just be patient and hope to see something in the next couple weeks.


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