Transforming the 2013 CVO Road King into Blue II

With a property damage claim settlement on the total loss of our 2013 CVO Road King close at hand, I finally began the process of transforming the 2nd 2013 CVO Road King into Blue II this weekend.


So, what all does it take to make it ours? Here’s the list of the 21 ‘things’ that were either changed or added to our original Road King and that — with three exceptions — I addressed on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.08.31 AM

Some of them were cosmetic, many were functional and a few were both functional and cosmetic.  Of course, the first time around these changes were made over the course of a few months, whereas this time it was a one-day project.

Without a doubt, the most involved part of the project was installing the Centech AP-1 supplemental fuse panel. Using the AP-1 helps to keep the motorcycle’s under seat battery compartment neat and tidy by having just one-each power and ground wires attached to the battery that feed the AP-1.  All told, there are six wires that feed power to accessories and seven ground wires so it’s always a rat’s nest before everything gets routed, tied-into and the tidy’d up around the AP-1 fuse panel.

20151121_112007 20151121_134959

As for the other changes, here’s a photo-overview:

Below left you can see the custom, color-matched license tag frame and color-matched four-point docking hardware.  In the right photo you can see Harley ‘Live to Ride’ derby cover that replaces the obnoxious stock one with the engine size emblazoned on it and an easily dented trim ring.  

20151122_181537 20151122_181503

Below left are the finned cylinder head bridges that cover the head bolts and spark plugs and the left-side, color-matched heat deflector.  At right you can see the right-side, color-matched heat deflector and the more subtle air cleaner & points covers.

20151122_181443 20151122_181414

Below left are the turn signals now sporting trim rings and fitted with the Custom Dynamics LED clusters that are 10x as bright as the incandescent bulbs they replaced. At right are the side covers after having the ‘rub-zones’ covered by 3M Clear Bra protectant film.

20151122_181354 20151122_180252

After taking care of all of the part changes, I figured the bike could stand to have all of the fluids changed since they were most likely the same fluids that were put in the bike when it was built in June 2012.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the gasoline is whatever was in the tank when it was taken in trade in February 2015.  Given that the bike is not yet ready for the road, I put some Sea Foam Fuel Treatment in the gas tank to take care of the old fuel.

The engine got a fresh fill of Mobil 1 V-Twin synthetic oil and a new filter. The transmission got a fresh fill of Redline Transmission Lube.  The primary also got the Redline treatment.  I’m considering a new battery as the original one just seems to be marginal at best.  It’s been able to crank the bike over every time I’ve tried, but there have been moments when I wasn’t sure if it had enough cold cranking power to get the job done.

20151122_170319 20151121_173359

I did discover that our Extended Service Plan on Blue can’t be transferred to Blue II. However, it can be cancelled for a pro-rated refund that should net us most of our $2,680. That will, in turn, go towards an Extended Service Plan on Blue II.

The things I still have left to do to make Blue II truly Blue II include:

  1. Installing the Fullsac full exhaust system, which I ordered on Friday. Sadly, the head pipes are on back order and the system and TTS MasterTune ECU programmer won’t be shipped out until Nov 25th.  So, we probably won’t see those until the first week of December.
  2. Finishing the Motolights installation. The wiring and control modules are all installed and checked-out; however, I only have one lamp: the right-hand one was destroyed in the collision and I’ve not yet ordered the replacement.
  3. Dropping the saddle off at Marietta Auto Trim for rework.  I’ve toyed with leaving it alone, but it clearly needs a firmer foam foundation, just like Blue I did. So, I’ll probably drop it off on Monday or Tuesday.

I’m figuring that by the time the exhaust system comes in we’ll have Blue II on our insurance policy as the replacement for Blue I and we should also have the title from Florida so I can get it registered in Georgia.  With those things taken care of I’ll be able to take it down to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta for a Dyno Tune by David.  I need to make sure I get it in before he heads off for his annual two-month vacation in mid-December.

slipstreamMedium_zpsfbd8d95fI’ve also ordered passenger floor boards for Miss Debbie to try out.  While she feels the pegs are fine for all but the longer trips, I’m guessing that once she tries the floor boards she’ll like those and the pegs will go in with the rest of the take-off parts.  Those should come in by next week.

That’s where it stands today.  Just a couple more weeks!  Here’s hoping that January brings us some mild weather so that we can get out on Blue II for a shake down ride.



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