Blue’s Future Still in Limbo 28 Days After She Was Wrecked By A Motorist

As our injuries continue to heal, the one completely unresolved issue remains the future of our motorcycle, Blue.

As mentioned last week about this time, GEICO had determined that our 2013 CVO Road King Blue was beyond economical repair and was being totaled.  They had the value of their pay-off offer in hand (it was around $28k) and even had the salvage value of Blue in hand ($6k).  However, with those numbers now in front of them they confirmed what they’d already perceived would be a problem: their insured only carried $25k in property liability insurance.  So, GEICO had to hand the property loss claim over to my insurance company, State Farm, to handle under my collision / uninsured (UIM) policy.

Not much has changed since November 10th.  Well, that’s not entirely true.

  • Geico logoGEICO has dutifully handed over all of their claims data to State Farm — twice.  GEICO has closed out their part of the salvage process and turned over control of the motorcycle to State Farm.  GEICO has even gone ahead and sent off a check for $1k to cover my State Farm deductible on my collision policy.
  • state_farm_insuranceOn the State Farm side, they’ve made zero progress on the claim as they’ve not been able to figure out if they have a repair estimate they can use or not.  They’re not sure where the motorcycle actually is.  One claims rep became fairly confused in reviewing the claim history and attempted to get the adjuster to dial-in for a conference call on Friday at 3:30pm.  No luck, as he wasn’t answering his phone so she left a message for him to call me.  After two hours passed I called State Farm back and, as always, got yet another claims rep: just how many people are on teach claims team? So far I’ve talked with six.  This latest one on Friday afternoon checked the claim log and verified a message had, in fact, been left for the adjuster to call me.  However, she also confirmed he left for the day at 4:30pm and said he’ll most likely call me back on Monday.

To say I’m beside myself with State Farm’s claims organization and practices is an understatement.  The contrast between the crisp, clear and professional service I received from GEICO and the disorganization that seems to exist in State Farm’s claims department is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

So, here I sit with our wrecked 2013 CVO Road King sitting at one of two salvage yards, either IAA in Acworth or Co-Part in Lithia Springs. It’s been totaled once and based on that information we’ve already acquired the replacement 2013 CVO Road King that is now sitting in our garage.  However, since the first one hasn’t been totaled by State Farm I’ve been reluctant to put it on our insurance policy as a replacement for the first bike as that would be rather presumptuous on my part. Of course, now that we’re moving into yet another week I may just go ahead and show that hand on Monday: heaven forbid anything happening here at the house that would have needed the bike to have comprehensive coverage.

It’s very frustrating to say the least.


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