“Although we never made it to dinner”…

And now the rest of the story.

Biketoberfest Daytona Beach 2015For our astute readers who detected a hole in our Daytona Beach trip report with that open-ended line in our narrative from Friday evening and that I’ve used as the title for this blog entry, let me fill in the gap.

I should note that we shared the news with our respective parents after we were safely at home so none of them will be surprised by this revelation.  However, with now Debbie on the mend and about to return to work, it seemed like the the right time to address that gap in detail from our truncated trip to Daytona Beach with our friends and regular readers.

There is a group of close friends who were with us in Daytona that have been holding the story in confidence while we made sure all of the right parties were informed as well, and we thank them for that as well as their spiritual support and assistance over the past 11 days: Love y’all so much!!

Bottom Line: It could have been a lot worse, so we continue to count our blessings.  But, so as not to surprise any of our other dear friends, here’s the Reader’s Digest version.


After returning to the Plaza Resort & Spa following our afternoon at Destination Daytona and ride back to Ormond Beach via the loop, we spent some time relaxing in our room before heading off for a side trip and meeting our group for dinner back at the Oyster Pub.

As we left The Plaza around 6:30pm for our side trip we jumped onto Atlantic / A1A and queued up behind three vehicles at the light waiting to turn left onto Seabreeze.  It’s important to note that Seabreeze is a one-way street with two through lanes, a bike lane and parking spaces along both curbs and being a one-way street.

As the light turned green, the three vehicles ahead of us all turned left onto Seabreeze and into the right-hand through lane.  I followed with the turn light but went to the near-side, left-hand through lane on Seabreeze.  Along side and slightly ahead of us was a sedan that suddenly turned left from the right-hand lane and across our path, presumably headed into the Walgreens entrance. We were probably moving about 25 mph as we headed down Seabreeze with a green light ahead of us at the point of collision.  I have a fairly clear recollection of the light-colored car veering abruptly into our lane and making solid contact with the right front side of Blue. I was able to keep us both on the motorcycle and the motorcycle mostly upright until most of the forward momentum diminished and then allowed the bike to fall out from under us on its left-hand side as we came to rest in the entrance drive to Walgreens.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.48.31 PM

Debbie’s injuries required a trip to the ER whereas I walked away with a lot of bumps, bruises and a strained lower back. The officer filing the accident report at the scene advised me that the driver of the car was being cited for an illegal left turn.

Although Blue was pretty banged up, she was rideable enough for the short trip to the hospital behind the ambulance.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t make note of all the wonderful people on the street who provided assistance to Debbie with her injuries before the Paramedics arrived and also offered to give me their bus passes, money for a cab or a ride to the hospital.

During her visit to the ER Debbie received 13 stitches to close a 4cm long laceration in her right temple that we believe was caused when her sunglasses were pressed into and broke against her head where the right arm joined the front of the frame.  She also paid a visit to the radiology department for CXRs and CTs as the entire right side of her torso plus right arm and leg were all pressed into the side of the car at the point of impact, leaving her with a lot of pain in her rib cage, right arm and right leg. Thankfully, all of the images came back negative for any immediate signs of acute bone, skull or spine trauma from the collision: everything appeared to be soft tissue damage.  It was about 10:30pm when a friend drove Debbie back to our hotel from the hospital while I followed on Blue.

As noted in our original Daytona Beach blog entry, this brought our weekend in Daytona Beach to an early end. Thankfully, a friend and his wife had trailered their motorcycle to Ocala behind their truck as he had some business to attend-to there before coming over to Daytona Beach for the weekend rally.  Debbie was able to ride home with them in their truck while Blue went on the trailer in place of our friend’s motorcycle which I rode back to Atlanta.


Out to dinner a week after the collision and not looking all that bad with our bumps and nicks hidden and meds keeping Miss Debbie comfortable and chatty!

It’s been a busy week since then and Debbie has had her ups and downs, heavily influenced by her very strong medications. In fact, in doing our best to stay busy and moving we went out to dinner and visited with friends and anyone who did not know Debbie or I had been in a motorcycle accident would have been hard pressed to tell. Her stitches were at her hair line and covered with a flesh-colored dressing that was hidden under her hair and the medications masked her pain and kept her in a very talkative and animated state.  We had a brief insight into how she was really feeling when she slept past a dosing and it was not a good thing; meds are both amazing and somewhat scary in that regard. 

She has a couple of follow-ups with her doctor this week and has needed to have someone close at hand at all times, mostly because of the medications.  She continues to improve every day and will be heading back to work tomorrow having weaned herself off of her medications over the past two days. 

I’ve been working from home except on two days last week when a dear friend spent most of the day with Debbie so I could attend some meetings and then Debbie’s sister was with her all day on Thursday of last week when they visited with their mother.

We’re now working our way through the claims process while making sure we’re both truly on the mend.  Thankfully, liability was accepted by the driver which should make things a little easier if her coverage is sufficient.  If not, we have a second claim already filed with our own carrier as we carry a fairly robust amount of underinsured / uninsured coverage on our policies.  Time will tell how it all plays out.  We’ve had fantastic moral and spiritual support from all our friends who were down in Daytona and aware of the collision. Our immediate family members have all been brought up to speed over the past week as well.

And now you know the rest of the story.


Post Script 

So as to avoid a bunch of follow-up “how are you doings”, here’s the skinny: Are we ‘fine’… not really.  But, that’s hardly unexpected.

However, as I said, I think we finally reached a point where I felt comfortable sharing with a broader collection of friends and followers, hence this update as it will take us a while to get back into a normal social tempo with regard to riding both our powered and pedal bikes.  Best to let you all know why and not have you hear about it second or third hand.  At the same time we’d also ask that you not make this a hot topic of conversation.  Life happens and if you play in the street with cars you accept certain risks that are beyond your control.  We still love our bicycles and motorcycles, so playing in the street will continue to be something we’ll need to deal with.  And, for those who know me, this was not my first Rodeo where I got bushwhacked by a car while riding.  However, it was Miss Debbie’s and that’s been the most difficult part for me.  So, again, your indulgence of our request to apply need-to-know to our story is appreciated. 

As for when we’ll be back on Blue, we’re not quite sure.  It could be that Blue will be repaired which could take some time, or perhaps we’ll end up on Blue II.  Regardless, we will be back in the saddle before too long and it will definitely be on a Sapphire Blue FLHRSE5; we’ve tried the rest and find Blue to be the best for us.  Warning: The feint of heart might not want to expand the photo’s to full size; there’s quite a bit of crimson on blue in some of the images. 

DSCN1316 DSCN1337DSCN1314 DSCN1311


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