What Can I Say, I Like Bikes… And We Got To Enjoy Both This Weekend

OK, so this blog entry is something of a dual posting.  I wrote up the entire weekend and have now tailored the result for the two different audiences, although there’s clearly some spill-over in both, i.e., motorcycle stuff in the bicycling blog and some bicycle stuff in the motorcycling blog.  Oh well… it’s all part of the story, right?

Friday Night

As with all working Fridays, the weekend really didn’t begin until around 5:30pm when Debbie and I arrive home. I left work a little early to go and look at a couple of motorcycle helmets before making my way home. Sadly, motorcycle helmets don’t last forever, even the really expensive Shoei models that I tend to favor and that we wear… a lot.


I wear my Shoei modular just about every day for my commute to and from work and the other two – Debbie’s Shoei modular and RF Plantinum open face — also get used for most of our motorcycle road trips.  Let’s see, with 17,000 miles on our Road King ‘Blue’ since Aug ’13 and another 12,000 miles on our black Dyna, of which 9,000 were racked-up riding two-up between July ’11 and Aug ’13, I’d say our heads have been in those buckets quite a bit. My polo style half helmet doesn’t take the same beating since it doesn’t hold in the heat and moisture the way the more protective helmets do so it’s good for the long haul. But, as for those other helmets, I’m looking at replacement candidates whenever I get a chance. Sadly, it’s hard to find much of a selection anymore. I guess it’s a mail-order world anymore: should have bought stock in UPS and FedEx! But, I digress…

20150913_144918I arrived home about ½ an hour before Debbie and that gave me a little time to do a few chores inside the house. She arrived home a little tired, but never too tired for our ‘Finally a Friday’ celebration at Loco Willy’s. As is he norm, we met our friends David & Deb at Willy’s and had a pretty good time, staying a bit longer than usual if memory serves. We’d thought about heading over to a grand opening of a new bar & grille owned by some friends, but I think we were both pretty tired from a long week and were also fighting allergy symptoms from the summer weed pollens, e.g., ragweed, etc.  So, rather than overdoing we called it a night and headed on home.


1404132022104Our morning was going to be consumed at a benefits fair being hosted by my company’s human resources organization. It promised to provide lots of insight into retirement planning, health care plans, costs and how-best-to-use-it tips, financial planning tools, wellness tips and discount programs.  Sadly, the overviews they provided proved to be far too basic for our needs. They were probably good for folks who had never really looked hard at their retirement plans and health care options, but really didn’t offer anything new to us. Having checked the box on that, we were out the door by 11:15 on what looked to be a beautiful day.

We stopped off for lunch at the Red Eyed Mule and split a Jake’s Big Daddy – basically our every other Friday lunch date routine – before heading on home where we were going to knock out a bicycle ride and some afternoon chores.  It was nice finding Lisa behind the counter, as she was a friendly face who we looked forward to seeing her on our Friday lunch time visits, noting she no longer works Fridays. Adjust and adapt, it’s the way we roll.  The burger was “the best ever”!  For some reason, the crew nailed this one just right. redeyedburger3501The Texas toast was extra brown with just a slight crust — very much like a grilled cheese sandwich — the meat was the perfect temp and pink but not too pink, the fried egg was firm and the fixings all stayed put.  Just OMG!  The Jake is simply the best burger I’ve ever had, and this one was the best of the best.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo (this one is a file photo for context), it was a thing of beauty.

As we headed home it was pretty clear Debbie was a little tired – fighting the allergies as well as low blood pressure – so while she rested a bit and did some laundry I headed outside and took care of a few things in the garage. I think it was around 1:45pm when we finally found ourselves with enough time and energy to head off for a nice 25-mile bicycle ride from the house on our single bikes.

20150919_132934 20150919_132918

Once we were back at the house I learned that some of our motorcycling friends were attending a fund-raiser at a local dive bar – The Beer Barrel – and asked if Debbie wanted to join them. She opted to stay home and put her feet up for a bit as she was pretty well worn-out from the afternoon bicycle ride. However, she wisely put me out the door so I’d stay out of her hair.  I rode the black Dyna down and joined our friends for about an hour or so. It’s always good to see our motorcycling friends as we’re not “all-in” to the big bike scene. So, when I or we have a chance to take advantage of some free time to visit with what truly are a great group of friends we try to do just that: we’re truly blessed with a lot of great friends.

I arrived back at home around 5:30, just about time to head off in search of dinner. Well, OK. It’s not much of a search. It’s really just a tough decision in regard to what we’ll order and share. For Saturday night it was the Ahi Poke: great call!! In fact, it tasted so good we had a second serving.

20150919_182256Like Friday night, as we neared the end of our visit with friends at Loco’s we talked about heading over to another recently opened nightclub where our friends from Shyanne would be taking the stage around 9:30pm. What’s nice about that place is they have a fairly large dance floor and we like to kick up our heels. However, like Friday night, between the long day and allergies I think we found we were both pretty tired. Seeing that it was only 8:00pm, and knowing the band wouldn’t actually make it to the stage until 10:00pm, we decided to head on home and watch some football. It was the right call, as Sunday was also shaping up to be a full day and we were both “out” before 9:00pm.


I woke up on Sunday with great expectations as  Debbie had agreed to give off-road tandem riding another try given that we were still without our road tandem.

DSCN0297To capture the moment for posterity I also pulled out my GoPro cameras, as it had been a while since they had seen much use either.   At first I wasn’t quite sure why I gave up on using the GoPro’s until I sat down on Sunday night and started to edit three hours of video (1.5 hours of riding x 2 cameras) and quickly remembered just how much time and effort it takes to reduce several hours of raw footage to a video that’s short enough for the average viewer to watch.

With the bike and cameras ready to go I found Miss Debbie was still feeling a bit puny due to the allergy issues and some other factors. I told her to go ahead and rest while I knocked out the weekend yard work. If she still felt up to it, we’d head off to the trails around noon. I had the yard work knocked out by 11:30pm and true to her promise she geared-up and we headed off to Allatoona Creek mountain bike trails just before 12:00pm.

I think it’s fair to say we both had a great time. I did my best not to push the pace too hard and avoided the more technical “bonus loop” on one of the trails just to make sure that Debbie would have a drama-free experience on this first time back on the tandem in nearly 9 full months.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.49.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.45.02 PM

As mentioned earlier, I brought our GoPro’s out for this ride so that’s where the stills came from and, as you’d expect, there’s a short video collection of 39 clips that lasts about 2 minutes and 30 seconds which captures the spirit of our ride.

With our tandem ride behind us, it was time to turn out attention towards getting some lunch and a motorcycle ride.  You guessed it, we grabbed quick showers, threw on some clothes and headed off to Loco Willy’s for our weekly hot wing fix.  The weather was still spectacular.  As nice as it was sitting at Willy’s watching the NFL Sunday afternoon games, the weather outside beckoned us and Debbie said she needed some big-bike-ride time to see it that wouldn’t help to clear her head.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.00.02 PMWe pointed the bike towards the Southern Devil Harley-Davidson dealership over in Cartersville, Georgia, and took the long, hilly, twisty back way over through Emerson, Georgia.  It’s a lovely ride with just a few congested areas along the way, about 45 miles or so.  We were pushing our luck a bit in that the dealership closes at 5:00pm on Sundays and based on my GPS’s calculations we’d be arriving around 4:50pm.  Sure enough, that’s when we arrived.  However, the good folks at what used to be Cartersville Harley-Davidson said not to worry or hurry. They had plenty of paperwork to do to close out for the day and encouraged us to take our time and enjoy our visit: love it!!  We found a pretty-looking helmet for Debbie, but didn’t buy just then. I wanted to check the consumer reviews as there were some nice but odd features and the execution of some of those features seemed a bit clunky. Aesthetically, it was perfect: it had butterflies!  Debbie loves butterflies.

It was about 5:15pm when we pointed Blue towards the house, heading home the way we came via Emerson. It was a nice 35 mile ride home, during which Blue’s odometer clicked past the 17,000 mile mark.  Wow, we racked up quite a few miles in just two years and it’s not like we ride Blue all the time. We’re still cycling a lot on the weekends — mostly at home, but not doing as many rallies — and my daily commute miles are all logged on the BMW R1100S and, of late, the black Dyna.


Even with the Dyna we were only logging about 4,500 miles a year.  Now, to be fair, we put 2,000 miles on during just our trip to Key West this past July.  Our trips down to Daytona also put nearly 1,000 miles on the bike for each trip. So, it’s pretty simple math.  The down side of putting on the big miles is facing future mechanical issues sooner rather than later so I’m now struggling with the decision to buy or not buy an Extended Service Plan to cover the bike with a mechanical warranty for the next five years.  Decisions, decisions.  But I digress.

We made it home around 6:30pm and settled in to relax, watch a little football and otherwise get ourselves ready to face a return to work on Monday.

It was a great weekend, without a doubt.  Can’t wait for the next one!  Maybe we’ll get in a tandem ride, a motorcycle ride and even get a few projects done at the house.  OK, maybe two out of three.  Now, which two… ???


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