Time for Another Rear Tire on Blue

Regular readers may recall that the original rear tire on Blue was shot with about 7,800 miles of use.  It was ‘singing’ at about 7,000 miles but since we were in the midst of a few road trips to Nashville and Blue Ridge over back-to-back weekends, I delayed the tire replacement until we were just about ready to head off on Blue to Maryville, Tennessee, for the 4th of July.

Well, it’s 14 months later and after logging another 9,000 miles on Blue the rear tire is singing again.  More specifically, when we started our 600 mile trip to Tennessee the rear tire would only sing at 60 mph and while cornering.  By the time we returned home it was singing at all speeds above 40 mph and annoying during cornering.  So, despite having lots of rubber and deep channels even in the center strip of the tire’s tread, the rear tire has got to go.

I’m not sure why, but these Dunlops really seem to have a tremendous propensity for cupping, particularly for riders who are a bit more aggressive in how they launch and stop.  Interestingly enough, these are the only tires that meet Harley-Davidson’s size spec. and load rating for their CVO’s…. you know, high-performance bikes that are typically purchased and ridden by riders who are a bit more aggressive in how they launch and stop. Go figure…

Here are a couple post-trip photos of Blue’s rear end and rear tire; yupper… that sucker is definitely cupped:

20150907_154427 20150907_154527

I gave Kelly a call at Atlanta Harley-Davidson and have an appointment at 1:00pm on Friday to have the rear tire changed.  I thought about going with a rear tire from Metzler or Avon that’s not quite rated for as much weight as the Dunlop D407 and that probably won’t have as much tread life either.  But, since they end up being a wash I’ll stuck with the D407 one more time and then change out both the front & rear tires when the front starts to sing.


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