Update: Wo ist der Scheinwerfer?

20150718_151447So, “where is the headlight?”

The headlight for the R1100S that was originally expected to arrive at BMW’s main parts distribution center in Germany on August 10th is now expected to arrive on September 3rd.

For those who are keeping score, this would be about about 2 months after I ordered it back on July 8th, which was about a month after the original headlight was damaged.

Mind you, this is apparently a new production lot of 7 headlights so I’m hopeful that it’s actually packed like a very expensive, somewhat fragile glassware product when it finally gets tossed on an airplane and heads across the Atlantic to my local BMW dealer.  As you’ll recall, the last two were not well-protected when they were shipped and came with free defects, as opposed to being defect-free.

With the temperatures now hitting the low 60’s and high 50’s at 5:45am in the morning when I head off to work on the black Dyna Wide Glide, I’m reminded why the BMW has been such a good year-round commuter.  I can imagine that in another week or two I’ll have to pull out my leather over-pants as it gets pretty breezy up my suit pant legs on the Dyna’s forward controls.

Here’s hoping that headlight actually arrives before the start of fall on September 21st and that when it does arrive it’s not (a) damaged and (b) works!


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