Anyone Need a 500 lb Paperweight? BMW Still Grounded.

Part of me wants to cry, another part wants to just sell the darn thing while another part is ambivalent just seeing it sitting there since late May waiting on a headlight.

I’m mindful that I caused the problem, but geez-o-pete…  it’s only a 12-year old motorcycle that was made from 1997 – 2005. Can a headlight — a headlight with an MSRP of $681.95 — be that hard to obtain?

Now, to be fair, BMW has only been trying to deliver a headlight that’s not defective since July 8th.  After providing my dealer’s parts department with two headlights that had to be customer or dealer returns due to defects — one on July 19th and another on July 29th — a third one was placed on order that was to be overnighted.

On August 8th I called BMW after a week had passed since it was supposed to be delivered and discovered it was purportedly back-ordered from the manufacturer and not even due to deliver to the warehouse in Germany until August 10th.

Today I called once again to check on the progress and it wasn’t a good news story: the warehouse in Germany has still not received the headlight along with six others.   So, at this point, even my forecast for the end of the month is still a long shot.  And, I’m also betting there’s a 50/50 chance there will be a problem with this headlight as well.

My local BMW dealer and their crew are as good as they come, but when the weak link is out of their span of control but still a BMW Motorrad issue, even the local relationships begin to get strained.

Honestly, after riding the black Dyna Wide Glide everyday as my substitute commuter bike since early June I’ve almost decided that I can probably get by without the BMW.

20150425_164623So, it may be going on the block once the headlight shows up.  Lord knows, if parts are going to be this hard to get and this expensive, I’ve clearly outgrown the BMW brand…  I can deal with either hard to get OR expensive, but not both.


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