Getting The Most Out of the Weekend…

Rather than doing the chronological run-down of our weekend, let me twist it around and do a reverse chronological recap, just to shake things up….

20150802_204712So, it’s about 8:45pm at night and I’m sitting here on the breezeway in the twilight of the evening listening to some music, enjoying a cool breeze and the mild August evening temps as I take in the entire weekend.  As mentioned in other blog entries, we really do live for the weekends and our holidays:  work is a means to an end for me. I wish it was otherwise, but it’s not…  As for  what came before, it was actually a pretty awesome afternoon and weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.33.10 PMWe just returned from what was probably a 105-mile ride on Blue that took us from the house down into Marietta for a late lunch at Loco Willy’s around 3:30pm, then up to Bodock’s Bar & Grille in Canton around 6:oopm the back way (no freeways or highways for us today) where we thought we might find some friends.  Sadly, we were about O-Fer-Two on the weekend for anticipating where folks might be. But, that was fine, as it set us up nicely for a long ride out on some twisty back roads between Canton and Freemont, and then South on 411 into Cartersville before heading home around 8:00pm through Emerson on some more twisty roads. I made a point of checking out some of the scenery on the traffic free back roads and was reminded of how friggin’ lucky we are to have such great riding right out our backdoor.  No traffic to speak of once you get outside of most city limits with lots of rural areas connected by lightly traveled twisty two-lane roads through farm lands and undeveloped woods.

20150802_193143It’s pretty spectacular and I’m blessed to have Miss Debbie who simply enjoys going along for the ride.  And what a ride it is. Blue (our 2013 Harley-Davidson Road King CVO) remains about as close to being the perfect bike for us, affirmed every time we head out and spend a few hours on her.  The ergonomics are perfect (glad we’re little people, not sure how the big folks get along together on a H-D touring bike), more power than I need for cruising, awesome music system and just a great “feel” when we’re riding two-up. Riding solo, not so much… just a bit too much bike for my taste as a one-up ride, but then again… that’s why I have two other bikes that are ideal for one-up!!

Obodocksur stop at Bodock’s was, as I said, a gamble.  We know that several of our friends seem to make a point of stopping there on Sunday afternoons as a way of closing out their weekends. However, two of the couples are at the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, another couple has one spouse in Europe with a daughter for a summer graduation vacation trip, and other couple has been busy doing God’s work supporting some of our fallen military members, attending baby showers and settling into a new home. So, again, it was a long shot… but it made for a nice destination that gave us a long ride off the beaten path for us on Sunday afternoon when we’d normally have just gone home after lunch / dinner at Loco Willy’s.

locos2Our late lunch / early dinner at Loco’s was out of this world in the food department.  We typically go to Loco’s on Friday for “Finally a Friday” with 1/2 price Fajita’s and adult beverages (yes, there’s a method to the madness), then again on Saturday for amazing food (this week it was raw oysters & blackened salmon) and Sunday for hot wings.

locosWell, the oysters and Salmon were so darn good on Saturday that we both wanted a do-over on Sunday. Debbie had the blackened salmon and I had a 1/2 dozen raw oysters and a second 1/2 that were baked with a light dusting of cheese. butter, garlic & bacon. No kidding, the food at Loco’s is as good as anything you’ll find at the higher-end restaurants in Atlanta for about 1/2 the price and without the baggage that self-important patrons tend to bring: Loco’s has the best regulars and the staff is second to none.

tandemBefore heading over to Loco’s we had lots of honey-dos to do around the house. Of course, the honey-dos came after a little two-up riding on our tandem bicycle. Yup, there’s a reason that neither of us look our age!  We play as hard as we work and cycling every weekend is part of that.  So, despite being out late on Saturday night, we were both up and on the tandem by 9:30am for a lovely 25 ride from the house.  Thankfully, the temps were mild and humidity low so the ride didn’t suck the life out of us.

debbieAfter ride we spent a short while relaxing on the breezeway before turning our attention to chores.  I was able to get some work done on the sprinkler systems, cleaned the carpets upstairs and a few loads of laundry while Debbie prepared the meals we’d be eating at lunch and for dinner in the week ahead.  Yup, nothing too fancy during the week: we have a very structured diet during the week that minimizes our fat intake while making sure we get all of the good stuff our bodies need.

Well, there was a bit of a downside in that I was grounded from 2:00pm – 4:00pm waiting for an air conditioning tech to come and check out what I suspect are two dead or dying compressors in dire need of replacement.  The 3 ton upstairs unit has been acting up and we thought we could keep it limping along until the fall with just one more refrigerant charge as long as the downstairs system was working. Yeah, well, the downstairs system suddenly stopped working.  Oh well, I guess I can’t complain having gotten 23 years out of both systems!  Just not looking forward to the damage report on doing a 3-ton and 2-ton A/C system replacements at the same time.

As mentioned, Saturday was a pretty great day too.  We ended it at Brewsters Bar & Grille where we’d hoped to find some friends and do a little dancing. Again, with so many of them being out-of-town or otherwise distracted, we ended up being a solo act which means it would have been awkward getting up on the dance floor since there wasn’t anyone to “watch our stuff and our seats” while we were away: partying is a team sport!!!  But, that’s not to say we didn’t find a few friends or have a good time. The music was great and we ran into Mike M. and Sandra B., so that was pretty nice.

henrysBefore heading over to Brewsters we’d stopped in at Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth for some desert and to hang with the bartenders and other patrons at the main bar.   Debbie started off with a nice glass of Ziff, but Henry came by and put a shot glass filled with “Koolaid” in her hand and beads around her neck. The guy knows how to make a night out an event for all of his patrons.  We split a bread pudding for dessert and had a great time chatting with Bert and all of the other folks at the bar for at least a couple of hours.

20150731_194432Dinner was at Loco Willy’s where, as previously mentioned, we had some amazing oysters and salmon.  I’m not sure what we had in mind for the rest of the evening, but Debbie was definitely dressed to kill: she had on her new black & white Harley top, a Miss Me denim skirt, and some nice boots. For certain friends, let me just way y’all really missed out on an amazing outfit!

The earlier part of the day was yard work and some final work on a set of bicycle wheels that I was rebuilding for friends.  In fact, other than the pre-requisite yard work, meeting Miss Debbie for lunch and buying some more tires for her little S2000, Friday and the earlier part of Saturday were all about bicycle wheels.  You can read about that if you’re so inclined over on my tandem cycling blog HERE.

Oh yeah, just 74 days until Biketoberfest in Daytona!!!


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