Weekend Report: A Little of This A Little of That

BMW Update:

Still no sign of a headlight for the BMW…  I’ve got to think they’ll have it in by the end of this week; fingers crossed that this one wasn’t assembled on the same Monday during Oktoberfest as the last one.

Riding Two Up Stuff:

Saturday’s two-up riding started off with a 40-mile tandem bicycle ride from the house.  It was a good ride, but with our current heat wave it sucked the life out of us. However, we mustered enough energy to hop on our CVO Road King, Blue for some afternoon errands.

  • photo_2The first stop was to drop Debbie’s Honda S2000 off at Costco for some new front tires that I’d ordered a couple of weeks ago.
    • A local police officer rolled down his window as he slowly drove up to me as I walked away from Blue to say, “Nice Bike… What to Trade?”  I asked what he was trading, he offered up his police cruiser.  I told him, “That’s probably not a bad trade.” 
    • Gotta love the good guys in blue who know when to be cold and when to be warm!  We have some greatest police and firefighters in our county and surrounding communities here in North Georgia, really… Just awesome folks
  • Our next stop was The Red Eyed Mule where we split a Jake’s Big Daddy… best burger ever!
  • IMG_2411After lunch we headed to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta (HDA) to talk with the service folks about some possible engine or tuning work on Blue in an effort to reduce the engine heat a few degrees.
    • My usual service advisor Kelly was already on vacation en route to Sturgis so I spoke with Brian, the Service Manager and David, their head tuner.
    • The Phase 1 plan is to have David put Blue on the dyno and tune it “as is” before digging into the cams, a possible Phase 2 if we don’t get all that much just tuning the motor.  
    • Of course, David won’t be able to do the dyno work until he comes back from vacation in two weeks… you know, after Sturgis!  And to think, we COULD have been at Sturgis right now IF we didn’t have to work.  Oh well.. some day, perhaps in the not too distant future.
    • We found Jeff, the co-owner and GM, on the sales floor and chatted with him for a while: just a great guy and one of the reasons that we’ve made HDA “our” local HD dealer as everyone at HDA is equally as nice and welcoming as Jeff.
  • 11403472_470239066476689_8644074953491138066_nOur next stop was Indian Motorcycle of Marietta so Miss Debbie could see the finished showroom.
    • The last time we were there it was stripped bare with concrete floors, some A-line desks and a couple of motorcycles as Lee showed us around.  
    • We also had a chance to visit with Doc this time, which is always a treat: Doc’s the salt of the Earth kind of guy.
    • Sounds like Indian as a brand is off to a great start and there’s no doubt that the dealership will do well as the owner, Ricky, was on site again this weekend. Add to that a really strong GM and a bunch of seasoned Harley-Davidson dealership alumni and it’s a great looking team.
  • We had planned to stop in atHellbender to visit with our friend Nick, but when we rolled through the parking lot it just didn’t seem all that inviting.
    • They had the upper parking lot blocked with a band under a tent at the store front and a second tent in the lawn serving up food and drinks, but there wasn’t anyone there to listen or eat food.  
    • The lower parking lot was filled with cars and just a couple of bikes so we circled the lot and headed on our way.
  • We ended the ride the way we started it by collecting Debbie’s car on the way home.

It was a nice, relaxing afternoon but definitely a hot and sweaty ride given the near 100*F heat index, a lack of shade on the four-lanes and far too many long stop lights.  So, back at home, we showered-up and then headed to Loco Willy’s for dinner.  Dinner was the Ahi Poke, sushi grade tuna over rice, spinach, avocados with a touch of ginger sauce… yummy.   We’d thought about heading out to the movies to catch Ant Man or hitting a club, but decided to stay in and watched the movie Mordecai with Johnny Depp, a Peter Sellers like movie that was filled with lighthearted characters and dialog, old school / 70’s style.  Again, another nice and relaxing evening at home.

Sunday was supposed to start with another tandem ride, but household chores got the better of us: laundry, yard work, groceries and the like.  Around noon we both settled down to watch the final hour of the Tour de France and recharge our batteries before heading off on Blue for hot wings at Loco Willy’s, our Sunday tradition: yes, we have a lot of weekly traditions.

96080-16vwAfter lunch we rode up to Cartersville Harley-Davidson or whatever it’s called now… Southern Devil?  It was a nice ride and we found Debbie a very cute black and white lacy blouse while we were there. Sadly, our old standby — Horsetown — just hasn’t had anything all that cute in the ladies clothing department since Misty moved on to new ventures, other than the occasional Miss Me blouse.  So, most of Debbie’s recent additions have been H-D branded tops which cost at least twice as much as the ones we used to get at Horsetown.  Thankfully, I’ve been able to get a couple of Debbie’s leather H-D halters off of ebay at about 70% off, so that’s been nice.

The ride home through the back roads of Etowah and over the ridge into Paulding County was wonderful, rounding out our day on the bike.  We finished up or weekend chores back at the house, had dinner in and otherwise spent the rest of the evening relaxing and/or doing Internet research on a variety of things, from 2001 Porsche Turbo reviews and maintenance costs, to investment & retirement information and flooring for the house.  It’s always something!


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