The Hardest Thing To Master When Painting Cars & Motorcycles: Patience

Seriously, is there anything more daunting than being patient when it comes to doing any type of paint and body work on motorcycles, bicycles or cars?

DSCN1282As mentioned in my last post, the majority of the actual “paint” work on the BMW is now done.  However, I’m about half-way through the paint & clear coat’s 5-day cure time before the orange peel can be wet-sanded and then buffed to its final smooth and glossy finish.

Only then will I know if the new lid and the old lid are a close enough match to preclude a repaint of the old lid to finish the job.

Now, I will confess to doing a small trial wet sand and buff along the bottom edge of the lid on Sunday just to satisfy myself that the final color would be different from how the part looked right after the 2nd clear coat. While the paint wasn’t cured enough to buff-up to a final finish, the test spot did seem to suggest the metallic content would “pop” a bit in the final finished form and that “should” make the color a closer match to the original. Again, this bike sits out in the Sun at work every working day of the year, so the blue-painted Tupperware and the other side case have definitely faded a little.

On the bright side, my ability to mind the cure times has been greatly enhanced by having to wait for the replacement headlight to arrive.  As mentioned — or at least I think I mentioned it — in my last blog entry, I was able find a used headlight that was about 1/4th the cost of a new one.  The seller expects to ship it out this coming Friday and it probably won’t arrive until the middle of next week.  Therefore, there’s no urgency to wet sand and polish the case lid before at least the weekend and by then it should be well-cured.

SDC11254In the mean time, the Harley Dyna continues to work out extremely well as my replacement commuter bike.  It’s a very different riding experience for the commute, but one that I’ve gotten quite used to.  The leather saddlebags, while not 100% watertight, do fine for keeping my rain gear dry during the showers that fall while I’m at work, and of the three times I’ve now ridden home in a rain shower or storm over the past two weeks, I’ve stayed relatively dry on all three.  I say relatively as for some reason the rain pants aren’t able to keep moisture from working its way through to the seat of my suit pants.  Oh well, the other 99% of my body and clothing has remained dry…

Fingers crossed, the case will be buffed-out and I’ll have the new BMW badge, reflector and white decal needed to finish the job attached this weekend once the headlight arrives I’ll be back in business for about 1/2 of what I was expecting the repairs to cost.  It still sucks going out-of-pocket for something that I should have been able to preclude from happening but, life’s like that.


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