Refinishing & Repairing the BMW

Well, parts & paint have been arriving daily this past week.

windscreenThe first to arrive was a new 12″ windscreen that I picked up from 7jurock, the ebay seller who I sourced the 12″ windscreen that was shattered in the fall-over.  As much as I’d like to have a BMW OEM windscreen on the bike, the cost for the OEM screen is just prohibitive.

There was a silver lining — at least I think there’s a silver lining — in the search for parts in that I think I’ve got my hands on a used headlight and was able to cancel the order for the factory-fresh $650 one, which should cut the cost of the repairs by $500.  Fingers crossed, as I’m still waiting on the light to be shipped and arrive in good shape. Actually, so long as the lens arrives in good shape I”m good: my headlight housing and lamps are all still good.

The city case lid also arrived this week along with the paint from ColorRite, so the better part of the morning was spent painting the new lid.  It’s colored and cleared but in dire need of wet-sanding and buffing, which will need to wait for about a week until the paint cures.  Of course, I’m now mulling-over the need to refinish the case lid that wasn’t damaged since the fresh paint is a bit more blue than the 12-year-old faded blue paint on that original lid.  I’m guessing I’ll wait until I wet sand and polish the new lid before making that decision since I’ll be waiting a week for the headlight to arrive.

The following series of photos capture the lid painting process: (1) Sorting out the materials, (2) unpacking the new case lid, (3) Prepping the lid by sanding off the gloss, (3) degreasing and cleaning the lid, (4) priming, (5) color & clear coating.

DSCN1273 DSCN1274DSCN1275 DSCN1276DSCN1278 DSCN1282

Again, the challenge I have now is getting the new lid and the old lid to match. The old one was likely painted over a smooth lid whereas the current ones are dimpled which exacerbates the orange peel look of the painted and cleared lid.  Again, I’ll need to wait for about 5 days / next weekend until the paint cures before wet sanding and buffing out the paint before I’ll know how far off the color / finish is from the undamaged left-hand lid.  If it’s still a bad match, I’ll have to strip, sand and repaint the left-hand lid so that it matches the new right-hand lid.

Given all of the queue time that I had refinishing the new lid, I decided to strip the old finish off the right-hand carbon cylinder head cover that was damaged in the fall-over.  It came out pretty well but also need a good bit of wet-sanding and buffing before I can say it’s done, even though it looks pretty good right now.

Again, photo series below: (1) right after the fall-over, (2) off the bike before stripping off the clear-coat, (3) stripped of all clear coat, (4) during re-clearing, and (5) back on the bike and looking pretty good.  In fact, I had to wet-sand and polish the left-hand cylinder head cover to get them to match.

20150524_141542 DSCN1277 DSCN1280 DSCN1281DSCN1283Now, if that headlight comes in and is as good as I think it is, we’ll be on track for being back on the road in a week or two, depending on how the lids come out.



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