A Busy Week…. Getting Ready for Daytona

Looking back over the past 7 days, we’ve been pretty busy as we’ve been preparing ourselves for a quick motorcycle trip down to Daytona Beach for Bike Week on Thursday, coming back Sunday.  Yeah, it’d be nice to stay longer, but between burning vacation that we’d like to use for a few other long-weekend adventures and the cost of “good” accommodations, four days is more than enough.  Perhaps we’ll one day figure out how to hook up with a few other couples and do a house rental for a full week such that the per night cost of lodging might even be less than what we’re paying for hotel rooms or the modest 2 & 3 bedroom condo’s over in Panama City Beach.

20150305_200657Anyway, looking back to last Wednesday night I noticed that the BMW was running rough again and having just had the throttle bodies sync’d about 1,000 miles ago I decided to do a quick valve adjustment before messing around with removing the tupperware and doing the throttle sync again. Turns out, the valves weren’t that far out so I’m definitely looking at doing the throttle sync next.

20150305_212337Oh, and this was fun: I decided to top off the air in the tires on the BMW as well as our Road King using my DC-powered, portable air compressor running off a power-outlet on my Toyota Tundra.  As I was putting air in the Harley’s tires the pump slowly died.  So, I’m thinking the not-that-old pump is crapping-out until I realize that the battery in my Tundra just died.  So, the truck battery got hooked up to an extra Battery Tender I had sitting around so it would be able to make at least one more start and Friday I’d have an extra stop on the list: auto parts store.

However, about the time I had our weekend of projects around the house figured out I decided what we really needed to do over the weekend was to drive up to Louisville, Kentucky, for the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show (NAHBS).  Oh, and my timing was perfect as Kentucky just received 12″ of snow on Thursday, pretty much shutting down I-65 for 24 hours.  Well, the weather gods shined on us and gave us conditions that were good enough for a trip up to Nashville for Friday night, followed by a “day trip” to Louisville for the bike show, and then a return to Nashville for Saturday night before heading home Sunday.  The full details of the weekend are on my other blog which you can get to by using THIS LINK.  As much as we enjoyed the weekend and really needed the break, it definitely put me behind on a bunch of other projects and spring tasks, e.g., yard work is now coming back into the picture: ugg!

Back at home on Sunday I continued my weather watch for Daytona.  I’ve never had any faith in 10-day forecasts given often the forecast for the next day is wrong.  Therefore, I was betting the 10-day outlook for the four days we’d be in Daytona showing a 50% chance of rain every day, as well as heavy rain on Thursday’s ride down and Saturday was going to be incorrect. Sure enough, ever since the daily 10-day forecast has continued to change and thankfully it was for the better. As of this evening, Thursday’s one time 80% chance of rain was down to 20% and “Rain” in Daytona has been replaced with “Partly Cloudy”.  Such has been true for every other day of our planned trip.  So, before you either make or cancel plans based on a 10-day weather forecast ask yourself, “What makes me think they’d get this right?”

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.16.27 PMWith the weather improving, my spirits were raised dramatically as we really do need some fun in the sun.  The Nashville weekend was awesome, but we need Vitamin D and some knees-in-the-breeze therapy… bad!  Of course, as Thurday’s trip approaches, I reminded myself I had a few things to do to make sure we’d be ready for a problem-free trip.

20150309_213046The first thing was making sure our Road King “Blue” would be ready to go.  Quite frankly, she nor us have been out on the road a whole lot since late November.  So, having checked the fluids in all three holes I decided a fresh change of the Mobil 1 oil would be a good idea since I did a mid-service cycle change on it at 8,000 miles. Thursday night saw me under the bike draining old oil and replacing filters.  Everything else on the 10,000 mile service had been accomplished last fall so we’re good for a few more road trips before we’ll be due to have that next service visit.

Unlike last year when I was running from motorcycle shop to motorcycle shop trying to find heated pant liners and heated insoles for our 29°F ride down to Daytona, this year only required packing the rain and cold weather gear, i.e., full face helmets, heated jacket/pant liners, gloves, mid-weight jackets, etc.   It would have been really great if the forecast was 65*F plus temps & dry weather, but with our current weather patterns prudence dictates I prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

So, as I sit here:

  • We both went to the dentist today… a new dentist because our insurance company decided to drop our previous firm from their list of approved practices.  On the bright side, our new provider is A LOT better than the last one;
  • I’ve got Blue fully serviced and topped-off with gas and oil;
  • I’ve got all of our adverse weather gear — cold & wet — out and packed for the journey;
  • The GoPro cameras are all charged and at least for now the remote works with all three cameras;
  • I’ve mapped out the route we’ll take;
  • I’ve just cancelled our hotel reservation…. whaaauuutttt???

DaytonaShoresResortPoolViewYes, at the last minute I got a little hinky about the location, condition and amenities of our KAYAK-assisted hotel selection.  So, I took advantage of the hotel’s cancellation policy a mere 24 hours from the deadline.  At the same time I was also booking a “mystery room” with Hotwire that was purportedly at a 4 Star hotel vs. the 3 Star hotel we had been in somewhere along the Daytona Beach.  Turns out it was The Shore resort and spa and just based on location, photos and street view it looks like it will be a pretty good place for the same money as the first hotel. Gotta make sure my sweetie’s comfortable!

Tomorrow is pretty strait forward:

  • Get some cash.
  • Do some laundry.
  • Pack a few clothes.
  • Set-up the GoPro’s on Blue.
  • Get a good night’s rest before starting off on our 9 hour ride to Daytona Beach Shores, Florida.

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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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