Concerned, Concentrated or Constipated… Harley Promo Photos

One of the many things that perplexes me about the Motor Company is how it portrays the people who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles in photos.  In 99/100 photos the models appear to have been told, “Imagine how you look when your constipated and trying to take a shit… that’s how we need you to look for this shoot.”   I should probably note that looking concerned, concentrated or constipated is about the same, but only one of the three is the least bit humorous.

Seriously, what’s the obsession with “cruiser face” in all of the staged photos?

consti4 consti3 consti2 consti1

Now, I will confess that there are an awful lot of folks who get photographed riding in places like US129 where they have that constipated cruiser face look.  Some of them look that way because they’re trying to concentrate on the curve they’re riding through when the photo is taken, some just don’t like having their photo taken and some of them are just way too far into the “bad ass biker” thing when, in fact, they’re probably not.

happycoupleBe that as it may, I would still think that at least 1/2 of the photos used in MoCo adverts would show people who are actually enjoying themselves.  Amazingly, I found just such a photo in the Harley-Davidson photo album out on Facebook. Frankly, I was actually surprised when I found one and must assume it was a photo that was never used and the models in the photo were never hired again; after all, we wouldn’t want people who don’t own Harley’s to think that well-adjusted people ride these things because it’s fun and gives couples quality time together.

Seriously though, I love this photo because THIS is the image that comes to mind when I day-dream about being out on my Road King with Miss Debbie: two happy people out enjoying the day.


Not the couple featured on the HOG magazine that introduced the 2014 Rushmore bikes: concerned, concentrated or constipated, take your pick.


Here’s how we roll… at least when I’m not actually concentrating, concerned or constipated.

Cherahola Stop2


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