I’ll Never Take Cruise Control for Granted Again….

The trip to Panama City Beach for a long weekend was a good-news / no-so-good news story for Blue, our Road King FLHRSE5.

audioThe good news is the iPod controller that was replaced on the Wednesday before we headed down is working great. In fact, I’m not sure it ever worked correctly now that I’ve been using the new unit. The next song, start-over, previous song functions controlled by the right hand switch would only do some of those things. I’m now able to move  backward and forward through the playlist to change songs which is great.

The not-so-good news is that the cruise control now has gremlins. It began to cut-off spontaneously on Saturday and continued to do so on today’s 339-mile ride home.  Let me tell you, I can’t remember when I last rode 300+ miles without having at least a throttle lock; needless to say, I won’t take cruise control for granted ever again!  It’s amazing how much having to expend mental effort on keeping that throttle adjusted to maintain cruising speed can wear on you, never mind the muscle fatigue.  As you can imagine, with an even longer 447-mile trip to Daytona just 10 Days and a Wake-Up away, getting the cruise control sorted out is definitely Job #1!

The cruise worked just fine on our ride down Thursday, but by Saturday was spontaneously shutting itself off and then not re-engaging until after the bike had come to a complete or near stop. But, even then, it would only stay engaged 1 – 6 minutes before disengaging again. The system was definitely on the entire time, so there was ‘juice’ flowing through the bike to the console display from the cruise system in the form of an orange icon when it was “on”.  Moreover, the light would turn to green for those brief moments when the system would engage for a few minutes after a stop / restart / return to cruising speed. Very strange, to be sure.

As for what may have caused the problem, I’m not really sure.  There are only two diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) showing up for the bike and both were captured on the ABS module: C 1095 – Front Brake Switch Open & C 1216 Rear Brake Switch Open.  If it had been just the front brake it could have been a wiring issue related to the iPod harness change-out, noting that Friday was the first time the bike got drenched and ridden in the rain since that work was done.  Then again, perhaps the ABS system is acting up and tripping a sensor that the cruise control relies on to signal when it should automatically disengage.  Or, perhaps it’s something with the cruise control’s module.  I wish I’d have checked the DTC codes when we stopped for lunch or gas, as I would have made a point of simply doing a quick brake check at cruising speed after the cruise cut-out to see if that would clear the issue — even if only momentarily.  If I have a few extra minutes tonight or tomorrow night I may take a ride north on US41 to see if it’s still flaking-out as it did on the trip home and if activating the brakes is what temporarily clears the issue.

Whatever it is, I’m hoping HDA can figure it out and fix it this week so we can be certain the bike will be good to go for next week’s trip to Daytona.


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