An iPod Interface That Actually Works!

As a follow-up to my last blog entry on Blue’s sound system ills, the problem was indeed the $331 iPod interface module (PN 76000285).

I received an Email from Kelly at Harley Davidson of Atlanta (HDA) last Friday letting me know the part had arrived as expected and I just needed to schedule an appointment to have it installed; installation wouldn’t take much more than an hour… tops.  I scheduled my visit for 11:30am on Wednesday: after the forecast rain on Tuesday and before we headed to Panama City Beach on Thursday morning.


Well, Tuesday turned out to be a beautiful day — oh, there’s a surprise… an inaccurate weather forecast — but that was OK; it was a busy day at work.  Thankfully, Wednesday was also a beautiful day and I left work at 11:00am for the 30-minute ride down to HDA in Lithia Springs.  I arrived promptly at 11:28am and as always, was presented with a warm welcome from Kelly and Ray when I walked in to the service area.  I described the feeling I get when I walk into HDA’s service department on Facebook as “being like an old friend” which I later decided was an injustice and edited to more accurately say, “like a valued customer”.  That’s the real deal!  HDA prides itself on providing customers with that big family feeling when you walk in the door and it’s absolutely engrained in the DNA of everyone who works there.  Unlike a few other places, you don’t see HDA staff walking around with that silly “pissed-off at the world, bad-ass biker scowl” on their faces.  Instead, everyone has a ready smile and asks if there’s anything they can do for you.  OMG, it’s just so refreshing!  I really don’t care if it’s just their game face because making a customer feel appreciated is what providing a great customer experience is all about.  Disney has mastered this with their theme parks for decades.  Hey, people are people…. they’re going to have bad days, they’re going to encounter customers who really are ass-hats.  But, when the name of the game is providing a great customer experience the folks manning the front lines remain polite, fair and friendly and then vent in private… not in front of a different customer.  After all, what an employee says about a customer really says more about the employee than the customer, i.e., “So, I wonder what they’re going to tell other customers about me?”  But I digress….

KellyTroutAgain, I was a pleasure seeing Kelly when I walked in because she is just so darn good at her job. She had at least two other transactions in work and deftly segued to my appointment and had me checked-in within 2 minutes. In fact, the tech who was scheduled to do the work on Blue happened to be in the service counter area and Kelly had him tied into the conversation and on the job before I even had my helmet off.

After checking in I walked across the parking lot to the BBQ joint next door to grab a bite for lunch; it was pretty good “Q” too.  After lunch I wandered through the motor clothes and parts department before returning to the waiting area where I settled into one of the big leather couches and fired-up my work and personal cell-phones.  I think I was offered drinks and otherwise greeted or asked how I was doing by 5 different members of the staff in the 10 minutes I was sitting in the waiting area next to the service counter before Kelly called over to me and told me “you’re ready to go” just 30 minutes after walking in the door.

I knew it would be a quick service but it was even faster than I expected by at least 15-minutes.  As noted in my previous blog entry, the module was located on the underside of the left saddlebag lid so it was easy to get to with just about 4 fasteners and two plugs to remove/reinstall and disconnect/reconnect.


It was a yet another great visit to HDA and with the new iPod controlled installed I realized that the original one had been malfunctioning from day 1.  The left-hand controller that was supposed to switch between the iPod and another device and then advance, restart or go back to songs on the playlist never really worked right. Now, it’s all working like  a champ!




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