Almost Perfect…

After getting Blue home from service at HDA I found only two minor things that were a little out of sorts and required a few tweaks to put back into proper adjustment:

DSCN0439Motolights: The first thing I noticed was that our Motolights were pointed up instead of being nearly perpendicular / every so slightly angled-down towards the road.  My assumption is that when the left-hand lower brake caliper bolt was addressed our technician did the job right by checking the other three brake caliper bolts, two of which were replaced by me when I installed our Motolights back in March of last year.

If someone had never installed a set of Motolights per the factory instructions there’s a good chance that they might not get them re-aligned quite right; to wit:

Step 8. Aim the lights.

  1. The bike should be off the center stand with the driver in the saddle. You will need someone’s help.
  2. If required, loosen the pinch screw on the mounting bracket until the light will rotate by hand.
  3. Fit the cardboard aiming tube over the front of the Motolight® lens to get a flat vertical surface.
  4. Hold a level against the front of the aiming tube and rotate the light until it is aiming very slightly downward (87 degrees on a digital level, just breaking the bubble on a hand level).
  5. You can also rely on the old method of aiming lights at night against a wall (back about 20 feet). The bright center of the Motolight® beam on the wall should be the same, or a slightly smaller, distance above the ground than the height of the lamp lens above the ground.

Windscreen: The technician definitely gets a pass on this one as I dropped off Blue without the removable Wind Splitter windscreen installed.  No sense in making them have to deal with that since it would be the first thing off and the last thing back on the bike given that the headlight nacelle would be coming off.  Anyway, when I went to put the windscreen back on the right-hand mounting grommets were just a little too close together such that I wasn’t able to re-install the windscreen.  About 2 minutes with a 9/16″ wrench and all was good again.

That’s it: everything else was as it should be,to include the cosmetic condition of the bike being exactly as it was when it was dropped off. Once again, Jason did a very good job of washing and drying the bike as it truly was spotless.

I’m hopeful that the sound system’s iPod control module will come in this week so that I can pop in to HDA on my off-Friday afternoon to have it installed while I wait. It’s a very easy to access, plug-in component so it shouldn’t take too long to have installed.

56100028_TTInterestingly enough, I’m still waiting to hear from my former H-D shop on a replacement handlebar end cap that was ordered back on 9 September.  The faux chrome on the end cap bubbled up and peeled off about 3 months after I took delivery so it was on my 1 year follow-up to do list.  Frankly, I’m surprised that they were able to find a part number for it.  At least in the retail catalogs, the end caps for the $99 Aileron and Slipstream grips are not sold separately. With that in mind, when I called to check and see if it had come in last Friday, 19 September, I was told it was still en route. Frankly, I’m wondering if the order isn’t stuck in limbo and no one’s taken time to address it.

Now, for context:

  •  Just before midnight on 12 September, on a whim I ordered an air cleaner cover plate and some other small parts from New Castle Harley-Davidson in Pennsylvania. The next day I was informed via Email that they weren’t in stock and had to be ordered. On Wednesday I received another Email that told me they had been received and were immediately shipped out via UPS.  Those parts arrived on my doorstep on Friday the 19th, per the Wednesday note from New Castle.
  • Kelly over at HDA began searching for a hard-to-find replacement control module on Friday morning and by noon had found one and let me know via email that it would be received later this week.  She apologized for the need to make a second service visit to get my warranty issue resolved, which was totally unnecessary but certainly appreciated.

So, of these three businesses who doesn’t quite “get” the whole concept of Customer Service?   I’m truly hopeful that I’ll hear from my former service department before I head back to HDA for my follow-up service… I really am.  It would be nice not to have to do my own follow-ups.


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