Prepping for the Week’s Ahead.

No motorcycle rides this weekend, remembering that Blue’s front tire is shot and scheduled for replacement on Tuesday and the BMW has been ‘tagged-out’ for a yet-to-be-determined engine issue that will be diagnosed on Thursday.

Blue and the count down to the fall edition of Thunder Beach at Panama City Beach, Florida:  25 wake-ups to go, but who’s counting!   Just need to get that front tire replaced and we’ll be good to go!

The BMW and that ‘oh sh_t’ light / rod knock

Patient is Ready...As for the BMW, it also got a bath but as much as I wanted to start doing some diagnostics and tweaking to see if i couldn’t sort out what made my low oil pressure light come on and what was causing the rod knock-sound, I quit before digging into the oil, etc.  I figured that the BMW tech needed to put his hands on the bike as it was when the low pressure light came on as well as the rod knock symptom.  Of course, getting the BMW to the dealer will require towing: the most evil think you can do to a motorcycle that likes to be ridden!   So, to facilitate the tow I borrowed a landscape trailer from my buddy David and stuffed it inside the 3rd garage bay with two of the three motorcycles and moved the BMW to the other side of the garage.  I thought about putting the BMW on the trailer and leaving it “ready to go” in the garage, but wasn’t convinced the front wheel dolly could deal with the added weight of the motorcycle: probably a wise call.

20140907_192241 20140907_192308

So, it should be an interesting week ahead.  Not sure if H-D will volunteer to invoke the Dunlop tire warranty on the front tire as they did on the rear tire, so I’ve managed my expectation around picking up the tab for that.  The cost to address whatever is ailing the BMW  is a mystery. I could end up being $700 for a major service with valve and throttle body adjustment + cam chain tensioner replacement or all of that and new push rods. Whatever it is, at 11 years of age and with 22,000 miles none of it will be covered under warranty.

Fingers crossed…!!!




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