H-D Stamper “Black Hills” Time Pieces… Nice Find!

Stumbled across this on fleabay and thought it looked pretty unique.  I’m sure they were about as limited as a CVO (which is to say not THAT limited), but just nothing I’ve ever seen before.

The ‘watch’ isn’t anything special.  If the back of the watch case is accurate, what’s inside is an ETA/ESA 955.114 seven jewel quartz movement: something you’d find in $50 – $200 watches that by itself is about a $20 piece.  The case is also nothing special; your basic homage to the iconic Rolex Oyster Perpetual but it is water resistant to 10 atmospheres which is pretty good. The watch band uses two metal end tabs linked by a Spidel “Twist-o-Flex” metal band.

What makes it unusal and distinctive is the black watch face with its three clusters of grapes cast from silver, yellow gold & rose gold (nothing Harley-related there) and the band tabs which are metal made to look like black leather with a gold-colored cast metal H-D bar & shield logo & eagle trimmed with gold leaf details.

I’m assuming the Stamper watch company provided the following item description to Harley-Davidson for their catalog.  While the Stamper folks are/were very good at making attractive pieces of jewelry, their writing skills and grasp of grammar were apparently a bit lacking as were the proof reading skills of the folks at Harley who let it pass through to their catalog.

Harley-Davidson “STAMPER” Black Hills Men’s Gold Watch. This Gold Hills Watch is made out of 10K, 12K & 24K gold to achieve the leaves, grapes, and tendrils of the wild grape. It was cast, stamp, solder, engrave, antique and polish the gold and silver, performing all of these steps by skilled Artisans, and is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for the life of the product….. It has the Harley-Davidson Eagle and Bar & Shield on each side with a leather background trimmed in gold….It features a rotating calendar on the right side with adjustable expandable band.

I have to chuckle on the various cited MSRPs for this particular watch.  Barnett H-D in El Paso, Tx, still has the watch listing (not in stock) in their on-line catalog under the original stock number of WBG725/45 with a listed price of $651.  Another on-line auction house has the same grammatically challenged item description but cites an MSRP in the Stamper Black Hills catalog of $1,295.  Several other ebay auctions for other examples of this watch cite an original cost or current value of $1,000.  It suffices to say, I didn’t pay anything close to even what Barnett’s catalog suggested and the example I found was in excellent condition with a new crystal and fresh battery!

Bottom Line:  It’s not something you see every day and a little gaudy, but I really like it… and so does Miss Debbie.

In fact, I found one of the nicer women’s versions of the same basic watch for her.  It’s a far-more dainty piece compared to the mens model and with only one set of silver / gold grapes.  But the octagonal watch case with the six-sided watch crystal and very delicate band tabs is quite visually interesting.  No idea what these retailed for, but this one had also been recently serviced with a new battery and is in like new condition.  Sometimes you get lucky!


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5 Responses to H-D Stamper “Black Hills” Time Pieces… Nice Find!

  1. CeCe M says:

    I have been searching for a watch band like this one. If anyone funds another, please let me know.

  2. Susan Brandt says:

    I have a never-worn woman’s version. It is beautiful – but I wish to sell it. Any ideas on its’ worth?

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