Road King Rear Tire Wear at 7,800 Miles…

Our ’13 FLHRSE5 “Blue” continues to run well, but certainly has its share of interesting sounds.  Long time readers may recall that there were some early sounds that turned out to be noises, such as the primary that needed to be tightened up a bit.  Another sound coming from the transmission is apparently just a “feature” and not a noise.

However, there has been a distinct road sound that continues to become more pronounced during cornering of any type that’s getting to the point where it’s downright disconcerting.  It’s one of those things where you wonder if it’s tire run-out being a bit off, bearings or simply tire wear so I decided to stick my head under the rear fender to see what that tire was looking like.

squaretireImagine my surprise when I found that it was squared-off rather nicely… most likely from several long, flat road trips during the past year.  I only wish we spent most of our miles on twisties so that the tire contour wouldn’t get squared-off, but such as it is.

On the bright side, the softer compound “sport tires” on my ’03 BMW R1100S wear flat in 5,000 miles, and it’s 1/2 the weight of the Road King and only ridden one-up!

Of course, something I’ve only learned now that I’m in the market for a new tires is that CVO’s fitted with the 18″ x 5″ H-D Agitator rear wheels have just a single tire to choose from: the Dunlop OEM D407 180/55.  Apparently it’s the only 180/55 tire that will fit up to that rim properly and has a 900# weight rating.  I wasn’t happy about that, but it is what it is.  Oh yeah, MSRP on that sucker is a stout $296.95!  Let’s just say, HB H-D’s price is far more attractive at just under $200.

Anyway, given my suspicions about the source of the road vibration and sound, I’m planning on taking the bike in for a new rear tire at either H-D Atlanta or Hellbender H-D on Wednesday morning.  Honestly, I think I’m more comfortable with the service team at H-D Atlanta as I’m 2 for 2 on good visits, whereas I’m only batting about .500 at HB H-D.  Well, that and I attempted to reach the HB H-D Service Dept. today to make an appointment and gave up being on hold after the 3rd attempt by the Parts folks to get their attention failed. So, despite the very attractive pricing on the tire, if H-D of Atlanta is anywhere close on the tire cost and can take me in, you can bet that’s where I’ll be on Wednesday morning.

More to follow….

7/1/14 Update: Well, both Service Departments received the benefit of an on-line service appointment request on Monday, noting HB H-D is open Mondays whereas H-D Atlanta is not.  HB H-D was Johnny on the spot with follow-up calls — still haven’t heard from H-D Atlanta — so HB H-D got the nod.  The tire has been set-aside and will get put on tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.


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