And Bam… The Motolights Arrived Today!

DSCN0321Now that’s impressive… I mean really impressive.  Tina at Motolights and I played telephone tag last Thursday and Friday before making contact on Monday the 3rd and placing the Motolights for our Road King on order.  When I arrived home tonight, guess what was sitting on the front porch; yup: a package from Motolights!

You just can’t ask for better service and support than you get from Tina and her crew at Motolights.  Now on our 3rd set of Motolights (1st on ’03 BMW R1100S & 2nd on ’04 BMW R1150RT), I can tell you that Tina values customer loyalty and those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, law enforcement or as a firefighter.  It nice to be appreciated and it’s also nice to see that lovely “Made in the USA” decal on their extremely high quality products!  I’m always impressed when the lights show up and everything is neatly packaged, well documented and has everything you need for a quick installation: never a surprise!

DSCN0322 DSCN0323

Anyway, as you’d expect, I couldn’t wait to get the lights on “Big Blue” so my regularly scheduled evening plans were set aside for this new project.  Having installed Motolights in the past, I knew it wouldn’t take much more than an hour and half to do the entire job, even without rushing.  And, given that the FL harness is designed to tie-in to Harley’s wiring harness’ accessory port & dash switch it was even easier than other installations.

Another huge time saver was the Centech AP1 auxiliary fuse box that I previously installed: a few snips and a soldered wire splice to remove the battery terminal connectors and in-line fuse before tying the harness into a couple open terminal blocks on the AP1.


That little fuse block is a must have for anyone who has more than one or two accessories that require an electrical connection.  At present I’ve got six accessories feeding off the block:

  • A power outlet for my GPS/SmartPhone/GoPro Cameras
  • A plug for my heated gear / the Battery Tender
  • A plug for Debbie’s heated gear
  • Power for the Custom Dynamics LED Equalizer
  • The harness for the Motolights

Here are a couple of less than artistic before and after shots that I took in the garage during the installation. Not the greatest background, but what do you want for 10pm on a rainy night in Georgia!

Without on the Left and with on the Right… albeit, not yet wired-in.DSCN0324 DSCN0326

Same as above: without on the Left and with on the Right.DSCN0325 DSCN0327

A more detailed shot / crop and zoom on the light.

detailed light

And after being wired-in, Off on the Left and On on the Right.DSCN0331 DSCN0332

Note: The J&S lift was used to level the bike so I could align and aim the Motolights to that slightly down angle needed to keep from blinding motorists.  I would have normally done the entire job on the lift but didn’t want to back the bike out of the Condor stand / garage into the rain and could get to everything on the bike I needed to do the installation without raising the bike.



I should note again, those are not the stock turn signal / running lights on the bike. Those are Custom Dynamics’ LED clusters and boy do those make a huge difference as well. If the stock incandescent bulbs were on there you’d see two little orange dots instead of a large orbit of orange light.

Again, because this is in the well-lit garage and close up it doesn’t really provide the full effect / benefit of the added lighting, either from the increased visibility to motorists OR with respect to how much additional light they provide on the road ahead.

As for the choice of chrome vs. flat black or perhaps even having them color matched, I’m definitely liking the chrome finish. It’s a perfect fit for the bling’d out CVO.

DSCN0337I’ll take some better “beauty shots” with the lights outside once I have some time at home during the day with the bike.  But, in the interim, I wanted to share something to express my delight with the unparalleled customer support I received from Tina and the gang at Motolights.  I’m far from being a special customer, as there are many, many repeat customers out there.  After all, once you’ve had these on your bike you’ll never feel as comfortable without them: I know I didn’t.  I’m dancing now!


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