A Quick Trip to Dahlonega, Georgia For Lunch

I really do love my wife… She’s the perfect partner for me in that she’s about as into motorcycling and cycling as I am and game for just about anything else.  So, as we’re getting ready to head over to On The Border for our weekly “finally a Friday” celebration she announced that she’d like to ride the Harley up to Hiawasee, Georgia and have lunch at the Batesville General Store on Saturday, and do the Tiger Loop.  OK by me!  Too bad the Batesville General Store closed back in 2011!

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 10.47.40 PM

We decided to set our sights on Dahlonga and would take mostly back roads to get there, so that was the plan.  We headed out a bit before noon once the temps got into the 50’s.  It was a beautiful day! Lots of clear skies and sun with temps creeping into the 60’s.

We encountered a bit of traffic getting through Kennesaw and Woodstock; apparently I75 was gridlocked and folks were flocking to the side roads.

Once we got north of Canton, Georgia everything opened up and the ride was as nice as it could be for the middle of winter in Georgia !!  Low traffic, mild temps and a warm sun shinning on our faces.

lunch_corkscrewWe rolled into Dahlonega around 1:30 and decided to stop at our favorite little restaurant: The Corkscrew Cafe.  They have as nice of an owner and staff as you’ll find in Dahlonega and their menu is filled with all kinds of wonderful but somewhat unusual things for a north Georgia town.

Given that we needed to be back home in time to head over to Loco Willy’s for dinner at 6:30, we decided to skip the walk around town and head home right after lunch.  Again, just a delightful and uneventful ride.

I should note that I made a point of taking along one of my GoPro cameras and attaching it to the motorcycle’s lower fairings. This was my first attempt at capturing video from the Harley.  I think it all worked out pretty well. At least well enough for me!  Here’s the video compendium of clips:


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