Winter Storm Follow-Up: Tundra Recovery

As a follow-up to my account of our epic journey home during Georgia’s Snow-Jam 2014 on Jan 28th, here’s a short video I shot with the GoPro around 2:00pm today when I hopped on my mountain bike and made my way southeast on Old Stilesboro Road to where we had to abandon our truck.  If you hadn’t read the original story, Old Stilesboro is a very hilly, shaded road that quickly ices-over when snow falls and last night it was blocked by motorists who could not negotiate the ice-covered hills.

After giving the sun time to work (temps never got above freezing here) I decided road conditions would be about as good as they were going to get since all of that slush that we could now drive-on would re-freeze as soon as the sun dropped to the horizon: temps will be back in the teens tonight.

The well-worn knobby tires worked well on the packed snow, slush and spots of ice the bike never mid-stepped along the short, 1-mile ride.  Our entry road still looks as though it will be treacherous after 6:00pm when it re-freezes, as it’s 27°F right now and the sun is the only thing that was supporting the melt-off.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that about 1/2 of the vehicles we saw abandoned on Old Stilesboro at 7:00pm last night had already been cleared.  With enough cars cleared, Cobb DOT was able to go through and put down salt and also “tagged” cars that were abandoned in the road with “caution tape”.  I was very happy to find my truck none the worse for wear right where I parked it; however, I also found it dead as a doornail when I went to crank the motor.  As we collected our things last night I’d flipped on the interior lights and apparently neglected to switch them off when we locked and left the vehicle.  Thankfully, I had my mega-long booster cables out and hooked-up when the first person who came along gladly obliged my request for a “jump”.  We had it boosted and him back on his way in about 2 minutes, and with my mountain bike tossed back in the bed of the truck, I was on my way home a few moments later.

So, here’s my latest video creation. Hopefully you’ll appreciate the soundtrack.

Rather than taking Old Stilesboro — which probably would have been fine — I opted to take the alternate route — Stilesboro Road — and then took a cut-through a small neighborhood that only had one small snow-covered hill.  With the truck in 2/Low, I was able to descend our entrance road without any problem and had the truck safely back in the garage, where it will probably remain until at least noon tomorrow.  The sun is supposed to be back along with temps in the 40’s, which should clear all but the most shade-covered back roads… like Old Stilesboro!  Oh well, we have other ways to get out that are less “challenging” and prone to lingering ice.

I suspect the motorcycle recovery will have to wait until Friday when all of the ice and snow have had a chance to melt.  I may move it back to the plant from Cesar’s on Thursday if that stretch of road looks to be in better shape just to get it out of their lot and back to the safety and security of our company parking lot.


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