And…. We’re Done! The Jaffe Stealth III is Installed.

Yeah buddy…  Looking clean back there now!


As mentioned back in my January 4th update Color-Matched Replacement Parts Came In Today…, I hit a small bump in the road when I went to install the Paul Jaffe / Bagger Nation Stealth III license plate frame that had been painted to match our Road King.

As promised, Kevin at Bagger Nation promptly  shipped out the correct kit — which tells me that there’s something amiss with Phat Perf’s product selector — as it had an ever so slightly different part number from the one that Phat’s web site identified as the correct part for a 2013 FLHRSE5.

Having the right part USLP3 — not SLP3 — made all of the difference in the world.   Although, there were a couple of little nuances associated with the installation.  The bolts provided with the kit just weren’t long enough to secure the plate through the rear fender and the stock mounting bracket’s bungs. So, in addition to drilling-out the threads in the two bungs with a 1/4″ bit, I used a bench grinder to remove all but about 2mm of the bungs vs. going out and buying longer bolts.  After all, it’s not like I’ll be putting the stock plate back on.  Another little nuance was something I noticed after I had the thing installed; the seven small gold-colored screws that attach the back plate to the license plate frame along the top edge of the frame were all reflected in the rear fender’s very glossy paint.  Well, that just wouldn’t do, so I pulled the thing off and painted all of the screw heads black and then reinstalled the plate one final time: worked like a charm!


The color-matched Stealth III and 4-point dock really clean-up the tail end of our Road King, and those color-matched mid-frame heat deflectors no longer look like an add-on item.

I’m happy with it and the lovely Miss Debbie is happy with it!

DSCN0287 DSCN0284


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