Color-Matched Replacement Parts Came In Today…


A few months back regular readers will recall an update wherein I described the addition of mid-frame heat deflectors to our Road King. In that update I also mentioned I was thinking about having them painted the same Crushed Sapphire color as the bike.

This past October I received a great lead from the Owners Forum on a painter who specializes in color-matching Harley-Davidson’s CVO’s custom paint colors and graphics: Joe Z at Xtreme Dynamics in New Jersey.  When I talked with Joe I learned he already had a client with a Sapphire Blue 2013 Road King CVO who wanted a top box painted to match , so he was already working on figuring out the correct PPG paint formulation to support the job.  I ordered the parts I needed color-matched from New Castle Harley-Davidson — the aforementioned mid-frame heat deflectors as well as a four-point docking system with covers — and had them drop-shipped to Joe, along with a Paul Jaffee Stealth III flush mount license plate bracket from Phat Performance.  During the Christmas holiday week Joe dropped me a note to let me know the parts had been painted and were on their way.


So, Good News First:

The parts look very good; excellent color match and finish with just a few very minor blemishes that only I’d ever notice.  The parts that started this — the mid-frame heat deflectors — were the first ones to go on since they were also the easiest to replace: two 7/16th inch bolts per deflector.  So, here are four photos that show what the bike looked like without the deflectors, then with the matte black, unpainted deflectors and finally with the color-matches ones I just received from Joe Z (Note: All photos will go to full size if you click on them, use the “go-back” arrow in your browser to return to the page).

DSCN0248 DSCN0245DSCN0249 DSCN0282

Obviously, the “best” look is without the deflectors; however, the mid-frame heat deflectors are just about mandatory with the 110″ motor so if you gotta have ’em, best to make ’em look like they belong there.

The second update was the replacement of the chrome four-point dock with a color-matched one.  One of the things I really liked about the Road King when I first saw it was the nearly all-blue back-end of the bike. As soon as I installed the chrome four-point dock to support the temporary installation of a quick-release rear luggage rack we use with our travel bag that great all-blue look was gone.  Rather than sending off the chrome ones, I ordered up a new pair of black ones that Joe Z. blasted and repainted along with a pair of covers for the back two mounting points that are rarely used. Again, a fantastic transformation:

DSCN0250 DSCN0253DSCN0246 DSCN0259 DSCN0244 DSCN0261

OK, Now The Bad News:

Turns out, Phat Performance shipped out a box with the correct Jaffee Stealth III flush mount license plate kit number for a 2013 Road King CVO; however, what was inside the box was a license plate kit for a different model of Harley-Davidson.

DSCN0258And no, there was no way it could be adapted to work on our Road King, something I was able to confirm with Kevin at Bagger Nation, aka Paul Jaffee’s component company.  I must say, Bagger Nation’s customer support is exceptional, in a very positive way.

Kevin offered to go ahead and take the return on behalf of their retailer since the exchange was a bit more complex than most incorrect part shipments, i.e., the Stealth III frame had just been custom-painted to match our bike so it’s not a clean exchange.  To support the exchange, I bought a second Stealth III from Kevin and it will arrive here next Thursday.  Once I receive the new kit, I’ll pull out the parts I need and put in the ones from the first kit that don’t work and return it to Bagger Nation for a refund; pretty slick and quick!

In the mean time, here’s what the Stealth III will look like once I get it installed next week; it’s certainly a lot cleaner-looking than the stock license plate installation. Night time illumination comes from two pair of LEDs that are hidden in the top half of the frame.


And here’s one final shot of the color-matched four point dock that really shows that all-blue, monochromatic look I was trying to recapture.  Yes, it’s pure vanity, but given we plan on keeping this bike for many years I might as well get it looking the way I’d like.


Now, the only other decision I still need to make is, so I sell off the mid-frame deflectors and chrome four-point dock, or do I hold on to those in case these ever need to go back for touch-up?  Hmmm.


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