Good Help Hard To Find???

dentinderbyAs mentioned back on September 8th in my Follow-Up: Ding’d Derby Cover blog entry, the Service Mgr at the dealership that buggered up our Road King ordered a replacement cover on September 6th.  It’s worthwhile to mention that as I watched them look up the parts I heard either the Shop Mgr or Service Mgr bemoan the fact that they’d have to replace the entire Derby Cover since the aluminum trim ring that was damaged by their tech couldn’t be ordered as a separate part. Actually, that sounds like something H-D would do, so I didn’t bother to add my .02 by suggesting they check the microfiche to be sure.  Hey, they’re the H-D trained experts!

It normally takes about 2-3 days for parts to arrive — I should know, I’ve ordered far more than my fair share over the years — and after 10 days had passed I figured that the Service Writer, Shop Manager and Service Manager had all forgotten about me, my bike and the part.  So, around noon on Monday, September 16th I called and asked if the derby cover had come in; “Hmm. good question: let me check.”  The Service Writer comes back on line and says yes, the part has arrived; however, she only has one tech so they wouldn’t be able to install it today.  Thinking to myself, (Yeah, like I’m ever going to let y’all put your hands back on a bike after this experience)… I tell her no problem: I’ll just pick up the part before they close.

So, I arrive around 6:45, about 15 minutes before they close.  They have the part waiting for me and to their credit, the Service Writer suggests I open up the wrappings and make sure the part is in good shape before head out.  Imagine my surprise when I find that it’s the right Derby cover, but it came without the aluminum trim ring!  Hmmm, guess that’s a pretty good sign that the aluminum trim ring IS a separate part.  I handed the part back and suggested they “try again”.  Yeah, that was Monday afternoon and I’ve still not heard anything back.  Guess I’ll have to check back in after another week goes by.

But, it gets better.  My selling dealer seems to have a problem with either customers or employees pinching parts off of the new bikes. It wasn’t quite clear which, but it was clear that parts theft off of the new bikes was a problem.  Our 2013 Road King had the nice seat bolt pinched and swapped for an old corroded one that had to be replaced, I was asked to take the iPod the day I bought the bike, even though I wouldn’t be picking it up for a few days, and it turns out that the CVO bike cover was also pinched.

The sales manager — who is a friend — asked the sales rep who he’d asked to help with the sale to order a replacement cover, and told him that he’d need to make sure he gave them the VIN off the bike since the cover is a “restricted part”, as are most CVO-specific parts.  This was back on August 10th.  So, I call the sales rep on Tuesday, September 17th to see if the cover ever came in.  Now, bear in mind that I’ve purchased “restricted parts” before and so long as the VIN is provided it’s just another part that has to come in from a central warehouse, so it takes about an extra day or two.  The sales rep tells me that he’ll need to check on the part so I tell him fine; just Email with the status.   A short while later I get this note:

I checked on the cover and it is on order and coming but it is a restricted part so its taking just a bit longer. I told them to let me know when it gets here and I will drop you a line.

Let me translate:  I forgot to order the cover when I was first told to do so.  So, as I type this note it’s now on order, but it’s a restricted part so it’s taking just a bit longer (yes, it does take a little longer, but not six weeks).

You know, I’d have rather been told that he forgot to order the part, but it’s now on order.  I don’t mind folks making mistakes: folks who work hard tend to have a few things slip through the cracks.

Note: Got a call on Saturday, Sept 21st; cover’s in!  Yup, 2-3 days is about normal turn time for warehouse-stocked parts… including restricted ones.  Just gotta have the right VIN to process the order.


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