Trophy Photos From Cherohala Skyway & US129 / Tail of the Dragon

I couldn’t resist: first time getting caught on a motorcycle as we rolled past the photo guys along the Cherohala Skyway and the Tail of the Dragon…

Cherahola Stop1

Riding along the Cherohala Skyway with David & Deb Ford and getting ready to stop at a pull-out for a break where one of the photo teams are set-up…

Cherahola Stop2

Our impromptu stop at the pull-out on the Cherohala Skyway yielded a pretty decent close-up / on-bike portrait shot!

Cherahola Skyway 1

Caught on camera coming across the Cherahola Skyway, with Miss Debbie riding pillion and our partners in crime, David & Deb Ford, in the distance.

Cherohala Skyway 2

A few yards down the road and starting to carve a nice corner on the Cherohala Skyway as Debbie waves to the photo guys. Some call it “cruiser face” as a reference to the ‘bad ass’ look but, in reality, it’s merely what you look like when you’re concentrating on the road ahead. Folks who wear full-face helmets have the same look, but you can’t see it since they’re hidden behind those helmets.

Tail of the Dragon 1

Change in location: now on US129 / Tail of the Dragon about an hour later. For a bike that’s been through the rain and muddy roads it still has a little sparkle left!

Tail of the Dragon 2

Exiting the same corner on US129 / Tail of the Dragon and setting up for the next one. Hmmm, this photo looks familiar?

With regard to the “familiar photo”, here’s an interesting pair of photos taken at two different but similar corners along the Tail of the Dragon.

'1070788-129Slayer_2 TOD_31Aug09_2

Yup, same people, same road but two vastly different ways for “Riding Two-Up”.  The perfect weekend would involve rides out and back from Chilhowee Lake to Deals Gap along US129: first on the tandem Saturday morning, followed by the Road King on Sunday!


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