Two Beautiful Days On the Road King; Just Keeps Getting Better!


After getting the Fullsac Stage 1 system installed on Saturday morning and taking care of some other weekend chores we headed off to run some errands on the Road King, just to see how the bike ran and sound.  So, how was it? Nice & nice!  I’d have said really nice, but I was still finding the bike to be a bit loud for my tastes; more on that later.

Debbie decided to give her new Fullsac swag a trial run, and it looked spectacular…, but then again she makes everything she wears look quite fine!


Our Saturday afternoon errands included a stop at Earl Small’s Harley-Davidson so I could pick-up the 2013 Touring Bike Service Manual: I find the Service Manuals invaluable!  Still debating the CVO supplement, as I can’t imagine what it has other than the CVO’s somewhat different wiring harnesses @ nearly $45.00. Looking around the store on the way in and out they had a couple of 2014 bikes out on the floor. I liked the single-lever lids on the touring bikes, but the rest of the new stuff  was sort of ‘meh’.  Our next stop was Horsetown to see if they had any blazers.  It was a long shot at best and, well, we struck out.  After that, we headed back across town to far West Cobb County where we finally found Debbie a nice, very stylish black blazer at Chico’s for 50% off.

Of course, the bike was feeling great, sounded pretty good (still a bit loud to me, but Debbie was lovin’ it), the stereo just kicks-butt and it did seem like some of the heat had been reduced.  However, to be honest, it’s sort of like learning that Hell had cooled off by 20%: so what. It’s still hot-as-Hell!  And so it is with the 110″ motors; those suckers run hotter’ n Hell!

We parked the bike before heading off for dinner at Loco Willy’s and then some live music and dancing at Sixes Tavern: just didn’t seem like a good night for being on two-wheels instead of four.


Don’t need too many words to describe Sunday; a few photos capture the essence of the day!  We met up with David & Deb around 10:30am and headed up to Dahlonega, Georgia for lunch and then a post lunch loop around 3 Gap before headed back to Marietta where we ended the day with dinner at Loco Willy’s.  It was surprisingly cool up in the mountains so the store at the top of Neel’s Gap got a little business from Deb, David and me as we all added a layer to make the trip through Wolfpen Gap tolerable: Debbie was the only one who was smart enough to bring along a long-sleeve shirt.  The meals at Corkscrew were excellent (service was so-so) and Loco Willy’s never disappoints so high marks there too!

All told, we added a bit over 220 miles which was all I needed to push the Road King past the 500-mile break-in period, at which point I could then exceed 3,500 RPM and 70 MPH if so inclined.  Good thing, as next weekend we’re headed up to Deal’s Gap and Maryville, TN!

Photos from Dahlonega & 3 Gap follow….

9590356973_8aef1c7d88_o IMG_20130825_135527_734;

Above: Debbie & Mark strike a pose during lunch at Corkscrew & the court house looking lovely in the center of town at Dahlonega, Georgia.

IMG_20130825_153336_762 IMG_20130825_153409_179

Above: Stopping for a photo op at Woody’s Gap; a must on any 3 Gap visit.

IMG_20130825_153558_843 IMG_20130825_153536_092

Above: Debbie & Mark and then Deb & David.

As for the Road King’s performance, we continue to get more comfortable with the size and riding characteristics of the bike. It’s a much easier bike to ride than the Wide Glide, owing to the more shallow head tube angle, shorter & wider front tire and general weight distribution.  However, it’s a handful to maneuver in parking lots, the garage, etc.  An easy target for a driveway drop and, well, that would be REALLY bad with this bike. The sound system rocks (period). The new exhaust system is really cool, but I’m probably going to add back some insulation to see if I can fine tune the pitch and volume.  As for the heat, the Fullsac Stage 1 kit definitely took the edge off the heat by a good 15%-20%, but even then it’s still really hot.  We’ll see how it goes in Florida, but suffices to say we’ll hold on to our Wide Glide just in case the heat makes this bike a poor choice for our Florida trips!


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