Fullsac Solution = Hot Ticket for a Hot Harley

t-shirtWhat’s a Fullsac?  Quoting from their Website, “Fullsac Performance is a unique company dedicated to the development of innovative performance parts for the Harley Davidson Touring motorcycle.”

For us, Fullsac = changes to the stock 110″ CVO motor’s exhaust system and CPU Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) programming that will reduce the operating temperature of the motor and, in turn, the amount of heat that radiates from said motor and exhaust components to yours truly and the lovely Miss Debbie.

I’d heard that the 110″ motors (1,800 cc’s) in the CVO bikes generated a significant amount of heat, far more than the 96″ motor (1,573 cc’s) in our Wide Glide.  However, it wasn’t until I was riding our new 2013 FLHRSE5 home last Saturday that I gained some level of appreciation for what it was like to have my thighs uncomfortably hot at certain times, as did Debbie’s little feet.

That was definitely an attention-getting experience given our temps haven’t gotten much past the low-80’s since we took possession of the bike.  However, if the amount of heat being generated by the stock bike grabs your attention when it’s overcast and in the 70’s, the thought of straddling that motor on a 95° day while sitting in stop & go traffic along Front Beach Blvd in Panama City Beach was, well… to quote Vizzini from The Princess Bride… (inconceivable).

The lovely Miss Debbie had already made it known that she wasn’t happy with the sound of our new Harley, so I knew at least a set of slip-ons from Rinehart, Vance & Hines or perhaps even just a set of H-D Screaming Eagle cans would be an early modification.  However, during my walk-around tour of the CVO’s features by Mike M. at H-D of Atlanta we talked about exhaust systems and he offered up a name I’d not heard of: Fullsac, out of  Lake Havasu City, Arizona.


As Mike described it, instead of selling you a set of new slip-ons at somewhere between $400 – $650 and then tossing your stock cans into a box to collect dust in the attic or basement, Steve at Fullsac developed replacement cores that sell for $119 – $139 and allow you to keep your stock slip-ons. You simply grind off a couple welds to release the very restrictive stock baffle cores from the exhaust slip-on bodies and then slide-in the Fullsac cores.  You get all of the benefits of a new, high-volume slip-on at a fraction of the expense.

However, as I did more research and finally got around to visiting the Fullsac website I discovered  I’d be able to do a complete exhaust system replacement for the retail cost of some Rinehart slip-ons!  Better yet, Fullsac also offered up the TTS MasterTune kit with cables and a Fullsac TTS fuel map that Steve developed on the Dyno for the CVO 110″ motors. While TTS pretty much controls the cost of their MasterTune modules such that everyone’s selling them  for the same $445 / single bike kit price, it eliminates the need for the $300 – $400 race tune on a Dyno.  You just download your custom map to your PC and then use the TTS module and software to reprogram your Harley’s CPU to richen-up the air fuel ratio that in stock trim contributes to the hot-running motor.

As I checked around and asked folks locally and on the web about Fullsac I quickly came to conclude that it’s a pretty sure bet you’ve found a good source when every person you ask that works on the 110’s gets an “oh yeah” look when you ask about putting the entire Fullsac set-up on a CVO; yeah… really. It was amazing. Same story on the sales floor with the guys who’ve sold CVOs. Fullsac got thumbs-up and smiles from at least a dozen people in short order.  That’s impressive.

So, this past Friday I called Fullsac and Steve’s wife and sales/marketing department, Cammy, got me set up with the whole kit & kaboodle: the new DX-Pipe, a pair of 2.0” CVO Muffler Cores, a pair of perforated steel sleeves for the baffle material, a TTS MasterTune Programmer and the associated 110″ Dyno Tuned Fuel Map needed for our Harley’s CPU. Should be here by next  Thursday!

DXpipe cvomufflerwatermark cvoscreen ttslowres  

It’s worth while to remind myself that until learning about Fullsac, I was on a path whereby I’d have bought either slip-ons + head pipe or a full system and then paid $445 for the TTS + $300 for a “Race Tune”.  The Fullsac solution puts me at least $750 ahead of where I would have been and without any real difference in the result. A V&H aftermarket system might have had a better-looking set of heat shields, but thankfully the FLHR head shields and exhaust can look a lot better than the “Tommy Gun” system that came on our Wide Glide, where head management, performance and aesthetic improvements were needed.

I’m cautiously optimistic the Fullsac solution is truly the hot ticket for a hot Harley. Thank you Steve & Cammy as well as the folks at CVOHarley.com who weighed-in, never mind the sweet discount that comes with being a member of the CVO forum!


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