Catching Up… R1100S Touch-Up & S2000 Seat Rebuild


R1100S Touch Up

r1100sRegardless of whether or not I “thin the herd” and sell off my BMW R1100S  to make room for a second Harley or not, I’ve found that my use of the ’03 BMW with its carbon parts and many decals as a daily commuter has taken a toll on some of those features.

About a year ago I replaced the stock carbon & plastic front fender with an all-carbon aftermarket one as the clear coat was beginning to lift on the OEM fender. A few months back I had to refinish the Ilmberger carbon rear hugger and the right-hand valve cover as the clear coat on both of those had started to cloud-up.  After that, the decals on the rear seat cowl had to be replaced.

Next on the list were the after market Ilmberger carbon turn signal housings which had also started to shed their clear coat along the leading edge and elsewhere. I considered stripping the clear coat and re-shooting a new clear coat, but decided to go with a new set that had a carbon weave more closely matched to the front fender & valve covers. While the new ones are decidedly heavier than the Ilmberger’s, there are a  lot of details that make them a better fit so overall I’m pretty happy with the change. I may still strip and refinish the Ilmbergers, or I may just put them out on Ebay “as is” and let someone else have that fun.

So, if I do decide to sell the BMW the new carbon turn signal housings will be one less thing that a picky buyer will be able to focus on as a negotiation point for a lower price. Frankly, as I told my wife after enjoying a few shots of tequila Friday night, I’m guessing I’ll probably keep the BMW as I really enjoy riding it and am not ready to give up on sport bikes all together.


Honda S2000 Seat Rebuild:

With about 80,000 miles on her little red Honda S2000, the foam in the left-hand seat bottom bolster was finally broken down by my wife’s somewhat unorthodox vehicle exit technique whereby she’d end up sliding over the bolster instead of pulling herself out and over the bolster. Since I don’t drive the car all that often, I hadn’t really noticed until I was cleaning the interior. It was also desperately in need of a new driver’s side floormat,  a somewhat flimsy OEM spec mat.

I found that Majestic Honda up in Rhode Island offered the replacement foam seat foundation for about $190 and decided to go ahead and to a replacement vs. trying to rebuild the bolster… something that would likely be a short-lived solution.  They also had the floormats for about $95 which was well below MSRP, so I had those thrown in with the seat bottom: Merry Christmas sweetie!!

Removing the seat from the car and taking it apart was a no-brainer that took about 20 minutes. However, removing and then reinstalling the 11 hog rings that held the leather seat cover to the seat pan, and the 12 hog rings that held the leather seat cover to the foam seat foundation proved to be the biggest challenge on this project. But, with a little patience and focus I had the seat rebuilt and back in the car in about 2 hours…. start to finish.

I also invited my wife to come out and see how the seat felt with the new foundation and then gave her a little training on how to properly enter and exit a low-slung roadster in a way that doesn’t destroy the side bolster. We’ll see how that works long term.

Anyway, it was nice to see the driver’s seat back in original form, as it was really looking pretty junky.


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