A Brief History of “Outlaw” Motorcycle Clubs (Almost Required Reading)

512GOadgxXL._SL500_SS500_For just about any motorcycle enthusiast, the article  “A brief History of “Outlaw” Motorcycle Clubs” published by the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies is almost required reading.

It delves into how the outlaw motorcycle clubs like the Boozefighters, Monguls and Hells’ Angels, aka, 1%ers, came to be.  But, in this case it’s not the stuff of urban legends or assumptions, it’s a very detailed and footnoted history.

From their Website’s ‘About” page:

“The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies (IJMS) is dedicated to the study and discussion of motorcycling culture in all its forms—from the experience of riding and racing to the history of the machine, the riders and design to the images of motorcycling and motorcyclists in film, advertising and literature. We welcome submissions on all areas related to the cultural phenomenon of motorcycling. We invite contributions from all members of the motorcycling community.

As you would expect, the archives are filled with many outstanding articles that may also be of interest and offer insights for those who enjoy riding motorcycles as well as the history and more esoteric aspects of motorcycling.  Fantastic stuff!


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